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Fanned Flames – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 17]

Fanned Flames

Fanned Flames

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Story Title: Fanned Flames (+19)

Episodes: 17

Category: Erotic (Fiction)

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Walter is out running one day and encounters an old girlfriend. Her mother was his high school English teacher. When he sees her again it leads to something they never taught in English class! Fanned Flames….


Episode 1


I was out for a hot Saturday afternoon run in July when I saw her. She was walking a dog in the field, adjacent to where the jogging trail passed by the playground.

She wore white shorts and a sleeveless red top. She was still a fox and her body was still fine, just like it was back when we used to be a couple.


Her name was Harriet and she had been one of the prettier girls in my high school. She had long hair, beautiful eyes and a body that turned heads. She was a very nice and considerate person, but she intimidated a lot of guys in those days, including me, partially because of her exquisite looks, but mostly because her mother was an English teacher at our school.

In the spring of our senior year Harriett and I acted in a school play together and we hit it off. I found her very easy to talk to with a great sense of humor. She was hot, but she didn’t act like it. We dated the last several months of our senior year and through our first year of college.

She went to a different school to get her nursing degree so we ended up going our separate ways. We were by this time in our mid-twenties, and it had been over five years since I’d seen her.

“Harriet? Harriet, is that you?”

I asked as I coasted to a stop a few feet away from her. The dog leaped toward me but she yanked back on the leash.


“Down, Babs,” Harriet said. “Walter? Wow… I can’t believe it!”


We shared a brief, sweaty hug and the dog was jumping up almost to my shoulders.


“This is Babs,” Harriet said. “She’s not too well trained, I’m afraid.”


“Is she your dog?” I asked.


“No, she belongs to my mother. Mom lives right over there,” she said,

pointing to the entrance to an upscale subdivision of nice homes on fairly large lots.


Her mother was Caro, my old English teacher. She is with a slim athletic body, tight ass, firm titties and a beautiful smile.


“How’s Mrs. Caro doing?” I asked.


“Okay, I guess. But it’s Miss Caro now. She and my father split up a couple years ago, but she’s doing fine, just hates men nowadays. He was messing around with some little harlot at his work and got caught. So she nailed him in the divorce and bought a nice house with a pool and a hot tub!”


“Is she still teaching?” “Oh yeah,” she said, laughing. “Still in the same old classroom, same old syllabus, and still setting adolescent boys’ hearts a-flutter!”


“Well, you look good, Harriet,” I said. “Where are you living these days?”

“All over the place,” she said. “I’m a travelling nurse. I go to work at places where there are severe nurse shortages, get paid well and get to see the world. I just got back from Atlanta a couple of weeks ago; I was there for six months. I’m staying with Mom for a few weeks now, and then I’m off to South Africa!”

“South Africa! Wow.”


“Yep, I’ve been brushing up on my Zulu. How about you? Where are you living? What are you up to?”


“Been selling medical equipment. It’s been going pretty well. I bought a town house overlooking the park, about a mile from here.”


“Oh, nice, we’re practically neighbors! We should get together while I’m here. And I’m sure Mom would love to see you.”




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