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F*cking The Girlfriend’s Sister (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 2

The woman on the TV was now sucking the man’s cock as if she hadn’t eaten for weeks. Charise put her hand where she could see Magnus’s d*ck bulging and asked if she could suck it for him. He didn’t reply but he raised no objection when her fingers crept inside his flies and produced a prize winning boner.

When she bent over and slid it between her lips he sat bold upright, “OMG,” he cried out, “That feels so good.”

Charise absorbed as much of it in her mouth as she could and then withdrew it, his body shook violently until she dived on it again and this time she sucked and worked it with her long fingers until he was gasping for breath. Magnus could feel his balls begin to tingle and his sperm start the journey upward.

“I’m cumming,” he cried, half expecting her to jerk the rest of it out like they do on porn shows – but she didn’t – she swallowed the whole lot.

He leaned back on the sofa and tried to get his breath back as the man on the TV was diving into his partners muff. Charise stood up and just started to strip, throwing her clothes all around the room yelling, “Yippee – it’s my turn.”

Magnus was now getting into the swing of things and he too took off his duds and threw them to the wind – so to speak. Then he grabbed Charise and laid her down on the sofa, placed his face between her legs and parting the petals of her flower with his fingers he just looked at it. Even though it was not shaved like the woman on TV he thought it was still a thing of beauty.

When his tongue touched the edges of her lips she gasped and lifted her legs so he could bury his face deep into her muff. Her head was still turned so that she could see the woman on TV being licked out as well, this seemed to make her need to cum more urgent. When the woman groaned Charise groaned, and this seemed to drive Magnus into a tongue flicking frenzy.

Her ass was squirming all over the place and she began to scream as she had an extreme orgasm that shook every part of her body and made her vagina vibrate and ooze cum. While she was still trembling he moved up her body so that he could suck the hardened n*pples on her big round tits and then he slipped his d*ck into her hot wet groove as the man on TV was cumming all over the woman’s face.

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