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Fanned Flames – Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 12

She swam over and we embraced and without hesitation her mouth covered mine with her tongue leading the way. Her arms surrounded me and I maneuvered her onto the step beside me. Facing each other, kissing deeply and with my hands exploring her, I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her as close as I could.

I felt her tits against my chest and the contour of her sweet ass in my hands. Her hand grasped my dick, still somewhat flaccid in the cool water, but growing fast.

“I thought about this all week!” she murmured.


“I think about it all the time!” I replied.




There was a loud thunderclap from a distant lightning bolt and rain began falling. Our wet hands roamed our wet bodies and our tongues did a rain dance.


“Move up here,” I said softly, and lifted her up to sit on the top step, the surface of the water just below her waist.


With volition of its own my mouth explored Caro’s neck and shoulders, and she sighed loudly when I reached her delicious breasts. Her nipples, already perked up by the cool pool, grew harder between my teeth and she moaned when I sucked them into my mouth.


It started to rain harder and in unison with another crack of thunder I felt Caro’s firm grip strengthen around my hardening cock.


I lowered myself before her, kissing her breasts, her stomach, her navel. I put my hands on her buttocks and lifted, and with her gorgeous, neatly-groomed pussy right at the water line, I buried my face into her.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned.


My mouth explored her eager, open gash and I sucked on her lips and split them with my tongue. Her salty tang, sloshed with chlorine, made for a tasty sweet and sour cocktail. I squeezed her ass cheeks and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth.


“Oh, Jeez…”




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