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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 16

Episode 16


We slow-fucked for a few minutes as I kissed her neck and whispered dirty nothings in her ear. Then we both came once more, less cacophonous than our previous orgasms, but by then we both realized that our bodies were spent, from running, from fucking, and from not having eaten anything.


We showered and then Caro drove me home so I could put on some clothes and then we went out to a pub for a late lunch of sandwiches and a few beers. Now that we were lovers there was no tension and conversation flowed easy and was full of laughs and sexual innuendo and the things we were going to do to each other in bed.



After our second pitcher she leaned over and said to me softly that she wanted to go home because she wanted to go down on me again and she wanted me to come in her mouth.


I spent the rest of the weekend with her and most of it was spent making love in various ways. Caro was insatiable. Our love life took on a routine: Monday through Friday was work, her with her students, teaching and grading papers, and me with my job.

During the week we’d talk on the phone, usually about that week’s running and how horny we were and how we were going to tear each other up that next weekend.







The weekends would include our long Saturday morning run and then two days of sucking cock, eating pussy, and finding new ways to fuck.

And new places! I fucked her in the pool, in the hot tub, in the shower, on the floor, on the kitchen counter. Caro was very uninhibited sexually, a pleasant surprise and not what I would have expected from my old English teacher. She had a colorful vocabulary too, although many of her words were not ones she used in class.


The first couple weekends we were so hungry for each other we had to fuck before we went on the run, but then of course our legs were shot and we didn’t feel like running, although we forced ourselves. We knew we would fuck some more when we were done, so that helped motivate us.





Each weekend we’d take our long run, 15 then 17 then 19, then 20 miles, make love all afternoon and then go out to dinner. At first Caro was a little self-conscious going out because she thought people would think she’s my mother or something.


We’ll just kiss or hold a hand every now and then and people will get the message. And then maybe I won’t have to worry about other younger guys hitting on you.


The weekend of the marathon finally arrived. We drove to the race on Friday, the night before the race and had reserved a room in a hotel not too far from the starting line.





We had pasta and beer for dinner…the end of our three day carbo-load…and tried to get to bed early but sleep would not come. I performed Connie-lingus and fucked her hard to help us get to sleeping the morning we were up early and off to the races.


We left our stuff in the room because we had booked two nights. Hopefully Saturday night would be a celebration!



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