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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 23

💄Family Bride💄

💍 Episode 23💍
🤗Semi Finale🤗

Honeymoon suite

Derek:June June June why…. Why today?( He collapsed on the couch kicking the air)

June withdraw to the bed and she sat carefully because she’s getting cramps already.

Derek:What….do you get cramps?

June:Yeah…..I think I’m dying…..I don’t have my drugs here also…. I’ll need sanitary napkin as well ….so…

Derek: so?…wait….what? Now you’re sending me to get things for you…..oh God what have I done to deserve this? Okay okay well.i guess this is my punishment for being cold to you .

June had this faint laugh on and holding her stomach

Derek:You’re laughing? What’s so funny?

June:Stop being childish okay? It’s just a matter of three days

Derek:Three days?….we have just a week to spend here you’ve ruined my schedule….

June:Uh uh…The pain is killing me…

Derek:Ok ok…. I’ll be back.

Derek went to his car and he drove down town to get her things.

On the Sea
Ship party

The Harshells,the Marks,Mrs Davis,Shasha,Alex, Amanda and few family friends and business partners are present at the party.

Shasha was so happy when her luxurious life and she has been twitting since they got there …also she got new friends because of her status.

Alex didn’t want Amanda to come along but she was so clingy like a super glue…not ordinary glue.

After the fling with Alex,she has been troubling him requesting for more…Alex warned her snd they had another misunderstanding on the ship.

Felix (that useless money squander) he invited some of his college friends over to hang out with.

Mrs Davis and the Marks were doing great as well.

Shasha got bored and she checked her time

Shasha’s POV
11:09….ahhhh(she yawn) I’ tired i should find a room to sleep ….
“She checked her phone for any message but none was seen”

Ohhhh seriously? Sister you really need to check your phone…..even if brother-in-law is treating you well…. Aish….damn it let me call her.

“She called her twice but no reply so she decided to retire for the night.


Alex sat outside feeling depressed….he’s fed up of everything he doesn’t know what’s next in his life and now he’s missing Derek but he doesn’t wanna accept that fact.
Amanda joined him with bottle of champagne.

Amanda:Why looking so depressed iron Man?

Alex:Fuck off….. I’m not in a mood to argue

Amanda:Come on….this is not our first time having a misunderstanding….I came here to apologise I’m sorry

Alex:Yeah yeah please leave

Amanda:At least have a drink with me please…..also I’ll be returning back to Korea next week

Alex:What?…Ahahah(he chuckled) what came over you?

Amanda:I’m fed up as well also I’ll leave you alone…..forever


Amanda pop up the champagne and serve two cups🥂…she sip from hers and raise it up to Alex…. Alex picked the drink and on her glass before gulping it down in a shot.

Amanda:You’re good at everything… drink so well.
….hum…since I’ll e leaving next week why don’t we…..for the last time

Alex:You’re crazy …..when did you turn to a s*x [email protected]?

Amanda:You did…..your skills turned me into it.

Alex stood up from the table leaving her on seat then he started feeling dizzy and he stumbled on another chair. soon?

Alex:Wh….what did you do to me?(In a faint tone.

Amanda: i poisoned you….its Belladonna….hunhun dangerous purple vanilla right?(she chuckled)…let me guess you’re probably feeling dizzy right now and soon you will start convulsing….and if not careful you will die

Alex:What..why did you wanna kill me?

Amanda:Ah ah ah no(she made a “no” sign with her hands) I have the antidote here with me…why will I kill you?…it’s a warning….you took my first time so from now on you must follow my orders….
After giving you the antidote now you will be safe….but it will resurface again and anytime you go against me….I won’t give you the antidote….

Alex groan painfully and he was about to start convulsing but Amanda gave him the antidote and shouldered him to a room.

Shasha keep looking for empty room but found none…..she opened the last room on the second floor and unfortunately she saw Amanda and Alex.

Shasha:Uh…uhm….sorry….. I’ll leave right away

She closed the door back and mouthed a “damn it”


Amanda:I suspect that girl


Amanda went after her and Alex as well.
Shasha noticed fast approaching footsteps behind her and she made a run for it trying to get back to the rest.

Amanda got hold of her and slapped her

Shasha:Fvck you b*tch
Shasha saw a mop beside her when she fell and she hit Amanda with it.

Amanda fell and Shasha made a run for it.

She finally got to the steps but someone carried her and covered her mouth before carrying her away
She struggles to break free but she’s not so strong.

Alex carried her to a more silent room and Amanda joined as well.

Shasha:Alex….. what do you want from me? I swear I entered the room by mistake I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys

Amanda:Not that so keep quite now

Alex:I’m sorry Shasha but you know too much.

Amanda went out to place a call and Alex search her for her phone.
He forced her to open it with Fingerprint because he threatened to cut off her fingers.

Alex went through all the files and he saw the pictures and the video recording.

Alex:I knew it…..

Amanda:(coming in) too smart for your age.

Alex:What do you wanna do with her?

Amanda:Nice question….that’s how it should be…always listen to me….uhm….for now we can’t kill her here…..we will get caught I’ve called for another ship…..we will transfer her to a safe house once everything die down…..we will kill her
Shasha became scared an their conversations and she started crying that she won’t tell anyone anything but they should not harm her.

Three men came in and they gag her mouth,tied her and knock her out.

They took her away and transferred her to another ferry.

Honeymoon suite

Derek already arrived at the house with the stuffs June need.

She took her drugs and went to the bathroom to change.
She came out few minutes later but her cramps is still there. Derek sat on the couch looking wiltered like a dead plant.

June:Seems you’re still angry

Derek:No….are you okay now?

June:A bit…

Derek:Come lie down…. I’ll rub your stomach for you

June:Where did you learn that from?

Derek:Just like down okay? I won’t bite

June lie on the bed facing up and Derek roll up her blouse rubbing her stomach all around

June:Ah ah….

Derek:Pur….what?(he scoffed)

June:It’s ticklish……but romantic.

Derek:Don’t mention anything relating to romance please I’m still recovering


Derek keep rubbing her stomach till she fell asleep and Derek went to sleep as well.

🥂Next morning 🥂
Everywhere is in chaos already because Shasha is missing and Mrs Davis has been crying with the fear that maybe she slipped and fell into the sea.

The Harshells made a call for help and divers keep searching for her in case she fell

Mrs Mark:Oh my goodness…Sarah stop crying okay she will be fine

Mrs Davis:What do you mean she will be fine? There is nowhere she could have gone all by herself on the sea…..what if she indeed fell …

Mrs Harshell:She will be okay

Alex and Amanda joined in the fake search as well.

Now it’s afternoon still no sign of her…. Mrs Davis called June and informed her about the incident.

June was so broken over the phone.Derek trued consoling her but she didn’t stop crying.

Derek left their luggages and drove back home to join the search.

Days passed still no report of her….Mrs Davis has turned to a living dead already and June has broken down big time.

The Harshells are trying their best to find her as well. They made a report on medias and newspapers company.

One day June was going through her phone looking at shasha’s pictures and sobbing. Derek went to her and embrace her…..she was about to exit her gallery when she saw a video she’s not familiar with.

She played it she sprang up showing it to Derek.

Derek:Damn it they’ve crossed their boundaries big time……Alex asked from it.

Derek and June drove out of the mansion roughly.

Somewhere unknown

Shasha opened her eyes and surveying the room,she saw no one. She has been staying there for days and not eating well….she has become skinny and pitiful.
She’s very weak but seems those that kept her there went out for something important.

Fortunately they left the door open. Shasha with her hands and legs tied,she manage to jump to a Piller and she cut off the rope by leaning on the sharp edge. She removed the web of ropes and she made a run for it.

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