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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 9

💄Family Bride💄

📿 Episode 09📿

Alex made a visit to the Harshell’s household to talk about the kidnap case.

Mrs Harshell:Oh…yeah Alex you said you’re here about the kidnap case…

Alex:Yes ma’am….June…

Derek:She’s my to be wife respect her okay

Alex:Sorry buddy

June:Yes proceed

Alex:The police Investigation an the dead girl though part of her face was burnt but we were able to identify her

Mr Harshell:So who is she and what does she want?

Alex:She was a former employee here….she is Adeline George ..did that ring a bell?

Mrs Harshell:Oh…uhm…yeah I remember that girl

June:No wonder why she had the Harshell’s card

Derek:Our card?

June:Yes that day she showed me the card so I can trust her

Mrs Harshell:How’s that possible? Any workers sent away from here doesn’t leave with our card. We do make sure we collect any of the Harshell’s possession to avoid things like this

Derek:That means that girl is working with someone very close to us

Mrs Harshell:We can’t jump to that yet…see now how many workers are we going to investigate..we have up to 20 workers here at home not to talk of the company.

Derek: Whatever it’s…she’s dead anyway you don’t have to trouble yourself

Mr Harshell: Son…we must investigate further what if there’s indeed someone trying to hurt you guys?

Alex:I agree with Derek sir. The girl is dead and the police could not find any evidence or link again

Mrs Harshell:Oh God please cast away evil eyes from my children
I think I’m gonna develop headache soon.
Alex so any schedule for today?

Alex:Yes Ma’am I’m afraid June….sorry Miss June will not be able to go to school today.


Alex:You guys still need to take your pre-wedding pictures

Derek:Is that really necessary? I want to be alone for now please

Mrs Harshell:Are you tired?( She said blushing)

Derek: much exhausted

Mr Harshell:Hun Hun( he clear his throat) that’s what I’ve been telling you….always exercise your body…take a walk with me. See I’m old but still full of vigour

Derek:Really? What you using it for?

June: Uhm..I think I need to use the restroom

Mrs Harshell:My baby go to your left …the last room by the left….

Derek:Mrs Harshell…that looks like my room

June:Mother please I will use yours instead

Mr Harshell:I’m sorry child . We really love our privacy so you should use his room you guys will soon be married anyway

Alex:I will take my leave now

Derek:Wait….we will take just one picture is that okay?

Alex: Yeah it’s better than none.


Alex:7:00 pm

Derek:Ok….and can we talk?

Alex :Sure

June couldn’t hold her urge anymore and she rushed to Derek’s room.
Derek and Alex went to the other sitting room upstairs to talk.

Derek:I Know I’ve been such a jerk to you lately…..and I don’t know why…I’m so sorry
(He said with a worried face, Alex put on his faceless smile and he hug him)

Alex:I’m your childhood friend who will know you better if not me…I Know you’re stressed out because of the wedding

(They disengaged from the hug)
Alex:You’re worried..and scared…I’m your friend so it’s right to direct your aggression on me

Derek:You are really a healer…I’m glad to have you…maybe it’s because we don’t converse lately like we do in high school

Alex:That’s what happened exactly…but believe me we’re cool you will always remain my friend

Derek clenched his fist and project it forward,Alex did the same and they did their friendship sign.

Derek: I’ll walk you to the car

Alex: I’ll call you when it’s time okay


Alex exit the mansion and he enter his car,
He closed the door and sigh heavily

Alex’s POV
You always trap me with your problems you’ve never treated me like a friend
You talk to me only when you’re lonely and not not when you’re happy
I don’t need a friend with mood swings
You never cared about me…now you need help not minding if I’m okay as well.

He noticed Derek’s window is opened and someone is watching him so he drove away.

June’s POV
I thought these guys are friends why’s Derek treating him like that?
I pity him loneliness is clearly written on his face…I know that feels like.
Uh uh he’s going away seems he caught me looking at him since.

Wait what is this scary feeling…my heartbeat is increasing seems this young devil is around.

Derek’s POV
I saw her looking through the window and I felt as if me getting married to her will be different from the rest…she look plain but hot
I’ve been cold to her as well it will be meaningless if I start developing feelings for her.
She’s turning back seems she sense my arrival

Derek:Wow you don’t love yourself do you? You used my restroom I didn’t complain now you’re doing a sight seeing from my window

June:Sorry…uhm..thanks I’ll leave now

Derek:Those two words are not enough

Now she’s getting scared because she remembered what happened with Faye)
Derek slam the door but he didn’t lock it
He stopped moving closer to June
Derek:You know you ain’t going home tonight


Derek:It’s obvious we have to finish what we started

June:I…don’t remember starting anything with you

Derek:At the club…I really want to have a taste of that lips again

June:My shoe is here as well..only if you want to have a taste of it as well

Derek:I know you mustered all your strength that you will need in 100 years to say that out.
I know you’re scared of me

June:Ok…that’s right so please just let me go

Derek tried to touch her and she scream out

Derek:What the….did you swallow a speaker? How can a tiny lady like you be so loud

June:I still have more in me if you don’t let me go I’ll be more irritating


June walk briskly past him but young devil have his plan. He grab her hands and caught her unaware he draw her close and kissed her

June start beating him with her soft hands but it has no effect as he draw her closer and tighter.
Derek seems to be planning this for long because he was all over her and he’s so good than that night at the club.

June succumbed to his strength and it turned into an intense and dialogued kiss.
These two were so steamy as if they’ve discussed it.
Derek advanced his move by pushing June backward towards the bed and down they went on the bed.
June met Derek’s face and saw the determination on his face
She got more scared and pushed him away
As if Derek was waiting for her to stop him,he didn’t argue with her he just mouthed a ” Thank God” and he buttoned his shirt.


Derek:I understand….you want it to be on your wedding night?

June:No….I want it to be with someone I love

Derek:You don’t love me?

June:I don’t know you

Derek:So next tomorrow which will be our wedding night you won’t allow me to….

June:I can’t have this conversation….
June quickly ran to the door and she left.

Derek:you don’t love me….that’s good because I can’t be feeling guilty if you die as well….you’re going to be my 5th bride.

Derek received a call from Alex about the location for the wedding shoot and he inform June ’bout it.

Derek called Kyle to come join them but he said he’s got an appointment tonight.

Faye’s House
Kyle parked in front of Faye’s house and dialed her number

Ok I’ll be out in a bit.

3 minutes later
Faye could be seen putting on a jeans jacket on top of her short wavy gown.

She sight Kyle’s car and she opened the door in reaching there.

Kyle:Hi..(he tried to peck her)

Faye:Yeah hi( but she shun him)

Kyle:Ok….I’m sorry

Faye:For what?

Kyle:Come on Faye I Know you’re just pretending not to be angry…I regretted my action okay! I’m sorry for forcing you when you’re not ready.

Faye:Oh I guess rich boys knows how to dress their crime as their wealth. You raped me and you’re splitting your dirty acts into words

Kyle:I said I’m sorry…. I do know if there’s another word for sorry and I’m ready to do anything to prove that I’m really sorry…..ok should I introduce you to my parents?I want to make you my woman

Faye:It’s not in Constitution or any law book that a girl must marry a boy that [email protected] her as apology okay? I’m not interested I being your wife…I hate you I want you to know that
And you said anything that will please me apart from sorry right? So I want you to get lost don’t act like you know me or we’ve met before

Kyle:Faye please I’m suffering for my mistake already I miss everything about you please

Faye:You miss my body not me…fvck off.

Faye alighted from the car and she went to her mansion without looking back.

June’s Mansion
It’s 9:00 and Derek came to drop her off
Shasha noticed the car driving in and she ran downstairs to welcome her sister.

June:Will you have a cup of coffee?

Derek:No….thanks…and about today…I mean in my room forget about it please

June:Yeah sure…

Then Shasha came out smiling and holding her phone.
Shasha:Hi brother in law

Derek:I feel safe anytime I see you …dunno why

Shasha:Really? Then marry me instead please

Derek smiled and June was surprised he has a sweet side as well

Derek:How old are you?

Shasha:Age doesn’t matter I love okay?

June:Oh my God shasha ….

Derek:Where are you reading all these?

Shasha:It’s a talent…and I’m 17

Derek:Nice… It’s a talent i think we’re gonna make a good pair


Derek: What’re you doing tomorrow?

Shasha:A date? Yipeeee….ahhhhh


Shasha: Tomorrow is Sister’s wedding eve and your bachelor’s night as well

Derek:I don’t know about your sister but I’m not organizing any party tomorrow

Shasha:That’s good…. I’ll call you

Derek:No I’ll call you little princess
Shasha ran back in leaving June speechless

Derek:I like your sister…she’s cute and lovely

June: Whatever

June went in as well and Derek left for his house.

A day to the wedding

June woke up only to see the whole family sitting beside her bed.

“Congratulations” they all chorused and Felix shower her with rose petals.

Mrs Davis: Wishing a happy married life daughter

June:So sweet of you guys….wow there’s a cake

Mrs mark:Yes your dress is on the way and Mrs Harshell will soon be here…for the party

June:Are you seriously organizing a party?

Mr mark:Of course you’re a princess…you brought luck to the family so you deserve it dear.

Shasha:Felix…what are you still doing here?you should be with Groom okay?

Felix:I don’t know anyone over there….I’ve never seen her husband as well…..I only saw his pictures online…I must say they’re of high class…his friends as well

Mrs mark:it’s good you know you’re useless.

Anyway…June your friends are they coming here as well?

Mrs Davis:Of course she’s got just 3 friends.

Mrs Harshell arrived at the same time with Faye and the rest.

June:And you call yourself my friends…you are supposed to be here since morning….I’m damn nervous and you really helped with that

Rachel: We’re sorry babe….we went to get few things for you…

Mrs Harshell:I caused that I’m sorry dear….we actually went out together to get you few things.

Helen:Guess what?

June:What?…come on tell me

Faye:Its your wedding dress… look soooo fantastic

June:awwnnnn wow

Mrs Harshell:We need to talk ….Mrs Davis please I want you to be there as well.

Alex’s Mansion
Alex could be seen drinking alcohol and with a sad song playing in the background. He kept an old picture close to his chest and tears escaped from his eyes.

His phone rang and he checked the caller
He ignored it at first but when she won’t stop calling,he picked it and Amanda voice out angrily

Alex I can’t believe you’re in charge of the wedding how could you even think of letting him remain happy…I’m so disappointed in you….I won’t let this off.

She hung up,Alex sprang up Immediately because he knows what she can do.
He tried her number but she’s not picking it.

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