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Fate – Hard To Find: Season 1 – Episode 23 [Completed]

Fate – Hard To Find

Fate – Hard To Find

“Leave me…. leave me… leave me!!!

I kept screaming and struggling with whoever that held me. I felt hopeless and powerless, the force was stronger than I.

They dragged me and when I struggled to much with the person he carried me over to his shoulder.

I later passed out due to the fear.

I opened my eyes to see who dare to do that and behold I Saw two strange looking men staring at me and smiling behind the mask, I could only see their eyeballs and one ask What should we do to her now, since she won’t stop screaming, the second person replied maybe we should just do what we came here before attraction any more attention to ourselves.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

They stir up my anger when the other man trace his hand around my face and told his partner that I look so beautiful and damn hot when I am angry and began to laugh at the funny face I was making.

I yelled at the top of my voice for them to unmask their face if they were bold enough and if they happens to untie me that I will surely break their Bones for ever touching me. I scream louder .

“Enough with the screaming Ana, I don’t want you losing that beautiful voice of your while unmasking his face.

I was looking at my Charles but what all this whole drama for.

He walked closer to me and kneel before me in his hand was a diamond ring……

Anna,… My love, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me I love you and will always do so , I am not a man of many words but believe me when I say to you that I want to make you my wife and the Mother of my children. Do this man an honour in becoming my wife and life partner so that this his dream will become a reality.

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Anastasia will you marry me?

is this for really happening no…no ..Ana his asking you to marry him …..say yes…what are you thinking, you know this is what you want, to be his forever..

.Ana!!! he snapped me out of thought….I am still waiting…..

” Yes ……yes ….yes!!!!!!!

I will marry you and he slid the ring in my finger and I tried rushing and jumping on him, I realized that I was wasn’t tied up with a device meant to conduct electricity but a seat belt. looking around I saw, I was comfortably bolted on my seat and I realized I was in an aeroplane .

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“Awwwn”……the second voice said

I knew it was Peter……I turned to face him and he smiled at me.

“Finally, my Job is done and I have weeding to plan…..but Ana I never knew you

had so much energy ….he said while laughing.

“You two are the craziest people I know, I said while unbolting myself and

hugging my Charles….

I remembered all that happened, I thought I was being kidnap but here I am. I looked at Peter and Charles and frown……. now let me ask which of you planned this whole thing…

“We did the two most important women in my life walked in two while smiling…..

you two how !!!…..

“We didn’t want a boring proposal so with the help of Brilliant Peter we decided to

prank you for the very last time … tell us did we scare you?….

“Smiling I hugged them both and thought how the type of crazy people I have in my life. I never thought my engagement will be so exciting.

“Are you ready Wifey”

“Did he call me that I smile and was blushing really hard…. ready for what?… Are

we not going home….I asked him

“Don’t be silly love….we are going to plan our destination Wedding..I replied and the plane took off…

****Wedding day****

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I stood in the mirror staring at my beautiful wedding dress that looks so good on me, I never thought I would become a Bride to a man of such personality after the break up with Davis who dump me because of my background but today I will become Mrs Charles Anastasia Ede. A man who is far richer than Davis, a man who loves and care for me in a way I never imagined. My happy ever after begins today and I will surely be the woman that Charles saw in me that worth being called his wife.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

This pass years had changed me and taught me a great lesson about life which I will apply in my marriage life with Charles.

In life we meet so many people in this quest for love and happy ending, some will hurt and betray us but it good to understand that not everyone is out to hurt us. There is still that one person who is meant for us if only we will let our lives see through them and never allow the mistake of one person ruined our lives. There are still great friends out there who will stand by their friend no matter what.

Hard time will still come in the future but I believe our love will surely win in the end of every Storm of life.

Fate will always play important role in finding that one person who will compliment our lives and it always hard to find and see.

“Happy married life to me and my beloved Charles, hope will grow old and grey


The end…..
Comment and tell me your thoughts about the story.Hope I worth your time

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