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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 15

Episode 15

It felt like a dream. She immediately took most of me into her mouth and I massaged her scalp with my fingers, pulling her head close and easing as much cock into her mouth as I could. I arched my back and gently swayed my groin in an effort to feel as much of her mouth as I could.

She milked my balls with one hand and squeezed my ass cheek with the other, coaxing, her mouth, hands and my hard rock cock working in unison like an oiled machine. For someone who claimed to be rusty, she could have fooled me.

She used her mouth masterfully, her embouchure firmly cushioning my swollen instrument, blowing me like a virtuosic windplayer, giving head with the same passion she had shown when teaching the classics.

She said it had been a while, and she was definitely enjoying having cock in her mouth. Soon her body was atop mine and as she rammed her tongue into my mouth she fed my slimy dick into her wet cunt.

Up and down on top of me she went, in and out, fucking me, and the room filled with the sounds of our groans, the creaking bed and the wet slapping of our genitalia. My older lover fucked like a goddess.


“Hell no I needed this!” Caro said when she took her mouth off mine, still fucking.

“The whole thirteen miles this morning, I was thinking about this!” She let out a high-pitched

‘‘Oh God!’,

and I felt her warm, wet rush flowing out of her, soaking my balls and thighs. I rolled on top of her as she shrieked and I pounded my meat into her, time after time until I felt my cum rise up and catapult into her, spasm after spasm. When our throes abated we lay together, kissing, and feeling our bodies meld.


We must have nodded off for a time after a half-marathon run and our muscular sex, and when my eyes opened she was smiling at me. I kissed her.


“Hold me,” she said. “I want to feel your arms around me.”


I scooted close and she turned her back and I was behind her, arms wrapped around and spooning her. Soon my hands were wandering over her tight, curvy flesh and my mouth was traversing her ears and neck and shoulders.

She cooed with my kisses and my cock grew hard again against the crack of her ass. I felt her arm wrap back around her body and her hand found my cock.



Her weight shifted slightly and her legs spread just enough so that she could guide me into her warm, open snatch. My right hand found her clit, and her fingers joined mine, directing, teaching me how she liked it. Her hand on top of mine, we massaged her enlarged love button together, her yearning and my learning, as I fucked her from behind.




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