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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 17 [Completed]

Episode 17


The weather was almost ideal for a marathon. Partly cloudy, temperature in the mid-50’s and only a slight breeze. Right before the starting gun we kissed, and were off.


We ran side by side for the first few miles, then I said I needed to pick up my pace. She said no problem, let’s go. I did, and she stayed with me. I warned her to take it easy and told her about my first marathon, when I had felt great at five miles, pushed my pace and paid the price at about 22 miles, when I hit the wall and the last four miles felt like forty, pure hell. We ran together.



Slower than I wanted, perhaps quicker than Caro preferred, but we finished together, hand in hand.


Three hours and forty-two minutes, sixteen seconds. We were ecstatic. For Caro to run such a good time on her first marathon was incredible to me. We went out for beer and pizza and then hurried back to our room and jumped into bed.


We sixty-nined ourselves into ferocious orgasms and both swallowed a load of cum. We were tired of course, and had no trouble drifting off to sleep.


I was awakened at about four o’clock by Caro stroking my erection. My eyes opened to see her face close and she was staring at me. We were lying on our sides, face to face, and we kissed.


Caro maneuvered her body closer and slipped my stiff rod into her wet and ready love glove. “I need you again!” she said softly.


With my cock safely imbedded in her warm pussy, I rammed my finger up her ass for the best possible grip and plunged my tongue into her mouth. On our sides we rocked back and forth, reaching again for the ultimate climax.


She rolled on her back and pulled me on top. We both broke into sweats, and amid cries of rapture we fucked ourselves closer and closer to our euphoric conclusion.


Afterward, with my cock still inside her, Caro squeezed it with the muscles of her twat.


“I’m pregnant,” she said softly.


I damn near fell out of the bed. My eyes must have looked like saucers. She smiled at me.


“I swallowed hard and asked, “You’re what?” “Pregnant. I’ve known for a week or so but I wanted to wait until after the race to tell you.”


There was a confused silence for a short time. I had no idea what to say.


“Am I the father?” I asked.


Dumb question. She smacked me upside my head with a spare pillow, but she still had a smile on her face.


“I’ll pretend you didn’t ask that question!” she said. She wrapped her hand around my cock.


“And this penis is the only one I’ve been close to in a long time!” she added.




“It must have happened that first weekend,” she said. “The week I went to the orientation I decided I was going to have sex with you. I got back on birth control right away. But I must have messed up somehow.”


“How do you feel about it?” I asked.


“Good,” she said. “I was shocked at first, but I’m okay with it. We’re going to have a baby! How about you, Walter?”

“Wow, scary,” I said. “I don’t know what to say. I’m in shock, I guess.”


“Any questions?” she asked, with my cock still in her hand.


“Uh, I’m sure there will be…”


“We can still have sex. The doctor said it was okay.”


“Well, that’s good. You’re such a great fuck I’d have a hard time giving that up!”


She laughed and said, “We don’t have to. You just need to get a penis reduction.”


“A what?!”


“A penis reduction. It’s a simple outpatient procedure; you just need to take off a couple of inches. You know, for safety. I set you an appointment for next Thursday.”


I must have had a petrified look on my face. Caro burst out laughing and it was my turn to smack her with the pillow.


“I’m going to punish you for that!” I said. “That was cruel!” We were both laughing.


“Oh really? What kind of punishment?”


“I’m going to butt-fuck you.” “Oh, promises, promises.”


I spent the next few minutes caressing and kissing her stomach. Soon my mouth was sucking her delicious clitoris.


I told her I loved her. She said she loved me. We made love again.


I practically moved in with her. We slept together every night. I coddled her. I massaged her. I kissed her still-flat belly. We made love often, but I took it easy and went slow. I was afraid. I didn’t want to break anything.


My mind was a blur. Every day was a blur. What was happening? My mind raced with questions and doubts. Was I up for this? What kind of father would I be? Should we get married? Am I ready to get married? If we did, how could I be a stepfather to a girl I used to fuck? Can I handle this?


I was in love and scared shitless.


Thanksgiving was upon us. Caro insisted on cooking a big meal, but I told her no, she’s pregnant, she has to take it easy.





She said no way, she’s only a couple of months, and she wants to do it, and besides, Harriet is coming home for the holiday. She said that Harriet could only get a few days off for one holiday, Thanksgiving or Christmas.


But since so many of the very religious locals in South Afria wanted off at Christmas, Harriet would have to work, and she would be coming home for Thanksgiving.


Caro had mentioned a couple of times about how we should break the news of our relationship to Harriet. Now with her pregnancy, it had blossomed into an even more stressful event.




Harriet was flying in on Wednesday night. Caro thought it best that she pick up Harriet at the airport by herself, take her home, catch up, and she could tell her about our training, the race, and our relationship.


And I would come over for Thanksgiving dinner and we would tell her the rest together.


Harriet’s flight was hours late, she finally landed after midnight. Harriet was burned out and she and Caro didn’t have much time to catch up. They went to bed and slept late; when they awoke, they attacked the job of feast preparation together.






I arrived at about three p.m. When Caro opened the door she gave me a barely noticeable headshake, telling me she hadn’t told Harriet anything. Okay, here we go, I thought. In the kitchen Harriet said hello, and embraced me warmly. She kissed me on the lips.


“Glad you’re here,” she said.


We had a big dinner, and it was a savory feast. Beautifully cooked, maximally ingested, and we cleaned up as a team.


We had drinks afterward. We were seated by the pool.


“Harriet, I have to tell you something,” Caro said.


“All right, what?” Harriet said coldly. She didn’t look at me.


“It’s about Walter…”


“You’re fucking him, aren’t you…”


“No! Well yes. We trained for weeks for the marathon…we fell in love…”


“Fell in love, oh give me a break!” Harriet croaked.


“We did…”


“Oh, please…”


“It just happened!” I interjected.


There was a pregnant pause of a few moments.


“It just happened?”


“Yes,” I said.


There was another long silence.


“I’m pregnant,” Caro said softly.


Harriet’s pupils dilated and her eyelids peeled back.


“You’re pregnant? Oh my God, who’s the father?”


“Well, Walter of course!” Caro said.


“Oh no, you are pregnant with Walter’s baby?”


Another violent storm of tears flowed from Harriet eyes.

“so am I”!

Harriet cried, along with shriek of pains. Caro turned her head and stared at me. Her eyes were confused cold daggers.

“oh shit”!

I thought to myself. The simple life I’d been living had just officially become complicated….


The End



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