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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 14

Episode 14


I entered her and found the calm in the midst of the storm. A mystical, magical fit of hard cock, hot twat and cool water. I pumped her, aiming for the back of her, but holding her ass carefully in my hands to elevate her above the cement surface of the steps, not wanting to braise her beautiful back.

She surrounded my neck with her arms, buried her tongue in my mouth, and swung herself into me, absorbing my length with every thrust. We were fucking up a storm.

She moaned when I slipped my middle finger into her ass for a better handle, and I felt the hot, firm pressure of her asshole. I wiggled my finger deeper inside her and she squinched her ass in reply.


Her left hand moved down to my ass and I felt her finger slide in. We were then both totally entered into each other, cock, tongues, fingers, and we banged with abandon, loving each other as the tempest raged above us.


Beneath a piercing crack of thunder I came, and with multiple expulsions released my seed into Caro. We stayed inside of us, fingers, tongues and cock, kissing, and molded together as the storm gradually subsided.


“Let’s go into the house,” Caro said after a few minutes. “I have another job for my handyman.”

“You do?” I asked.


“Yes. In my bedroom.”


“I want to suck you,” Caro said.


The storm had finally abated into a gentler, steady rain, and we had toweled off and were in her bed, our bodies enwrapped. Babs was right beside us, looking the other way.


“My English teacher gives blow jobs?” I said. “Dreams come true!”


“Hard to believe, I know! It’s been a while, so I hope it’s worth it,” she said, and went down.










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