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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 24

Family Brideđź’„

Episode 24

I guess it’s not the Finale so Episode 30 A…

Shasha ran out of the store room breathing heavily…..she’s shaking and weak…
The area is a silent one and far away from the main Street.

She keep walking through the forest hoping to find help but unfortunately it’s a water area and there’s no road…she fell on her knees crying…she knows no one or where to turn to

Shasha:Mum…I’m scared….(she cried shakily)

Those that kidnapped her soon arrived from their outing and saw the ropes on the floor and mark on the Piller as if rubbed against something.

They quickly place a call to Alex that the girl escaped already.

Alex:Damn it…she escaped….

Amanda:What?…this is bad

Just then that Derek arrived with June.
Derek alight from the car angrily holding a metal rod and June came out as well.


Derek didn’t allow him to land or even given the opportunity to even the attack. He hit tbe iron rod on his head and he lost his balance stumbling on the chairs outside.

Amanda:What the hell do you think you’re doing? I’ll call the police

June look at her disgustingly and she grab her hairs pulling her from one place to another.

Amanda:What the fuck…

June:You bitch…where’s my sister?

Alex stood up wiping the blood coming out of his mouth

Alex:Are you crazy?what do you think you’re doing?

Derek:You animal…where’s Shasha….don’t you have any humanity conscience left in you?so you’re this rotten inside…that innocent kidnapped her

Alex:And what evidence do you have for this meaningless accusations?

Derek:What? Meaningless? How dare you?…I’ve found out everything about you ….you bloody jerk ..she found out your secret and you kidnapped her

June let go of Amanda and she went to pull Alex’s clothes…

June:Where’s my sister……tell me where you hide her you bastard

Alex:June ….I never wanted things to end like this between us…..I’m sorry

Amanda:If you try to touch him…. I’ll have you arrested for harassment and malignant of dignity.

Derek know fully well that he can’t touch or harm.him without concrete evidence so he had no choice than to leave him alone.

June was heartbroken and Derek took her away.

Amanda with her messy hairs she put a call through to the kidnappers warning them to find the girl today or else.

Amanda:Oh God..that witch … time I see her I’m gonna kill her

She brushed her hairs with her hands and unfortunately…..some of her hairs fall off…. June really plucked every strand of hair on her head.


Harshell’s Mansion

Derek:June calm down okay?she’s gonna be fine….at least we know who kidnapped her….we need to submit this evidence and have them arrested first.

June:But…but….what state could she be in…..poor girl

She fell on the bed sobbing…Derek raised her head up and embrace her.

Derek and June went to the police station and they made their report.

Alex left the city to look for Shasha while Amanda stayed behind.

Someone informed Amanda that there’s an arrest warrant for her that she must leave the country immediately.

Shasha keep wandering around looking tired and hungry….
She begged for water and an old lady bought snacks and refreshments for her…she hasn’t eaten for days so she was eating everything all at once.

Old lady:You don’t look poor to me….young girl….are you lost?

Shasha:Hunmn(with food in her mouth)

Old lady:You will choke on your food….eat first and answer me later hun?

Shasha is okay now and she begged the old lady to allow her make a call

Old lady:Ok sure.

She dialed her sisters number


June:Oh my.. goodness Shasha….. Shasha are you there?where are you? Are you okay?

Shasha:I dont know where I am please find me…I’m so scared I think i might die….

June:No no…. Shasha I’ll be there just tell me anything around you okay?

Shasha asked from tbe old woman where they are and she informed her sister.

Shasha returned the phone back to the old woman and she thanked her.

She slept on the sacks outside the store if the old woman and she fell asleep.

Derek and June informed their parents to call for back up and they went to where Shasha described.

Alex and his gang asked from the people if they’ve seen a skinny girl on screen. They use her picture on phone.

Someone claimed to have seen her and they lied that she got lost and have been looking for her for eight days now.

A call came in on the old woman’s phone and she wake Shasha up.

Shasha:Hi..sis …
Then she saw Alex and few men running towards her direction.

She dropped the phone and ran off with the little strength she had left.

Derek parked the car where they plan to meet up and he keep on trying the number but the woman picked it telling him the girl is in danger.

Shasha finally got to another street and she could see the road not far anymore. She smiled and then she saw Derek standing by the car and June pacing up and down.


She shouted at the top of her voice to draw attention but they didn’t hear her.

She keep running and shouting their name….finally Derek heard his name and he turned back…..


A car came out of nowhere blocking her path and Alex carried her into the car.

He exchanged glances with Derek and June but he just smirked and went into the car.

Derek:What’s he up to?

Derek followed him and they started this car race.

Derek couldn’t catch up on him but the speed is too much.

Suddenly Alex veered the car in a circle and made an abrupt turn …..which almost lead to an accident and Derek’s car made a collision with his car.

June hit her head on the table top and blood trickle down from her forehead…

Derek got hurt as well but he managed to get June out of the car.

Alex brought Shasha out of the car pointing a gun to her head.

What the……how and where the fuck did he get that gun?

Derek:Don’t …..hurt her….

June:Please…don’t hurt her please…..ease I’m begging you Alex

Derek: Aren’t you tired of all these?

Alex:Aish…..fuck it I’m tired and I’m gonna end everything today

Derek:By killing that innocent girl?she’s innocent she knows nothing about our enmity ….you want me right?….okay kill me instead….come shoot at me bastard

June:Derek no..

Alex:You’re right….she’s innocent… I’ll leave her but you Derek until I kill you…..I won’t stop

Derek:Yes I guess this is my punishment for making a devil incarnate my best friend…..we could have talk this out….you know…but you chose to fight for nothing justifiable

Alex:Keep quite now!!! You June take this…tie his hands to the back

He kicked a rope over to them… June hesitated at first but then Alex threatened to shoot Shasha and June tied Derek’s hand.

Alex:Come over here…..and sit in the car…I got business with you not them

June:Please Alex….please stop this madness

Alex:Get into that car and get out of here with your sister.

Derek:June…please get out of here…

Shasha:He is a dangerous soul….he will kill you

Derek:I’m….sorry June…this is my fight…take care of yourself … just started your life live it well.

June has cried herself to state of death and Shasha took her away from the scene.

She got into the car and drove away and immediately Shasha called her mother to get help for Derek.

Alex pushed Derek Into the car and he step on the accelerator increasing the speed and going against the limit.

Alex:We can just die together…let end this.

Derek:I’m sorry….if I’ve done anything to hurt your feelings but I wasn’t aware of…..I’m sorry it feels good to die together

Alex:Shut up!!

Derek: We’re dying together anyway….we should at least have this conversation now…..what have I done to deserve this?

Alex:Yeah i should tell you anyway.
First you’re dying for Sarah…..I know you didn’t kill her but you caused her death……also for my parents…..if only the Harshells had helped that day….they wouldn’t have went on the trip to get financial support.

Derek:( tears trickle down his face)….Do you even know that Sarah had Cancer?…..she was dying…I was broken to see her in pain every single day… never noticed that yet you claimed to have loved her……ahhh you’re really foolish and useless…..I used that money to get her operated and….that was why she agreed to marry me
I never knew she was gonna die….

(He couldn’t control his tears and Alex came to his senses…. regretting his action and he lost his mental stability…..he was so lost in thought that he lost control of the steering wheel.

Derek:I won’t try to survive……I won’t save you as well…..I’m tired of this world…..let die together.

Alex mouthed “I’m sorry” silently and hot tears escaped from his eyes.

They’ve been driving in a closed lane since and they got to the dead end where they’re gonna fall.

They keep crying …. the car spin and plummet off the road and they fell into the sea.

Derek’s POV

Im sorry June…..Mrs Harshell I’m sorry…I’ve been rude to you ever since I was born…..I never respected you Father……June thanks for turning me into a better person…I my next life…I would love to be your husband again.

Wao-wao…. The police arrived at the scene and with ambulance…..they just called for help to get the car out and the victims.

June:What?will someone save him….please….. someone save my husband

Mrs Harshell:Why are you standing around doing nothing? Get my son out now.


Two stretchers was pushed inside the hospital by the nurse’s and everyone make way for them.
Mrs Davis hold unto crying Shasha,Mrs Harshell embrace June to calm her down and Mr Harshell has been pacing up and down.
The Marks are there as well.


Nurse:Sir…his pulse is dropping

Doctor:Get rid of that shirt…. hand me the defibrillator. Defibrillator 2/250 put CC on Ap.

He charged the defibrillator together and he press it on Derek’s chest but no response


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