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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

I rolled to her side and collapsed beside her with her tongue in my mouth and her vagina surrounding my cock and we stayed that way for a few long minutes as I gradually went limp inside her.


We must have nodded off for a while. When I came to it was around 11:30 and Harriet was getting dressed. As she made her finishing touches and pulled on her shoes she noticed I was watching her and came over to the bed.


“Thanks, Sailor!” she said, “You have no idea how much I needed that!”

She bent down and gave me a quick kiss on the lip

. “Goodnight; see you in the morning.”

Then she was out the door.


I lay in my bed, ruminating about my unexpected night. What the hell had happened? I asked myself,

‘’Did I just fuck a lesbian?’


I was right on time the next morning. Caro greeted me with a big smile when she opened her door. She asked me into the kitchen for coffee while we waited; she said Harriet had gotten in kind of late and was moving kind of slow this morning.

We chatted briefly and then I noticed Harriet’s bags were packed and stacked in the dining room. I offered to take them out to the garage and pack the car. I was just finishing up when they both emerged from the house.


“Morning, Walter” Harriet said coolly, barely making eye contact.

She got into the front passenger seat, Caro was behind the wheel and I climbed into the back.


Not much was said in the car, but Harriet kept stifling one yawn after another.


“You tired, Harriet?” I asked.


“Yes I am. I didn’t sleep too well,” she said.


“Maybe you can catch some Z’s on the plane,” I added.

She said “I hope so”

It was good to see that her category 5 orgasm the night before hadn’t taken too much out of her.


At the airport we checked Harriet’s bags and then went as far as we could before saying our goodbyes. Harriet and Caro hugged and kissed and exchanged I-love-yous.


Then Harriet turned to me

“Goodbye, Walter. It’s been nice seeing you again. Thanks for coming.”

I wasn’t sure if she meant coming to the airport, or coming the night before. She kissed me on the cheek and turned, waved, and entered the line to security.




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