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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 20

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

Episode 20

Amanda came out of the car angrily and slammed the door like it should break.

Amanda:I can’t believe you’re this weak….you couldn’t protect my sister back then when she was alive….and….and now after her death you couldn’t avenge her as well.
(She start hitting Alex with her bag)

Alex:Stop this craziness Amanda….not here

Amanda:What did you ….

Alex:The girl’s sister is here

Amanda:I don’t give a damn. You have no shame…that wasn’t our plan and now you’re organising their honeymoon after helping with the wedding.

Alex:Shut up Amanda. You know I love Sarah and I’ll always love her…I’ve tried many times to ruin the Harshells but they keep coming out of the mess what else do you expect me to do?

Amanda:Stop lying about loving my sister…..wait a minute do you think I don’t know about your feelings to that girl?I tried not to believe what I saw but you keep pushing it hard on me…you’re not fighting for sister you’re fighting for yourself

Alex:Yes you’re right(he yelled at her) I’ve fought for years I’m tired….it’s obvious your sister doesn’t want this herself….I’m fighting for myself not your sister…The Harshells killed my parent…. they refused to help me when I needed their help…. because of them…..Shit … Just leave me alone

Amanda:Cool applause for you ….. you fake ass hole….animal

Alex:We belong to the same family… Bitch

I will make sure to destroy everything that makes you happy…. I’ll kill you emotionally I’ll kill Everyone.

Amanda direct her gaze to the car,Shasha met her gaze and she quickly hid her phone.

Shasha:Oooo oh my God…that Was scary…witches are not imaginary they are made here on Earth.

Amanda stared angrily at Shasha and she went back to her car driving away.

Alex heaved a worried sigh..he wiped off the tears forming in his eyes and he joined Shasha.

Alex:uhm….. Shasha that was…

Shasha:No no you don’t need to tell me please I hate knowing about other people’s affairs

Alex:Ok..sorry for delaying you.

Shasha hid her face and he drove to the factory.

Harshell’s Mansion

June arrived early today from school and she is looking so exhausted.

She went to her room and met Derek sitting in a corner with lot of documents on the table actually he slept off.

June’s POV
What’s he doing at home so early?….I thought he was going on a trip……he look so tired.

June approached him and she arranged the scattered papers on the floor she removed a blanket from the wardrobe to cover him but then she stopped looking at him closely.
I don’t know what’s going on in her mind but she was staring at him trying to prevent her tears.

Derek noticed a shadow even though his eyes are closed…there’s still changes in the darkness

He opened his eyes only to see June holding a blanket

He didn’t bulge

June:If you’re feeling sleepy you should use the bed

Derek:Yeah…thanks I..

June didn’t allow him to finish before going to the bathroom.

Derek sigh and he went downstairs to get water.


He was about to open the fridge when someone rang the doorbell.

He went to get the door and standing outside is Alex and Shasha.

He almost lost his cool but because of shasha he maintained it.

Shasha:Hi brother in law

Derek:How are you little princess 🙂?

Shasha:Oh come on … I’m 17 I’m a big princess

Derek: sorry my lady how’re you?

Shasha:I’m good…you?

Derek:What are you doing here?(turning to Alex)

Alex:Calm it okay? I came to drop her

Alex smirk on him and left for his car.
Derek went in with Shasha.

Derek:Shasha what’re you doing with that Mr?

Shasha:Oh that man? He’s your friend right? We’re getting things for your honeymoon he’s in charge

Derek:What? Who put him in charge?

Shasha:Mrs Harshell of course….anyway where’s sister?

Derek:She’s upstairs.

Inside the room


June:Hiii wow Shasha I’ve missed you

Shasha:Awwwn same here

They embrace each other and after tight cuddling they settle to talk.

They talk for hours and she look so happy to see her sister.
After hours of chatting and discussing about what’s happening at home Shasha informed her about Alex organising the honeymoon and what happened on the way.

June:If he met with a lady what’s my own with that?

Shasha:No sister I’m not telling you to care but the misunderstanding was fierce. Check it out

She showed the pictures to June and it’s very clear it isn’t a joke.

June:But who’s this girl?I’ve seen her once with mother-in-law

Shasha:You’re right…..she was the one that helped save your wedding….she stopped the media that day

June:Oh really? Then why will Alex meet up with her? Can you transfer this to my phone now?

Shasha: Okay….also we’re going to be together for two more days so …

June:Two more days? For what?

Shasha:I mean to say we’re getting your stuffs to the location and it will take two days.

Derek called a driver to drop Shasha home since she’s ready.

June later went to the kitchen to prepare Dinner and Derek followed her.

He start playing with the spoon rack, clinking everything together.

June:What do you want?…Dinner will soon be ready

Derek:June….I…I want to tell you something

June:I’m busy now as you can see

Derek:Will you give me a chance later then?

June:I’m going to be busy

Derek:June please I’m sorry I can’t bear you being cold to me

June:Is this cold? How’s it different from the way you’ve been treating me?

Derek:Auh….June it’s not my fault….I was not okay then i was suffering from the effect of heartbreak…..After Sarah’s death….I closed my heart entirely also because of the curse I don’t wanna punish any innocent girl again

June stopped what she was doing to listen to his story.

Derek:Sarah was so beautiful and intelligent…. after Alex she’s the first girl to move my heart….and three of us were best of friends…..I fell in love with her and proposed to her….I was so happy to be getting married then even though I was young…….but….that was when I knew about the curse ….I was broken at such a young age to experience that.

June:But Sarah was Alex’s girl

Derek:Sincerely …. They never told me anything about being together why will I snatch my friend’s girl……I just heard about this last month from Alex. I was disappointed and sad …I trusted him with everything

June: Now you know who he is

Derek:June I’m sorry please….. forgive me….I’m sorry for not trusting you

June:You never cherish our relationship for trust to grow…for you I’m just a family Bride nothing else

Derek:Do you love me?please I need your answer

June:What effect will my answer have now?

Derek:We can still forget everything and start all over….please…. I ….I think I’m madly in love with you….I want to spend the rest of my days with you……be the mother of my kids….please June just a chance

He moved closer to her and he caress her neck.
His touch sends shiver down her spine and the adrenaline released in excess.
Her heartbeat increased and hot air escape from her mouth…

June:Don…..don’t touch me…PL….please(breathing heavily)

Derek was almost discouraged but the look in her eyes pronounce love mixed with fear

Derek:Are….are you scared of me now?

June remained silent but her breathing is intense.

Derek:Please answer me…….you’re scaring me with your silence.. I love you I will never hide my feelings again

Derek ignored her distance and he hold her waist to the cabinet resting his body on her…his sweet scent is another thing entirely so tempting and engrossing.

Derek caress her lips from the upper part to the lower part carved in a bow shape. With his fingers on the lower lip he plant a kiss on her making it so steamy completely locked.

June tried to stop him by putting her hands in between them thereby touching his exposed chest.
Derek care less and he hold her tighter kissing her more deeper…

June couldn’t breathe well and she bit his lips still Derek didn’t let go of her.

After 3 minutes and he’s satisfied he let go of her but his lip is bleeding.

June:Leave me alone….please( she manage to talk but more like a whisper)


June continued her work and Derek exit the kitchen.

🎚️Next Day💄

It’s afternoon and Alex went to pick shasha from school.

They reach the venue to order for home materials and suddenly Alex left to receive a call.

After waiting for minutes still no sign of Alex,Shasha decided to check on him.

He went outside to the back of the building and saw Alex and Amanda together again but this time in each other’s arms. Amanda is crying and Alex is consoling her.
She came to apologise for being rude the other time and she mentioned things about her sister.

Alex:It’s okay….. I’m sorry for reacting that way as well…..don’t worry they are still fighting like I’ve heard from sources….. Someone is working for me in that Mansion.

Amanda:Can’t we get rid of them together?this honeymoon trip is the best way to end everything

Alex:No that will only complicate things….. Derek got eyes on me so if we fail and he turned everything south.

Amanda:Let plan an accident for them….just like that bride of his…. we’re going to pay your spy in that Mansion and end it

Alex:You killed the first spy…..I don’t want to kill anyone innocent in my revenge.

(Hope you guys still remember the attempted accident on June and her friends )

Shasha who has been recording everything all these while started shaking because the shock is too much.

Suddenly Amanda saw her with phone pointed toward them. Amanda called Alex’s attention and Shasha being very scared, she made a run for it.

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