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Featherlight Heart – Season 1 – Episode 31

She closes her eyes and sniffing ”You have no idea how long since this happened I hoped to hear those words from your mouth, you have no idea how much I beat myself for what I did to you in the past, you have idea that I never hated you even when I landed in the hospital because I know I deserved all that I got from you, I didn’t hate you Emeka, in fact… I accepted my faults and my mistakes and all this past weeks I accepted the fact that you were right, you were right in your actions”

”No I wasn’t” He is shaking his head.
”You were, I don’t know what I would have done if someone had treated me the way I treated you, maybe even worse. But here we are!”

”Yes! Here we are” He agrees.
”I do love you Emeka, and yes I accepted you the day my heart did, the day I began loving you even in my doubt, how it happened I have no idea but it did, maybe I would attribute to your mother setting the foundation for that I don’t know… but I am happy that finally, we are here, and I would be the most stupid not to love you right back, so this time, let me love you Emeka, let me amend the hurts I have curse, let me love you more than you love me because you loved me forever and I just started loving you, let me show you what me loving you can feel like… yes Emeka I accept you, but I will be the one loving you more than you love me,” she says looking into his eyes, she places her hands over his as he held her face still ”I will be loving you today, tomorrow, always… always as long as this heart keeps beating in my chest, as long a I am standing, even when my hair is grey and my teeth have fallen out”
He smiles ”I love you still Dee, even when you are feeble and have no teeths”
She laughs ”I may not look beautiful”
He shakes his head ”beauty isn’t only in the looks Dee, beauty comes from within, your heart, physical beauty fades, it does pane out, but the beauty within transcend from the inside and burns like a torch never dying out, you were beautiful to me then, even now and you will still be to me when you are all grey and you mumble unintelligent words to me, I pray Ii may be strong still to lift you to places you can no longer go”.
”And I too able to love you still when you no longer can”

They smile at each other, Emeka places his head to hers, their eyes are close, foreheads touching..

”Give me a second!!” he jumps up dashing upstairs and then comes back holding a velvet box, he seats down back on the chair facing her, he opens the box and brings out a diamond ring, it was the same one he gave to her earlier, but this time he bends it and shows it to her, she sees it as he takes it to the light.

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”Diana Uchendu Chikurdi” she read it, it was inscribed inside the ring
”I had this ring sent back, had that inscription made, but didn’t know how I could give it to you after it all.” He says looking at her.

She smiles in her tears.

He goes on one knee as he seats ”Diana, today Ii go on my knees again, not as the man you know, not as the man who hurt you, not as the man who is broken, not as a man without bruises and flaws, today I go on my names again, as the man who is imperfect, who has many flaws and who is willing to be imperfectly perfect for you. Diana, I go on my knees again, as one who wants to spend the rest of his life with you, who loves you, who appreciates you, who wouldn’t be able to live another day without you… I go on my knees again, today, because you are my queen and you deserve all the happiness you ever dream Dee. Marry me Dee, marry me!”
She goes on her knees with him ”Maybe I should be the one asking’ she smiles staring at him.

“I have been the most awful, the most spiteful, the most unrealistic person… I have been uncaring and unloving and I loved myself, money, and allowed myself to be your pain, I am sorry Emeka for years of pain, for everything. Today I kneel here as a changed person, a better person, maybe because God decided to humble me, maybe the harsh words of your mother shook me maybe because I didn’t realise how my leaving affected you, I didn’t know, but today I kneel here a changed and better person, and all I want to do is remain that to you, a good wife, a good woman, a great mother to our children. I want to show them that love forgives all, amends all, supersedes all. I want to be that woman for you who would love you unconditionally, never hurt you, never leave you, Iwant to love the man… the boy who has become this man, and I want to start today to forever, Emeka Odinaka Uchendu Chikurdi, will you marry me, I promise to love you always and forever”‘ she stares at him
He laughs shaking his head ”You know I will marry you”

”Then yes, I will marry you”
He slips the ring into her finger, he kisses it ”It’s always been you Diana, for me, always being you”
”And you will always be the one for me from here on out..” she smiles back at him
He seats pulling her off her knees and pulling her next to him. He pulls her to his chest, she lays her head there, she wipes the tears falling from her eyes.

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They lay there for a few minutes, listening to each other’s heart beats.. as he caresses her arms, his heart at peace, his heart content, his love for her washes over him. Why the hell didn’t he just go get her since? He chuckles shaking his head.

”Just laughing at my silliness that’s all. I shouldn’t have delayed, I feel… elated, happy, at peace now”‘
”You shouldn’t !!!”
”Why?” he stares down at her.
”Because, when you tell someone you love them, its usually accompanied by a kiss, and… I am here wondering when you are going to do that” she smiles under his chin.
He lifts her face up with the tip of his finger ”Yes, I shouldn’t be at peace until I kiss your lips, this lips that only I can understand its effect to me, only I can truly understand how intoxicated i get when i am near you”

”Shut up and kiss me already” she begs looking at him
He smiles ”You had no idea I wanted to do that for as along a I realized I couldn’t live without you, hold you in my arms and love you like I can’t breathe” he leans in softly, slowly and captures her lips in his, she kisses him back, he urges her mouth open, running his tongue over her lips he kisses her, blending lips over lips he caresses her lips , and when it felt as though he wasn’t getting enough he lifts her from his side and gathers her in his arms as he places her on top of him. She grabs his neck as she hungrily kisses him, meeting him tongue for tongue; as they savoured and drank form each other.
And they kissed for a long time, their hearts beating fast, their bodies responding to that feeling that only both of them would understand.. They kiss which such intensity and passion that threatens to burst from their hearts. They kiss until they could feel the thud thud sounds which their hearts makes, until she is squirming in his arms, allowing him more access to her mouth they kissed, wanting more.

He kissed her like he had never before, like he had never kissed another before; every taste, every bite, every caress of her lips sent shivers down his body, he responds to her in ways he has never responded with/to anybody..

They kissed, barely coming up for air, until all that was left is for them to rid their cloths and sink into the warmth their body was independently generating..
”If we don’t stop now, I won’t be able to stop myself” Emeka confessed between kisses, trying to restrain himself
”Who says I want you to stop” she whispers back into his eyes ”i Idon’t want you to stop!!”

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She kisses his neck and his cheeks and back to his mouth, running her hand down his chest and back up wrapping her hands around him.

”I don’t want to either but…” he breaks away from her… ”if we would do this, we would only do this right!!” he says pulling her up.

”What do you mean?” Diana is dazed from that hot make out session.
”I am going to wife you and I would make mad love to you afterwards Dee” he says kissing her

She laughs ”Well, I am not ashamed to say I am looking forward to it”‘ They hear a car drive in. He holds her hand kissing her forehead.

”Come, I think our master minder is back, let’s go tell her the good news yes?”
”Yes!!” they walk hand in hand to the door as Mercy opens the door and throws her head inside to peep
”Boo!!” Emeka exclaims

She laughs sheepishly entering the house ”I erm… just came to check if all is well”‘
”Well, if this rings is any indication, I think all is awesome” Diana says showing her the ring

Mercy clasps her hands together and laughs ”come on in guys, I think our plan worked” she calls over her shoulders,
”Really?” Tayo enters first, followed by Grace who is jumping and dancing .
”Oh Grace you too? Tayo too?” Diana is laughing
”Come here Diana, welcome home daughter-in-law”‘

Diana rushes to her and buries her face in her arms ”Thank you mama”
They hug.

”Son, you did the right thing, just know if this day had turned differently. I would kill you myself, so, when is the wedding?” Tayo tells his friend.

”As soon as we can fix one” They laugh
Grace is hugging and gushing over the ring, then she comes to hug Emeka ”Glad you stepped up”
”Glad I did”‘

”I think we can fix a grand wedding for the weekend, yes, don’t worry Emeka, your mother would plan everything, everything, it is going to be the talk of the town” Mercy is planning.

”It doesn’t matter, as long as you all are there, and my husband, that is all that matters, I don’t need a big wedding to marry the man I love” she smiles at Emeka who pulls her to him .
”I don’t either;” he leans kissing her slowly on the mouth
”ohhhhh!!!” everyone says ”Get a room”
They roar in happy laughter.

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