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Fate – Hard To Find: Season 1 – Episode 20

Fate – Hard To Find

Fate – Hard To Find

I thought this was going to be a chance for me to start something new with Charles but he just wanted to shame me of not being good enough for him.

I looked at the Clip and I was still shock to the core, I can’t believe he knows my secret.

“No…no… Michelle think, Charles won’t have dug this out without someone help and I am Sure Anastasia is behind this. That little rat think she is smart but what will I do.

” I am done and trapped”

My secret of Four years is finally exposed and it all because of that secretary of his!!!!!!!

“How on earth did she find out?

What will I say to Charles now?

This doesn’t look good at all.

“Should I lie about this but even if I decides to lie what will be the content of the lie?

Michelle, how will you come out of this one? Think fast, you can’t just loss to Anastasia.” Never!!! Not in this life time.

Marrying Charles is my ticket to a better life and a key to a new life where I won’t have to sleep and sell my body for endorsement.

“Gosh!! I feel killing that Anastasia of a lady for poking into my personal life”.

“I looked up to Charles while kneeling, I fake cry to be shame of myself and immoral behavior in order to gain Charles sympathy.

“Charles, please I can explain, it not what it looks. I wasn’t myself in that clip, I was drunk and I didn’t even know what I was doing. “I promise, I will never do such a thing.

Charles promise me you will forgive me before I can explain, please don’t judge me.

Michelle, I will just speak up but you also have to promise me you’ll stay away from Anastasia and I and stop creating trouble.


I only went there to clear my head over all these whole situation. I was worrying so

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I got myself drunk and that old man took advantage of my situation and for my

Child I was going to talk to you about her.

“She continued with her”.

Do you know how hard it was for me to keep her away from the world. It wasn’t my choice to give birth to her at the moment.

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“She took a quick glance at Charles and saw he was falling for her lies, she wailed more and continued with her fake stories.

“I can’t believe I have to remember the ugly situation I tried so hard to bury and forget but it looks like it will continue to follow me.

“How would I have face the fact that my first boss raped me and threaten to kill me if I ever mentioned it to anyone.

Charles, I was naive and frightened, I didn’t want people to look at me just the way you are doing and when I found out that I was pregnant I decided to go into hiding that was four years ago the time I liked to you of traveling to complete my master.

I had to hide the pregnancy from the world that why I couldn’t face you or anyone else and after the childbirth I had to leave her in a care of a nanny who is looking after her. I couldn’t let that one mistake ruined my life so I came back to start a new life and when

I found out that your not still married, I was happy because I had loved you since our university days.

I had wished you will notice my love but no I was never good enough I will always be that friend that you see as family.

It fine I will have to accept my fate and leave your life for good.

sincerely apologise for being so difficult and adamant to see you will never be mine. Sorry for causing you trouble.

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Michelle, why didn’t you say all this to me, you know I would have helped you but it looks you never considered me your friend that why you had to go through the process all by yourself.

Michelle I might not love you but I will never wish you bad. I am sorry for all that you’ve to go through.

you are my friend and will always be, since this is settled can we put in behind us and move forward because I am tired of fighting with you.

Remember from now on, no more secret and bring your baby to live with you and ask me for any help, I will surely help you out.

Charles hugged his friend that was on her knees crying he felt sorry for Michelle after listening to all lies without knowing that Michelle wasn’t sorry about her actions. She played with his good nature and used it to her Advantage.

She promised Charles that she will find a way to forget about the love she felt for him and allow him to enjoy his relationship with Anastasia.

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Deep inside Michelle vowed to make Anastasia pay for thinking she could use her dirty life and Child against her . She is willing to go to any length to make Anastasia pay but have to be smart and careful in doing so.

Anastasia wasn’t convinced that Michelle had suddenly change, she was worried about her new behaviour in front of Charles but knew that something doesn’t feel right. She decided to enjoy the moment and the memories she making with Charles at the meantime.

Fate (hard to find)

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