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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 4

💄Family Bride💄

📿 Episode 04📿

June entered Alex’s car with two minds.

Alex:Are you sure you guys are cool?(She and Derek)

June:Yeah…why did you wanna help us?

Alex:who knows?..I just wanna be a friend

June:I still don’t trust you

Alex:I know it wont be that easy but you really need to make up your mind very soon before I’ll change my mind
They arrived at the school in 10 minutes
Alex’s look attracted passerbys and girls start drooling over
Girl:Oh my God hes so cute…is he some kind of god or creature…look at his v shaped jaw and a killer smile

Girl 2: of course.. please just look at me once

Girl 3: wait…he came to drop the looser?that weird low class girl?

Girl 1:Oh no she’s so lucky..poor people always get the best things.

June opened her mouth in surprise with all these comment.

June:So it’s one parent that gave birth to creatures like you

Girl 3: that’s your own problem

Girl:A cool husband and you’re all over us…guys lets go

June:He isn’t my boyfriend okay?

“whatever!!the girls chorused while leaving.

Alex:your friends are watching.. I’ll come back in the afternoon once you convince them to trust me.

Alex drove away and june went to meet her three friends.
Faye is still dull and easy going not cheerful like before again.

Rachel:That….boy is that your husband?

June:No he’s his friend

Helen:You know that’s Alex..Kyle’s friend

June:Yes actually I’m here for him…

June explained to Faye

June:so do you want him back?

Faye:no I just want him to regret doing that to me and running away

Hello:it will be done at least we got a good person on our side

R and E club🥂🍻🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺

Alex joined his friends and Derek challenged him
Derek: looks like my bride has gotten a black knight now

Alex:What is it?
Derek:why are you hovering around my bride?

Kyle:Alex is that really true?don’t tell me that girl is your taste

Alex: What if she is

Derek:(he burst out laughing). You guys make a perfect’re free to seduce’re free to try I really don’t care also I’ll need an Excuse to send her away once I’m through with my revenge hard talk buddy

Kyle :Hmmm
Sophia came to join them
Sophia:Kyle…why are you grinning to yourself since?

Kyle:This girl… she has been sending me sad text messages since yesterday.. asking to meet up
. Sophia:Seems you’re gonna be a father soon

Kyle:Come on I’m not that careless..I’m just done with her is all..and I’m bored now i need a girl

Alex:Sophia can help right?
Sophia:No not exactly…I’m always after the young boss…Derek

Derek glance over to where she is and he smiled mockingly

Derek:I don’t want you I’m sure you know that.
Sophia:I know you miss me

Derek brought out a card from his coat on the chair.
It’s an invitation card it has been printed already

Sophia: Marriage?you?

Derek:Yeah you’re very much welcome in advance next week Sunday

Sophia:so you had a hidden girlfriend?

Derek:No not hidden but s sudden girlfriend
So stop pestering me

Sophia:How cruel.. may you have a bad wedding in advance

Derek:Yeah thanks

Sophia left angrily

Kyle:uhhh she’s really angry

Alex: When did you receive the wedding invite?

Derek:you’re in charge of the wedding yet you didn’t show up. I went to receive it when you were dropping my bride to school.
Alex:Ok sorry. Yeah so where do you guys wanna go for your honeymoon?

Derek:Hmm can you plan it out of the country?

Alex:it’s your money not mine

Derek:Ok I’ll get back to you

He said as he sip his drink.

A guy clicked his pictures again but he didn’t know.

Later around 5:00 Alex went to pick the girls and they decided to work together.

Alex:It feels weird to be among ladies but I just wanna help because I’m not at peace

Faye:Please is there anyway I can get back at him?

Alex:First…have you visited the hospital for confirmation?

Faye:Yeah…I’m not pregnant

Alex:You want him back right?I know you still love him…that’s the disease of all his girlfriends

Faye:I want him to start craving for presence and looking for me.

Alex:ok these are the things that do get him.

Alex explained some things to Faye and her friends.. though it will be hard but she promise to make it come true.

Alex dropped the girls to their respective houses while June was taken to the Harshell’s family

June:Why here?

Alex:Its where you will be in 10 days

June: Pardon?

Alex:Please go in..will you?

June:You’re so first a helper now a wedding planner of the devil

Alex: wishing you a wonderful life in advance.

June entered the house and she saw Mr and Mrs Harshell smiling broadly at the card.
Mrs Harshell:It feels so different this time around
. June:Hi ma’am hi sir…good evening

Mr Harshell:Come my dear..your wedding card is ready so you must take few home as well okay?

June: Understood sir.
After packing the card for her June decided to show Mrs Harshell the letter…she was shocked but she didn’t show it to June

Mrs Harshell:Dont mind the letter okay? It’s a prank from those girls that wants him .

June:oh okay ma’am.

June left late at night and Mrs Harshell start getting restless

Mrs Harshell:Hubby.that girls life is in danger….that enemy knows everything about us..

Mr Harshell: We’re dealing with an old enemy here not a new one.

R and E club 🥂🥃 🥂🥃🥂 🥃🥂 🥃🥂 🥃
Kyle keep checking his phone and no message from faye again

Alex:Yo what’s up?you look horrible

Kyle:That poor girl is nit texting again

Derek: Maybe she moved on with her life

Kyle:That’s absurd..girls don’t forget who deflowered them easily

Alex:And you’re proud of it?

Derek:You should delete her as well .

Kyle:Thats the easiest part..I guess I was expecting too much

A girl dressed in sizzling blue gown entered the club as she catch everybody attention.

She walk straight to Derek and she stretch her hands forward for hand shake.

Girl:Hi I’m Amanda….
Amanda’s POV

I’m Amanda your death and secret unravelled.

Derek:I’m Derek

Amanda: You don’t remember me right?

Derek:I dunno you

Amanda’s POV.
Glad you’ve forgotten my face but how can you forget her so soon?
You killed my sister on your wedding night…and you wanna remarry?that’s not possible..I’m gonna kill your bride as well.

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