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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3


“You ran a few marathons if I remember correctly,” Caro said.


“I have, and I have no plans right now, though.”


“I think that would just be an incredible accomplishment,”

she said.

“I’ve run a few 10Ks, but I don’t think I could ever run 26 miles!”…..“Maybe one of these days I’ll try it again


The night progressed with easy conversation between the three of us, burgers and chicken on the grill, potato salad and corn on the cob.

It was all delicious and I washed it down with a number of beers.

At about a quarter till ten Caro said she was going to turn in and said her goodnights. She disappeared behind the doors that led into her master bedroom. Babs, who had been floating on a raft in the pool for most of the evening, was right behind her.


Then it was Harriet and me alone. We’d all been reminiscing throughout the night and we continued along those lines, talking about the times we’d shared. We caught each other up on our personal lives and various gossip.

I told her I hadn’t been serious with anyone for over a year; she was vague and just said that relationships wouldn’t fit too well into her current life as a travel nurse.


“You want to take a swim?” Harriet asked me.


“I didn’t bring my trunks,” I said.


“You still wear boxers?” she asked.


I told her I did.


“You wearing them now?”


I told her I was.


“That’ll work!” she said. “Go on, get in. I’ll be back in a jiffy!” and she bounced into the house.


I took off my shirt and pants and shoes and dove in. In about sixty seconds Harriet reappeared through the door to the living room in a black bikini, strutted to the edge of the pool and walked down the steps into the shallow end. Her suit didn’t leave much to my imagination. She had a killer body and I admired every inch of it.

On this hot summer night the water was cool against my skin, but I still felt a warm tingle down below. After a few minutes of playful splashing around we sat on the pool steps and continued our catching up. We sat close but we weren’t touching.


“Remember the first time we went swimming together?” she said.


“How could I ever forget?” I said. “You were so bad!”


I had dived into the pool at school and the rush of water had yanked my swim trunks right off of me. Harriet grabbed them and had gotten out of the pool before I even came up for air. She pranced around with my trunks laughing and I couldn’t get out of the pool for half an hour.



Soon we got out of the pool. Harriet went to change and I got out of my wet boxers and into my dry shorts. As we were saying goodnight I asked her if she wanted to get together and go out on Saturday night.


“Walter,” she said. “You need to know, I’m really not interested in getting into a relationship. And I’m only going to be here a couple more weeks…”


“I know that,” I said. “Relax. But while you’re here, why not? Tonight was fun, don’t you think?”


She smiled and said “yes, it was”.


We agreed that I’d pick her up at seven and we’d figure out something to do.




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