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Fate – Hard To Find: Season 1 – Episode 21

Fate – Hard To Find

Fate – Hard To Find

I sat beside Anastasia in the hospital hoping and praying She will open her eyes and call my name. It been three weeks plus and there is no sign of her coming back to life.

Although the doctor promised that she will be find and there is chances of her making it but it will be a long shot due to the fact that she sustain internal bleeding and the physical injury will heal with time.

Even after listening to the doctor assurance that she is responding to treatment and will eventually regain consciousness but I really have missed her, her sweet voice, troublesome nature and endless argument, funny face and most importantly I have missed spending time with My Ana”.

“All I want is for my Ana, should wake up so we can get married and spend each passing moments together and watch our future children grow up.

Finally when everything began to move smoothly and even my Mom had accepted our relationship this had to happen.

I can’t believe Michelle would ever think of hurting anyone. I thought everything was now moving smoothly and she accepted to be just friends and stop with her madness.

I even told her about the surprised birthday party I will be throwing for Anastasia’, I planned in asking her to be my wife not knowing that Michelle had her own plans.

She actually surprised me because I never thought she could go as far as masking herself In orde to kill Anastasia in the name of revenge.

“Human mind is indeed filled with evil thought and desires”.

I still don’t understand what she will gain by doing so”, did she think I will become hers once Anastasia is out of picture?

It a shame I felt for her lies and look where it has landed my love.

I am glad that Peter arrived at her place on time to pick her up for her birthday and found her lying helpless on the floor. It was indeed a narrow escape for her. who knew what would have happened if he didn’t get there on time. My Ana would have been died and it will be a different story by now.

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When Michelle realize that her games was up and the cops were after her, she was shot at the process of trying to escape and she died at the spot. What a sad ending for her, she let anger and hatred cloud her sense of reasoning and judgment and she short-lived her life.

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I don’t know what to feel for her, I am just numb over her death but I knew that I can’t continue wallowing. I needed to forgive her even though it hard but was that the right thing to do, more over she already paid for her wickedness.

“Man, you need some rest”……… the doctor in charge of Anastasia said snapping me off from my thought.

“I will be fine”……I said although he is right.

I haven’t slept properly in weeks and I look shabby and unkept but I have refused to leave the hospital building. I have stayed with Ana since she was admitted.

“I bath in the hospital and slept by her bedside. Mom brings me food and Peter and his wife comes to visit sometimes. Anastasia’s Mom had asked me to go home so she could stay with her but I never agreed.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

It was my responsibility toward her and I want to be the first person she sees once she wakes up. Peter has been the one handle my office work he brings the documents that need my approval to me the hospital to go through it.

“Sir, please for your health and well-being, you won’t want your girlfriend waking up and find you looking shabby besides her…. He said and sighed.

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“Yes she will be fine and I will be here to watch over my daughter,”Anastasia’s mom said as she walked in with Peter who was right beside her.

“My son I know you are worried about her but nothing will happen to her while you go home and get some proper rest and you heard the doctor she will be fine or do you want me to complain to Anastasia that you don’t listen to her Mother…. she said with a smile.

“Come on,! ! Charles you need some fresh air and a shave”…. Peter added while

pulling me up.

I Took a last look at Anastasia and kissed her cheeks as I decided to go home and have a proper shower.

“I stayed under a shade and wait for Peter to drive the car out from the parking lot.

“Hey man, get in let go”

“I sat and bolt my seat belt”

“You look pale” he said with a frown while driving.

“Is it that obvious”?

“What do you expect when you sulk beside Anastasia for the past three weeks and refused to eat nor come out “Mr lover boy.

“What should I have done, leave her alone, you know it not possible and moreover that all I can do for now I feel helpless.

“Guy stop talking, your mouth dey smell”,I said laughing trying to change the topic.

“You must be crazy, I looked at him began to laugh, he actually made me laugh after many weeks of sadness and pains.

We drove home and laughed all the way through out the drive. Peter tried so much to get my mind off Anastasia current situation and he is doing a good Job at it but my mind goes back her once we got to my house.

It brought so much memories of the time we shared in here everything feels different maybe because I have being away for .


Fate(hard to find)

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