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Fate – Hard To Find: Season 1 – Episode 18

Fate – Hard To Find

Fate – Hard To Find

What are you doing here?, thought

I warned you to stay away from me. ” I yelled at Michelle as soon as she walked into my room”

“Shout that dirty mouth up”

Charles Mom, scolded him”

“Is this how you welcome my future daughter in law, now I can see you have lost your sense.”

“Charles where are your manner,”

“But Mother, who is your daughter in law or do you have another son I don’t know of, because this lady here can’t even be my girlfriend nor wife, maybe i am missing something here.

“Obiakwa” ! Charles, is it me that you’re exchanging words with? Don’t make me angry oh.

“Nne” come and sit right behind him let me see who will touch you while I am here.

I look at mom and she was shaking her head in disappointment as she console Michelle who was using the situation to her Advantage.

I watched Michelle fake those tears, I felt like killing her but can’t do anything at the moment because she already brain washed my mom and it really favouring her.

I couldn’t bear the drama happening in my room so I went to the balcony to clear my head and think of a plan when Anastasia call came through.

Every moment without her hurt and knowing that she loves me as much as I love her makes me want to her show off to the world and let them know that she is mine but I needed my mom to accept her and see she is good for me.

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Right now, I regretted ever knowing and getting close to Michelle seeing that she is the reason for my problem, I have tried to reason with her but she is adamant about not letting me go.

It obvious she can’t decipher between love and obsession.

Anastasia’s words surprised me over the phone after listening to her plan on how to expose Michelle real Character in front of my Mother.

At first I was shocked because never knew Anastasia got that in her, I always think she is naive and clueless but it looks she is smarter than I thought.

I have known Michelle for years but never knew the part of her that Anastasia just reviewed to me. I never wanted to believe it thinking she was taking the whole thing too far but when she insisted that I should come to paradise club to see for myself, I became more curious.


I brushed my hair and styled it in front of the mirror, took a deep breath and smiled

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still at the mirror, I said to myself “Anastasia, “you can do this,”

I was nervous, never thought that I have to fight to keep what mine but Michelle was just unbelievable.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

She painted me as a gold digger and a whore who will do anything for money in front of Charles mom now it time to know who was whore and wild.

It time to review little white witch real character tonight. In her little head she thought she is smart and her tracks are covered but no darling, I now know your little secret and game, thanks to your loud mouth forgetting the walls have ears.

i still can’t believe she has a child that she is hiding from the world, what kind of a woman will stay away from her baby and deny her mother’s love and here she is acting up like a saint. While it time to find out the man she is sleeping with in order to hide her secret from the world.

It a shame I have to do this but I can’t let her have the love of my life not by lying and deceit.

Fate:( hard to find)

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