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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 19

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

Episode 19
love broke me

Before I start….you guys need to calm down okay,it’s normal for a story to have a sad part that shows the level of happiness that will end.
Don’t be too worried okay let just pray for them

Harshell’s Mansion
Derek drove into the compound,his face is all swollen and red like fire.
He didn’t greet his parents before going upstairs.

June arrived 10 minutes later walking like a living dead snd she has lost her voice due to crying for hours.

Mrs Harshell:Oh my God….June are you okay? What happened to you?

June:It’s…. it’s nothing Mother…I’m just stressed out is all

Mr Harshell:Derek is nit feeling good as well…hope everything is going well with you two?

June’s POV
I can’t handle this anymore….should I tell them? What if he get mad at me….. I’ll discuss it with him first

June: Everything is fine Father… goodnight

Mrs Harshell: have you eaten?

Just:Yeah I ate with friends.

June went to their room upstairs. She opened the door weakly and she entered closing the door back.
She look over at the couch and Derek is sleeping already.

June: I’ll tell him tomorrow then.
(She said and she went to sleep on the bed)

Derek heard her say” I’ll tell him tomorrow then”
He got scared and heartbroken
Derek’s POV
What if she file for a divorce?…..what will I do? I think I might die….no I will make sure to avoid her….I I can’t loose her like this …not to that jerk betrayal of a friend.

Rand E club.

Amanda joined Sophie where she’s drinking

Amanda:Happy birthday

Sophie:Thanks……hope I did well?

Amanda:Yes baby…in two weeks he will be yours.

Amanda picked her purse and she went home.

Next morning
Before June wake up,Derek has already left the house for work and June can’t miss lectures as well since Examination is next week.
She keep thinking in class and Derek couldn’t focus as well in the office.

🕶️🕶️🕶️CEO OFFICE🕶️🕶️🕶️🕶️
Mr Harshell: Wife….those children I think something is wrong with them

Mrs Harshell:I noticed that as well…what could be wrong ?

Mr Harshell:Or is it because they’ve not consummate their nuptials….they need privacy

Mrs Harshell:Maybe we should send them for their honeymoon….they will get to spend time together and make up on old things.

Mr Harshell:Good idea…call up Alex and tell him the plan

Mrs Harshell called Alex since they were not aware of what’s going on they informed Alex and asked him to make arrangements.

Alex’s Mansion
What ??? Darn it….. honeymoon? I can’t allow this…..I can’t allow him to touch her….I must stop this….June is mine and nobody else’s.

Harshell’s Mansion
Mr Harshell called both of them and informed them of the short trip to spend their honeymoon.

June:Father…..I have exams next week I’m afraid it won’t be possible now

Mr Harshell:Oh…oh really?

Derek:I have business trip to embark on as well so cancel it.

Mr Harshell:Okay .I guess we will have to postpone it.

Derek:I’m not interested in any honeymoon trip

Mr Harshell:Derek!!

June:(feeling hurt by his word) it’s okay Father if he doesn’t want it….its okay.

Derek left them on the spot and angrily he went to his room.
June followed suite but was stopped by Derek.

He pushed her to the wall and hit the other side angrily.

Derek:I hate you….I hate your hypocrisy you’re pretending to be naive and innocent in front of my parents right? I’ve already warned you to follow your heart and leave if you want to

June’s POV
Oh my God will someone lend me a glue to mend my heart….his words are like stakes driven into my heart….any words out if his mouth now means a lot to me and he doesn’t know he’s killing me already.

June:You should listen to me at least

Derek:I don’t wanna listen to anything okay?

June:I….I love you.

Derek’s POV
Is that for me? I wish that belongs to me but she’s a liar…. despite knowing my enmity with Alex she still spend time with him…i dont trust her anymore.

Derek shut her up and exit the room while June sat on the bed crying and Derek on the other side crying as well.

Weeks later

He’s confused and getting crazy he doesn’t know how to confess his love or converse with her.

Alex called him one day on phone.

Alex:Hi ..Derek
Derek:Don’t call my name you idiot
Alex:Look I’m sorry for whatever you’re facing right now….I just want you to give up on June….she loves me and I do….free her please

Derek:shut up!!!(he yelled on the phone)
Derek threw the phone away and since he has been drinking in the office since. He broke the phone again…the second phone if I’m not mistaken.

He left the company and went home angrily since it’s Saturday.

Harshell’s Mansion
He drove in harshly and not minding the state of the car.
He rushed upstairs and kicked the door open.
June who was sleeping sprang up only to see a possessed being staring angrily like death and reeking of alcohol.

Derek:Tell me who do you love?

June:Derek….you’re drunk..just calm down please….I’m not okay

Derek:Stop your filthy lies….i know about you and Alex….but you know what? You’re my wife….you’re mine and nobody else’s.
He went back to tbe door and he closed it putting the key on second lock.

June:Derek….don’t …I mean it I’m not feeling okay…I’m weak…already you’re killing me

Derek:I said shut up
He shouted on her and his face is red,he’s obsessed and not thinking straight.
He unbuttoned his shirt and flung it away.

June started moving back…..Derek took two steps and she took four….

June:Derek please I’m not ready for this yet….you’re drink please calm down

Derek didn’t answer her or look at her crying face.
June:I.. I’ll scream…

Derek:No one is here to save you dear family bride.

Derek grab her and she let out a shrill,she tried to free herself but Derek carried her completely and dropped her on the bed.
June saw the flower vase on the stool beside the bed and she hit him with the vase on his head.
Derek flinched and he stood up from the bed checking his head but it’s bleeding already.

Derek:All because of him?

June:Who’s him?

Derek went on top of her and he pin her hands down giving her love bites and kissing her body like crazy.

…..Minutes later….

Scattered room,broken objects and the stained flower vase and on the bed is a June laying helplessly and zero emotion….she’s looking like her soul left her…stained bedsheets with her hymen……
She tried to cry but she has lost her voice due to crying out of pain.

On the Couch is Derek sitting down and cleaning his bloody face from June’s scratch and pain.he’s back to himself
Derek’s POV

What have I done?…..I can’t believe I just forced her….I forced that innocent girl….I never wanted to hurt her…I hate hurting her I feel like dying…she refused to talk nor exchange glances with me..
She look so new as if I just activated her hidden beauty….nails so pretty….lips so enchanting….she’s ….BEAUTIFUL…I only want her to myself not to this extent.

He look at her once again feeling remorseful and he went to the bathroom
He is standing in front of the mirror. He felt a faint pain on his skin and he turned his back to the mirror….he’s bleeding….June did a job with her nails.

He freshen up and he went closer to June on the bed kneeling down in front of her.

Derek:I’m a monster……I know……but your arrival changed my life into someone good…..I was not myself earlier I would never do anything to hurt you ease I’m….I’m sorry

June:But you just hurt me( in a whisper)

Derek:June please I’m sorry…..please i do t care if you kill me …..I’m ready to get punished for my mistake but please don’t go to Alex….I know you live him but….

June:I don’t love Alex for goodness sake( she yelled angrily then she broke down again) you keep mentioning him….you never gave me the chance to talk….

Derek:I…I thought you guys….. Here see this( he showed her the picture) i received a call from him about you too

June:I’m your wife….not his….you could have challenged me…

Derek:I’m so sorry…i.lost my senses ….I wasn’t thinking straight

June:You and Sophie had a thing….I never complained about it….I believe you were not married then but then you continued after marrying me…..I’ve caught you two together twice….how do you think It must have felt like?uh? Answer me

Derek:I’m sorry….(In a low tone)

June:Get out of here please….I don’t wanna see your face.

Derek exit the room teary eyed and June started crying again.

Three minutes later….she went to the bathroom to clean herself. She packed tbe stained bedsheets into the washing machine….the image keep flashing on her head the more she sight tbe blood. She sat under the shower in her towel and she continued crying.

The Harshells returned back from work and met Derek sleeping on the couch downstairs.
Meanwhile June has prepared dinner for them she saw Derek while cooking but she now despise him though there’s still feeling of love and a part that wanna forgive him.

Though she look pale,she kept the incident from her in laws.
She served the food and they eat , Derek could not stop looking at her snd regretting his action.

1(One month later)
The Davis household

Shasha: Mom I’m going to the Harshell’s company finally I’ll see sis ….I’ve missed her

Mrs Davis:Good for you….were you invited?

Shasha:Yes of course….she called me just now that sister will be going on her honeymoon soon that I should help her pick out some stuffs.

Mrs Davis:Oh really?

Shasha:Yes…the driver is here already I guess

The driver showed her the new card of the Harshell and they drove out of the compound.

…… Harshell’s company…….

Shasha was escorted inside and Mrs Harshell welcomed her.
Mrs Harshell: Thanks princess….I’m very busy right now so Alex will go with you.

Shasha:Okay ma’am.

Alex soon arrived and they went to the factory to get few things directly.

Amanda crossed their way by swerving her car right in front of Alex’s car.

Alex went to her immediately without raising suspicion.

Shasha’s POV
I’m..uh…I Know that girl …the girl that saved sister’s wedding…but what are they doing together?….
Seems like a misunderstanding is going on.

She brought out her cell phone and she started taking pictures.

Shasha:Maybe this will Win chocolates from sisters.

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