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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7


All of my pent-up emotions had me pretty horny too. I couldn’t remember ever being so totally, completely, erotically seduced. In my bedroom she whipped off her tops and bottoms and pulled my pants off as I unbuttoned my shirt. Then she lay on the bed and pulled me on top of her.

She had my cock in her hand and yanked it to the entrance of her shaved pussy. She had red rose petals tattooed around her navel and a silver stud within.


“Gush, I’m wet!” she wheezed. “ I need to come!”


“No foreplay?” I asked playfully, tickling her.


“Five years without is my foreplay!” she said.


I slid into her with zero resistance and felt her once-familiar wet warmth surrounding my engorged cock.


“Fuck me, Walter! Fuck me hard!

I pounded her like there was no tomorrow. I hadn’t been with a woman for a while so I was ready to erupt in about a minute and a half. She was milking me with her pussy walls as I drove my cock into her. Soon I could feel my rising tide of cum searching for release, seeking the path that led out.

I grunted like a wounded croc when my semen rose through my steely shaft and blasted off inside Harriet, rope after oily rope. I gradually slowed my rhythm as I emptied, easing into a gentler groove.


“Keep fucking!” Harriet hissed

My cock now less stressed, it slid easily in and out of Harriet’s slimy bliss. Her hands clutched my ass and her groin smacked into me trying to coax a climax.


“Keep fucking me, Walter!”


I started banging her harder, then harder, then harder still, and my cock returned to the approximate firmness of tempered steel. We were reeling’ and rocking’ and the bedposts a-knocking’!

We kept this up for a while, each expelling guttural groans with each hard thrust. Then I felt myself nearing my second coming.

My tongue was fucking Harriet’s mouth and my finger was in her ass, and I could feel the sweat on her face so I knew she was getting close. I could feel another healthy dose of my cum preparing for liftoff, and soon it rose up and out of me, not as big as the first, but four or five solid strings leapt deep into Harriet’s juicy twat.

Within seconds she let out a high-pitched scream and started shaking and her warm rapids flowed downstream and out of her, soaking my spent dick and the bed beneath us.



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