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F*ck and Run: Season 1 Episode 10

Even in darkness I could see Segun’s smirk. It was so devious.
“Where do you think you are going?” Segun was saying.

“Came to finish me off?” I retorted.

Segun chuckled. “I Wish dude. You evading the police were not part of the plan; now turn around.”

I clenched my fist. “What are you talking about?”

Segun brandished his gun. “Everything has been written down like a movie script. According to the plot, in this scene you walk right into the cops and get arrested. You have played your role well up to this point; you don’t want to disappoint the director now do you?”

I was mystified; I slowly pieced everything he said together. It was all a plot to get me arrested. ‘Why’ I wondered.

“Hurry up! Unlike most movies this one has a deadline. Don’t worry geek boy, everything will be revealed at the last scene.” Segun aimed at my chest.

I thought about attacking him since it seemed they needed me alive. But the look in Segun’s eyes suggested that he wouldn’t hesitate to blow me off if I tried anything stupid so I maintained my cool and tried a negotiation.

“Whatever Mike paid you, I will double it” I said.

Segun laughed loudly I feared the cops might hear him. “You are a sentimental fool Charles. I don’t work for Mike though that’s what he thinks; in fact he is a co actor such as you. You both are following the same script written by a higher master mind and moreover what the director offers isn’t in terms of money. Now kindly turn around and get yourself arrested” he said sharply.

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I turned around and began pondering what he just said, if he doesn’t work for mike then who? Segun pressed the gun in my spine urging me to move forward. I took several steps forward, seeing that I was within the cops’ eyesight I hesitated and turned around to see Segun standing way behind me pointing the gun towards my head. So much for handing me over to the cops’

“Move it lad, change direction and I promise to draw a map on your head.”

It seemed to me that the script says the police arrest me in this scene; I wasn’t going to play by the script anymore.

“Hey!” I called out to the broad police man standing at the front of my house. His colleague, a female turned around and aimed her gun at me. I overhead Segun blurter “Shit”

“Put the gun down, although am innocent am here to turn myself in” I said then turned around to see Segun gone.

The female police officer rushed forward and placed handcuffs on me. “You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs. Tiffany Johnson. You have every right to remain silent whatever you do or say shall be used against you in the court of law.” She said sharply. Her colleague walked briskly towards us and then turned me around. She led the way, when I tied to follow suit the male cop held me back, then he whispered to my ear. “That wasn’t written in the script Charles.”

“Tell your director that I am the author of my own life.” I whispered back.

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