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F*cking The Girlfriend’s Sister (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

When Charise felt the width of his manhood widen the entrance to her p*ssy she clung on to him digging her nails into his back. Magnus, normally a gentle type of guy, despite his size, became like a wild animal. There was now a new couple on the TV screen and although he couldn’t see them he could hear the sounds of their bodies colliding and slapping against each other.

These sounds and the sight of Charise’s tits moving to and fro like two jelly molds made him ram into her cunt with powerful strokes and as the speed of his thrusts increased she began to yell ‘F*ck me, f*ck me, f*ck me,” over and over again.

When Magnus felt his cum moving up his tubes he increased the pace even more and she was going frantic, throwing her arms around and screwing up her face as though she was in pain. As he shot his load deep inside of her she screamed and clung onto him so tight he made it difficult to make those final thrusts to milk every single drop left in his d!ck.

Charise really couldn’t believe that this 25 year old man had never f*cked a woman before, she herself had been poked on many occasions but she’d never experienced what she’d had with Magnus. As they sat and relaxed and watched more people f*cking each other’s brains out on the TV she came up with a rather original idea.

“You say that Brook doesn’t want to get married until I’ve tied the knot,” she began. Magnus just nodded his agreement, “So why don’t I marry you – you can f*ck me all through our engagement – official or unofficial and so everyone will be happy.”

“But will Brook be happy?”

“Of course she will – I’m going to let her be a bridesmaid.” she said, as she slipped her hand in his boxers and started to jerk him off.

Magnus closed his eyes and managed to stammer, “What – ever – you – SAAAAAY – CHARISE!!”


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