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F*ck and Run: Season 1 Episode 3

Charles do you know why you are here?” he had said scanning my face with piercing grey eyes.

“I’m fired?” I asked wryly. Mike managed a weak smile

“You know one day you will pay for your misbehaviors” the man was actually grinning.

Good thing I can get you to smile Mr. Adewale.

Mike Adewale was a phlegmatic the man hardly smiled.

“Tell me sincerely, do you like working for me?” the question startled me, and for a moment I stared at him. He raised his brow as if to say ‘go on boy, answer the question’

I took a deep breath; brace yourself Mike, you asked for it.

“No” I said briskly.

He seemed neither surprised nor offended by the answer, anyway it’s the truth.

“I figured as much” he stood up now and sat at the table in front of me.
He placed his right arm on my right shoulder leaned closer.

“Charles I called you here to tell you that am leaving TMN” he said looking me in the eye, grinning again. “And am not leaving without taking you”

My head shot up, looking at Mike Adewale with surprise.

“Did I hear you correctly?”

“Yes Charles every word”

I sat up

“You are leaving Tech Mandate the biggest tech company in the country where you have been the CEO for God knows how many years and you are not leaving without me? I rushed the sentence. Mike Adewale nodded stood up from the table and headed back to his seat.

“Look Charles I am tired of working for a bunch of obese individuals, am thinking of starting my own tech startup” he winked.

“I get that point, its okay if you want to leave but I don’t understand why you won’t leave unless you took me”

“I was getting to that Mr. Michael but before we proceed I would like to know your net worth”

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There was only one logical explanation for that question; I didn’t want to even think about it.

I drew a deep breath, brace yourself again Mike this one is huge.

“One million” I said.

Mike was grinning again.

“One million, in dollar or naira?” he said


“How come?”

Thanks to Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and domain flipping and other chains of dot businesses. Living the dot com live for so long had paid off, hard work and perseverance they say is a virtue.

I quickly told him about my dot com endeavors.

“That’s huge, what do you say Charles, be my partner, co-founder.” Mike looked at me for ten seconds, satisfied with my surprised expression. Walked to his fridge and brought out two whiskey glasses and a whiskey, he poured to the first quarter of each and handed me one.

“What do you say Charles? You and me partners co-founders.” He took a sip.

I chuckled, eying the glass. “Well Mr. Mike let’s say I can’t refuse a pacesetter.” I emptied my whiskey and Mike smirked.

Mike beamed. “I knew you had the fire son!”

Throughout that day Mike and I discussed about our future company, what to produce, where to base, when to start, shares. Mike was willing to invest four million into the new start up for a start and so I decided to part with all my millions.

I jokingly came up with a name for the startup “LOG – Love of Gadgets” and Mike liked it. I knew he was playing fair, it would definitely be changed to something better.

We decided not to only base on software but also hardware, the first of its kind in the country. Subsequently, one week later Mike invited me to his house for a meeting with investors. And everything changed.

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