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F*ck and Run: Season 1 Episode 7

I stood at the very spot I had parked my car, transfixed. It was nowhere to be found. Tiffany was right behind my back, hands on her waist. She seemed confused.

“Why are we stopping Charles?” she said behind me.

I brushed my hair with my left arm. “It was right here.” I said without looking at her.

“What was right here?”

“The car, this is the spot you ran away from remember?”

She looked around then gasped as if the realization was just dawning on her. “It was right here; you parked and chased after me here.” She paused pointing to the spot. “Charles your car has been hijacked.” The words stung like bee.

“I’m so sorry Charles this was my entire fault, if I hadn’t run away…”

“Don’t say that again” I cut her short placing both of my hands on her shoulders. “You did nothing wrong, if I had locked the car… the hijacker wouldn’t have had any chance.” I held her face now. “Be rest assured T, finding that car wouldn’t be a problem.” Tiffany suddenly pulled her face from my hand and started pointing to my left. I turned to see what it was, my car? Nothing; I squinted hoping to see someone driving my car by, no sign of any car. She was still pointing saying something about a man in chinos. Then I saw the figure, a lanky man in chinos pants grinning sheepishly, he was holding a camera.


Tiffany grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the area, the lanky man followed suit, taking endless pictures.

“Where are we going?” I asked her, looked back and saw the lanky man tumbling on the floor. He must have lost his footing while looking endlessly from his camera hole. He quickly got up and started cursing the floor.

“A friend of mine lives close, we can go there and stay. We need to hurry before more paparazzi’s appear everywhere.” Tiffany was saying.

I looked back again to our lanky guest, Tiffany was right; they were now two of them. The second one was also lanky but the first was lankier, he was already taking pictures of his own while the first one was busy fumbling with his camera with a frown.

“Hey!” the second paparazzi screamed at us. “Won’t you pose for us?” he was winking.

“You are making their story more interesting if you keep looking at them!” Tiffany sounded pissed.

I quickly apologized then faced front, I hadn’t noticed but we were already in front of a large gate. The two paparazzi’s were in front of the gate with us. The second one s—–g his lower lip while taking close shots. And the first one was still busy trying to fix his camera.

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Tiffany grabbed my hand again and dragged me into the compound; she hastily locked the gate while the paparazzi’s thanked us for boosting their career.

I looked around the compound, it had a good space but wasn’t big. Tiffany stood in front of me for a while eyeing me. Then she turned and headed for the main building’s entrance.

“Are you still mad at me?” I followed her.

“I can’t be mad at you now, we’ve got other problems” she opened the door and entered inside, I followed suite.

“Well there is nothing we can do; those guys are probably selling those pictures right now.” I said.

“That’s not a problem Charles, not my problem; in fact to be honest I like it.”

“Wait what do you mean you like it?” I was stammering. “And if that’s not a problem then what problem are you talking about?”

She looked at me then pursed her lips. “Mike” she said flatly.

I looked at her puzzled, thinking she would start crying again, but instead she was smiling seductively. She walked closer to me and placed her hand on my chest.

“Charles I thought about what you said.” She paused and leaned closer to me. “Am fade up, I no longer want to take it, am turning a new leaf, I want to elope with you.” She said with a whisper then placed her warm lips on my mouth.

I hesitated for about two seconds, trying to process what she just said with my eyes shot. I opened my mouth and drove my tongue into her mouth, our tongues tied with each other for a while; I grabbed her by the head and pulled her closer while I deliberately devoured her mouth. My hormones started racing and my heart beating faster in rhythm with hers.

Her delicate hands were on my buttons now, before the clock could tick further my suit and shirt flew open and out from my body. She caressed my chest and abs then located my belts and stripped me off my pants, she peeked down and gasped a little. I hastily turned her around and unzipped her gown; slowly I ripped it of her body, revealing the finest feminine body I’ve ever seen. I took a few seconds to glance at it. With my breathing increasing I slowly turned her around, gently placed her on the floor. She looked into my eyes with fire as I lay on top of her. She reached out for my head and pulled it down as we started kissing again. Then with blood pumping harder in my system I entered her.

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