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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 8

💄Family Bride💄

Episode 08

Nana’s Spa
Derek and June arrived at the Spa. One of the most richest and always patronized by celebrities as well.

The outside was brighten up with silver lights enough to show in the morning and sunny afternoon especially at night.

Derek removed his card and he displayed it in front of a door that looks like elevator,it read it and🔗📡
🕹️:Welcome Mr Harshell… Nana’s Spa is all you’ll ever need.

The door opened and June was amazed about the level of technology at a Spa of all places and she whispered”Wow” to herself.

Derek:Try not to go red because of this…it’s embarrassing so control yourself you will still see more of this from now on

June:You just Know when to ruin someone’s mood.

June made a silly face trying to mimick Derek but he didn’t allow her and he pulled her in.

The elevator stopped at a certain floor and Derek ordered June to proceed.

A very beautiful lady welcomed them with a smile revealing her dimples

Lady:Good day Mr and Mrs Harshell …come this way

Derek:I guess mother is planning something bad.

They soon entered a room,it’s very spacious and with two beds right beside each other.
Massaging oil and other skin treatment lotions and materials are arranged in a row.

The lady handed over a towel to June and Derek

Lady:There’s another room right there you guys should change there

June:Uh…uhm wait

Lady:Yes ma’am

June: I thought we’re getting the treatment separately why are we both here?

Lady:My bad Mrs Harshell…The Madam came here to book a special room for you both and she signed..a oh yeah a couple’s treatment


Derek:What? Mother did that?

Lady:Yeah and we’ve already arranged everything.

The lady left them since none of them is ready to reply their surprised face.
June gave up and went to the room,She removed her jacket but Derek is still there staring

June:Hey..turn the other way (she covered her chest with her jacket)

Derek:Come on I’m very sure your body is not that attractive to move anything in me

June:Can’t you be nice for once?

Derek:The last time I tried to didn’t went well
He excused himself and June removed her gown and her platform.
She wrap the towel round her body from chest region revealing her medium curvy shape and fresh body.

June :This birthmark again..won’t he complain?he’s desperately looking for a way to reject me before…what can I do?

Derek:(from outside) are you done? I’m coming in.

June quickly stopped her thinking and she left the Changing room.

It’s been 3 minutes and the lady is not there yet
June decided to find something to do and she stood up to get the newspaper on the couch.

Derek’s eye caught her heaven made waist and hips.

Derek’s POV
Why is she walking around like that?she’s not bad I guess..look at those curves and boobs…she’s fully endowed….snap out of it Derek you don’t love her it’s only lust.

Soon the lady came in pulling a rack of skin treatments.

Lady:Mrs Harshell…

Derek:She’s June we’re not married yet

Lady:Oh..I’m sorry Mrs Harshell registered you both as married

June:Yeah..but I’ll prefer you address me by my name please

Lady:Ok miss
Here is your bed

Derek:Where do I stay?

Lady:It’s not yet time for your part sir
Can you sit there and watch.

June loosened her towel a bit and she lay on the bed with her chest colliding with the soft coating of the bed which shows some part of her [email protected] by the side

Derek:Is it a must I stay here?

Lady:Yes sir

The lady applied oil on June’s back,leg and hands before massaging all through. The heat was turned on so she can sweat out other skin products applied on her

Lady:All done….sir our male workers are off today and this product was delivered from Italy today so…


Lady:A man’s strength is the only way it can work

June:Wait….you mean he’s going to massage my body?….touch…me…body?

June keep hiccuping as she separates her words.

Derek:This product is strange….I think that will be all for today

Lady:If we don’t apply this…all other products won’t work sir

Derek:Oh God what kind of trouble is this?….ok ok give it to me

June:You will do it?

Derek:Be rest assured I told you I don’t feel anything for you.

The lady excused them and Derek press on the tube in which an oily solvent came out
He rub his palms together and knelt beside June.
He hesitated at first because his eyes caught June’s b00bs again

He brush it off and he place his palm on June’s back rubbing it slowly…

June:Wait are you enjoying this?you’re caressing my body for fun

Derek:What the…I don’t want to go hard on you that’s why.

Meanwhile Mrs Harshell requested for a voice recorder to be planted inside so She’s listening to voices only

Harshell’s Mansion
Mrs Harshell left the receiver” on” and went inside to get an apple but when she came back she heard this on the recorder”Are you seriously enjoying this?
“I just don’t wanna be hard on you”

She ran upstairs to call her husband
Mrs Harshell:Hubby hubby….I think we’re gonna have a grandchild soon

Derek start massaging her back like a professional and it feels good

June:You’re so good at this ….have you done this before?

Derek:That doesn’t concern you okay? Just shut up and stay still
Derek intensionally press hard on her and she made a soft cry “arh”

Harshell’s Mansion

Mr Harshell:Oh my God..turn it off turn it off…kids of nowadays..and he was pretending not to like her

Mrs Harshell:I just hope my plan didn’t go to waste.

Derek proceeded to the hand and he saw a round mark very full on her arm close to the elbow

Derek:What is this?

June:Uhm…I guess it’s’s a birth mark

Derek:So weird who get a birth mark like this
Derek continue rubbing her arm and on the tattoo suddenly a strange feeling engulfed him and he’s getting really high

Derek’s POV
What is this?I can’t believe I’m turned on because of this girl…. She’s got a great body but she’s not my taste…don’t Derek don’t please.

Derek stopped what he was doing and he rose up leaving her alone without saying a word.

June:bad habit you should learn to be more of a gentleman than Being rude okay?

Derek:Shut up if you don’t know my plight

June:Plight?what plight?

Derek: we’re done here I’ll call the lady

June shot him a puzzled look but he met her gaze and still he said nothing.

5 minutes later June is wearing her clothes and she looks more radiant and adorable also Derek

Derek:Wow even an ugly duckling can change to a swan overnight

June: Whatever… anyway I’m sorry about the accident… thanks for caring I misunderstood you is all

Derek:I think you’re mistaken.

June was about to enter the car when someone took her pictures again.

Derek drove June to school she said bye and Derek start the car

Harshell’s Mansion
They received call that June and Derek left tbe spa treatment and so they got rid of everything.

Derek arrived home and he saw Alex sitting as well.
Derek:What else are you planning for me again?

Alex:No Derek I’m here about the attempted kidnap case.

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