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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 13

Episode 13

The rain started coming down in torrents, hard pellets pounding us on the shallow steps and poking deep dimples into the surface of the pool. Her hands clutched my head and she pushed her pussy into my face and her clit delved deeper into my mouth. She groaned as my lips massaged her.


There was another roar of thunder and a major gust of wind blew the trees sideways in the backyard. A potted palm blew over, scaring the shit out of Babs, who then headed for cover under a lounge chair.


The rain was coming down as hard as I could remember, hammering into my back like rubber bullets, but with Caro’s hard meat in my mouth, her strong fingers guiding my head into her grinding groin, and my cock long and stiff, I hardly noticed.


I looked up at Caro and she had a serious, concentrated look on her face, like she was deep into a trance. Her hair was matted down against her scalp and her nipples were large and hard. She rocked back and forth, to and fro, over and over, fucking my face.


Then her body quaked, and she shook and shivered from head to toe and she let out a shriek.


“Oh my God!…”


It was hard to tell from my position, with my mouth immersed in a slushy embrace of cunt and pool water, but she must have dumped a healthy dose of her jizz into the pool.



Next she pulled my hair toward her and my head followed. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth and wrapped her fingers around my erect staff. The hard rain continued to poke us and soak us and powerful gusts rattled the trees and shrubs. Babs barked with each smack of thunder.

“God, I’ve never been eaten like that!” she said with a hiss. “I’ve never come so hard!”


“That’s my Connie-lingus!” I said.


“Well, anytime you want to practice…”


“I’d love to practice…”


“I want you inside,” Caro said.


“What, inside the house?” I asked.


“No! Inside me!” she hissed, and pulled my inflated pole into her ravenous hole.





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