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F*ck and Run: Season 1 Episode 14


With adrenaline pumping within me, I felt a mighty surge of disdain towards Mike. All I could think about was how to tear the old fool apart and feed him his own mischief. I felt helpless as Mike’s intention was not yet known; to make matters worse the trunk was becoming stuffy.

I knew I needed to alert Victory of my predicament. I woke the phone up and it responded by giving me that dreaded low battery signal. I shifted in my position, facing upwards. I knew that any moment I would be disconnected.

I decided to reserve my call for help until the car stopped moving—that way, my location might be known. The phone on the other hand kept screaming ‘battery low!’ I thought about removing the battery, but I wouldn’t have enough time when the car finally stops. I clutched tighter at the phone, hoping that Mike would stop just in time for me to SOS.

While waiting, another thought crossed my mind. Calling would be a big disaster, what if the call wouldn’t go through, or network becomes unstable, and calling would definitely drain the battery faster; I might not get the chance to finish what I want to say.

Calling will definitely be a bad idea.

On coming to that term I quickly opened the message panel and stated composing. “Dear victory, this is to inform you that I am in mortal danger. Mike knows that am in his trunk and I don’t know where he is taking me or what he intends to do to me, you will receive this message when we make a stop; Ps—geo—location.” I hammered at the keypad.

I placed my hand on the send button and waited for when I hear the car halting sound; I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer.


I was slowly drifting off to oblivion; the phone gave me it’s final warning. That’s when I realized the car wasn’t in motion. I quickly pushed the send button, the display ‘sending message’ came up, then came the ‘message sent’ notification followed by ‘battery drained, shut down’. I basked in the trunk and carefully hid the phone. I kept on smiling even when Segun opened the trunk, he dragged me out, kicked me to my knees. I dropped to the floor, looked around but couldn’t familiarize where I was. I had been taken to a compound that had no fense with only one flat, painted yellow. The sides of the building were surrounded by thick bush.

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I was still on the floor when I saw Mike come out from the building, immediately my whole body was soaked with fury, I garnered strength and dashed for Mike; landing a blow in his face with my right hand and ramming my left fist into his mouth area. Mike was airborne within seconds; he landed hard on the solid loamy floor. I was about to mount him and bury a thousand fists in his face when I felt Segun’s strong grasp around me, I struggled to free myself but his hold on me was tight.

Mike stood up from the floor cleaning the blood from his mouth with his hand, I was overwhelmed with gratification when I saw the blood but became expectant when I saw the fury in Mike’s eyes. He spat blood on the floor, breathing heavily. He looked as if he was scanning me, looking for the best spot to strike.

Mike moved quickly, before I could decipher his intentions, he rammed his right foot into my testicles. In a split second it felt like my testicles were slap full with flaming red hot liquid which got shot up into my stomach and pelvic region. I just lay there; wishing death would come and save me.
While I was still transitioning in anguish Segun dragged me by the hand into the building. I was socked in sweat, my whole body felt numb and then I lost consciousness.


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