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F*cking The Girlfriend’s Sister (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

F*cking the Girlfriend’s Sister

F*cking the Girlfriend’s Sister

F*cking the Girlfriend’s Sister
by Cristiano Caffieri

Magnus Meske was a tall, blonde, blue-eyed Scandinavian type living in a small Wisconsin town. His girl friend, Brook Olander, was basically a female version of him. They had been unofficially engaged for about a year but Brook’s strict Lutheran upbringing meant that there was no sex until after marriage and she didn’t want to tie the knot until her older sister did so and that didn’t look very promising. Charise couldn’t even keep a boyfriend never mind marry one.

He really loved Brook but he got so frustrated with her attitude that he spent a lot of his time watching porn movies and jerking himself off. Magnus had his own apartment and so he was able to carry on his little pastime without being disturbed. One day however he forgot to lock the door and who should walk in unannounced but Charise.

Shocked, he quickly tucked his dick inside his boxers and tried to play innocent but Charise smiled, sat down beside him on the sofa and turned the TV back on.

“I only came to borrow your paper shredder,” she purred, “But that can wait, I don’t get the opportunity to watch this kind of stuff at our house. Magnus just swallowed hard and didn’t know what to say, he didn’t even want to watch the guy f*cking the woman’s ass on the TV anymore. He was just too embarrassed.

“That looks as if it would hurt,” said Charise leaning forward to get the best possible view.

“I’m not sure,” he mummbled, rubbing his face with his hand as if to hide it from her.

“Haven’t you and Brook done it.”

“We haven’t done anything,” he replied, trying to sound shocked by the suggestion.

“Gosh do you mean to say that after all the time you two have being going out together you haven’t f*cked my little sister.”

Now he was genuinely shocked as he never expected Charise to use such language.

“Brook wants to remain a virgin until after we’re married.” he said, “So I don’t press her on the issue.”

“So you sit in your underwear and jerk yourself off in front of the TV instead?” she smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

Magnus was struck dumb, he didn’t know what to say.

“Come on – admit it you were buffing your Banana when I came in.”

“I was just examining it for medical purposes.”

“While watching porn?”

Magnus was getting agitated, “Look why don’t we switch off the TV and forget this whole episode happened. I’ll get you your paper shredder and you can go.”

“What if I let you f*ck me – would I be welcome to stay then?” she asked.

This time he was really up against the ropes. In one way he wanted the
memory of what had transpired erased but the idea of f*cking Brook’s older, an incredibly gorgeous sister, was beginning to gain appeal.

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