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Fate – Hard To Find: Season 1 – Episode 22

Fate – Hard To Find

Fate – Hard To Find

you will be fine”,

Peter said as he he noticed the sudden change in my mood.

“I went straight to my room and Changed to have a shower.

“Damn! I look like a big mess

I stayed under the shower for long and it feels good and I allowed the smell of the hospital to wash off me.

I woke up and it 1:45, how long have I been sleeping and my body still hurt like hell. I dragged myself off the bed and headed back to the hospital.

Every moment hurt without my love, my heart feels so heavy as I feared that I might loss her. My prayers was for my Ana to recover and I can take her home.

*****$*A week later******

I sat at the edge of Ana’s bed as usual while I used my hand massage her legs and continuously stare at her calm face. She looks so peaceful and beautiful I wished I could kiss her forehead and she just smile while she opens her eye.

When will I stare into those beautiful blue sea eyes of her, God please will you do a miracle today is making it a month that my love haven’t seen the world ,She is lying here helpless fighting for her life.

“Hello! Mr………. how are doing today. The doctor walked in to examine her as


“I am hanging in strong…..I replied

“Remember to take care of yourself, it important you stay healthy and strong for Ana”

“I smile and nod my head in respond. Recently I go home to shower and change my clothes while Anastasia’s Mother watch her while I do so but I usually spend the night beside her, hoping she feels the warmness of my body during the night.

“Sleepyhead wake up… Charles said as he made his way to the room. Look it afternoon he said while drawing the curtains to an end.

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“My Son.. hope you slept well”Anastasia’s Mother ask .

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“Yes Ma, I replied while rubbing my eyes to be fully awake and turned to my Ana who was still lying there as usual with out any change but today I felt she blinked , maybe it just imagination.

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As the Sunlight spread into room and against my Ana’s face, she slowly open her eyes but she closed them again and readjusted to the light piercing into the room.

I could see the confusion in her face and she wondered what happened to her.

It was more like a whisper because her voice was very calm and low.

Is this a dream?.. …I asked myself

and pinched myself to be sure it was real.

“You’re not hubby”, Anastasia replied with a smile.

Finally my Anastasia is awake, and this voice that I have Missed so much like a pregnant woman who is expecting.

Out of excitement I hugged her so tight and kisses all over her…..Ana, you’re

alright I’m so happy. I continue hugging and kissing her that I didn’t notice the rest grinning at us.

After the long hugging and reunion with my love. I explained everything to her and that she had been in the hospital for a month now but I assured her that everything is fine and our lives can be normal.

I laugh as the doctor came in and examine, he said that I will be discharge after 48 hours to be sure there is no complications in the future.

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“I missed you Ana…. I said to her while pulling her close in my arms.

“I missed you to Charles….., I can’t believe you almost lost me……I tried talking but he pulled me into his warm embrace and kissed my forehead……..I free myself from the hug and press my lips onto his.

We began to kiss slowly and passionately…… our tough dancing to the rythm of the

kiss, we continued with the kiss as if our lives depend on it…the butterfly in my

stomach start flapping…we slowly unlock from the kiss and placed our heads together, staring and smiling at each other.

I love Anastasia….I love you too Charles…..

“Okay you two should go get a room…. Peter while smiling and Anastasia Mother

watched her daughter who was so much in love.


It now a month since I was discharged and everything was going perfectly well, meeting Charles loving the best thing that has happened to me. Everyday with him have being the best days of my life. I made my way to his house as we plan to spend the weekend together.

Charles….. Charles ….. Charles…where are you I don’t like this game anymore, I

don’t like the dark just come out. I became so frightened since I couldn’t find him in his place and the house looks empty and nobody was responding to my call.

I can’t understand what was happening and why Charles wasn’t answering my calls. I tried to run outside to ask Okon the security man where he could but some one covered my face from behind and I couldn’t scream because the force was stronger than I..


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