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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 5

💄Family Bride💄

📿 Episode 05📿

Derek continue staring at the unknown but beautiful goddess in front of him….still being an egomaniac he refused the handshake.

Derek:Not interested in knowing you more

Amanda:(she smiled with an interesting face) refusing an handshake is not proper for a gentleman.. especially on the first meeting

Derek:I’m not a gentleman…also i know girls like you. Nymphomaniac that traps innocent guys


Derek passed her by without looking at her for once.
Kyle:Wasted beauty I guess
Alex exchange glances with the girl and the girl maintained her smile

Derek and his friends left the club

Amanda:Once a jerk…still a jerk
I’ll get you….now killing the bride early is of no fun I’m going to torture you and make you regret ever falling in love.

Harshell’s Mansion
Derek arrived home and his mother called him for a discussion

Derek:Here…I’m all yours…the same old thing lecturing me about marriage

Mrs Harshell:No Derek…the girl’s life is in danger

Derek:It’s obvious you know the bride will die why are you pretending to care

Mrs Harshell:No we forgot to tell you some things. During our last vacation in Korea we visited a shaman…who exposed our family secret to us and the solution
We were asked to look for the moon marked girl…the girl with a moon tattoo but fortunately for us..she came walking to our doorstep and that girl is June


Mrs Harshell:Yes…so please treat her well

Derek: you’re saying this so I can love her?

Mrs Harshell:..Derek she’s in danger… someone is after our family

Derek:Mom I’ve had enough of this I’m going to bed

Mrs Harshell:This is not a joke Derek..please okay make sure never to leave her side next that for me at least.

Derek didn’t say anything and he went to his room.

Song’s Mansion

Kyle keep looking at his phone as if expecting a message to appear but none of his expectations is coming true.

Kyle:I’m right about this girl she’s a modern girl so…her virginity is nothing….but still she didn’t even call again
Why am I disturbing myself over this?

He dropped the phone inside his drawer and he went to the bathroom..then he came outside again

Kyle:Gosh..I hate being ignored…yeah I know what to do.

5 days to the wedding
R and E club

Kyle:Uhm..Derek I’ve never seen your bride and I’m really curious to know her..why don’t you introduce her to us

Alex:You mean …to you cuz I see her everyday

Derek:You wanna know my bride…why am I getting a bad feeling about your request

Kyle:Come on i mean no harm just for us to hang out together…and her friends as well

Derek:Ohhhh now I get it.. you’re looking for another prey

Alex:Derek ..not another prey but the same prey…he still long for Faye

Derek:oh…that girl?
Derek started laughing really hard

Kyle:Stop it.. I don’t I just want to see her expression if we meet again

Derek:Ok I’ll inform her to come with her friends… tonight

Kyle: Tonight?yo you’re cool dude

Derek place a call to Mrs Harshell.

Derek:uhm hi mother

Mrs Harshell:What do you want?I’m so busy right now

Derek:Really ?then there’s no need to invite June for dinner again

Mrs Harshell:What?Dinner? No I’m not busy continue

Derek:I knew it..I’m hanging out with Alex and Kyle tonight so I want June to join us with her friends as well

Mrs Harshell:Really?then you should call her yourself

Derek:I don’t have her number

Mrs Harshell:What? You guys will be married in five days now and you don’t have her number

Derek:Will you call her or not?I’ve got nothing to lose

Mrs Harshell: I’ll call her…bad son bad boyfriend.

June’s house
June just arrived home from school and her friends are with her to keep her company

Helen:hmmm so nice to be here i think I’m in love with your house

Rachel:Don’t be…she will abandon her house in five days so it’s no use

Faye:The wedding is in five days and you’re not even meeting with him..what’s out the wedding dress?I don’t remember you telling me about your dress!

June:Oh uh… actually the wedding dress has been chosen and I’ve tried it on…sorry guys


Helen:You’re a betrayer

Rachel: We’ve missed a lot

June:I’m sorry I didn’t know I was gonna try it on that day…I’m sorry

Faye:That you think the plan is working?


June:With Kyle right?

Faye:Yes…won’t I look like a whole?
June:No i…
Then her phone rang it’s mrs Harshell

June:Shhhh quite guys

June picked the call and mrs Harshell relayed the message to her.

June didn’t believe her ears and she had a quizzical look on her face

Helen:What’s wrong?

June:Derek wants to meet up…

Faye:Wow really? I guess hes missing you already

June:No he wanna introduce me to his friends formally

Rachel:That sounds dangerous…

June:And he wants me to come with my friends as well

Rachel:What?(she hiccups)

Faye:Here take water

Helen:Don’t you think something is wrong somewhere?

June:I suspect Kyle…

Faye:Same here.
June:That means the plan is working….the car will be here in 7 minutes so we need to work on you

Faye:On me?why?

June:We need to get rid if that depression on your face we need to show him you’re living well without him.

June messed up everywhere just to find a new cloth for Faye.

Faye: It’s your date and I’m the one getting dressed up..this doesn’t make any sense

June:Of course it does

Rachel:You need to look seductive

Helen:You Rachel!(she cut her off )

Rachel:What? Just saying

June:She’s not going to seduce anyone okay?

After dressing for her,June left a message for her mother and Shasha bid them farewell.
A car honk could be heard 🚘

June:The car is here.

The girls approached the car and to their greatest surprise,the driver is a female.

June:A female driver?

Girl:Good evening ma’am I’m here to get you

Helen:Why is your face covered?

Girl:I’m sorry ma’am I have a very scared on my cheek that’s why and I don’t wanna put you in any form of discomfort.


Girl:Here is the card if you don’t trust me.

The girl showed them the Harshell’s card that their workers do carry around.

Faye:Is that it?

June:Yes let’s go….uhm I’m sorry miss for not believing you.

Girl:You don’t need to be formal.

They entered the car and they left the mansion.

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