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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 18

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

Episode 18

Days passed by and Derek is still avoiding conversation with June.
They still share the same room but Derek has started sleeping on the couch.
Fortunately the Harshells company is back to normal and they meet up with the market rate within a short period of time.

Sophie helped a lot and this caused Derek to start treating her well but he made it known to her that she shouldn’t expect anything from him.

Kyle heard about the incident from Faye though he knows nothing about the family curse nor about Sarah because his friendship with the two friends is just 6 years.
He made a visit to Alex’s house not believing he could betray his long time friend.

Kyle:I’m highly disappointed in you dude…..darn it you have no right to tell June….she’s not your family also……….hold on hope it’s not what I’m thinking?

Alex:That’s right I’ve fallen in love with her…..she’s the first girl to move my heart after Sarah…..and I think it’s worth it

Kyle punched him hard and blood dripping down from his mouth

Kyle:You’re in love with your friends wife? Alex are you damn crazy?you just wanna use her for revenge don’t you? You clearly mentioned something about killing her

Alex:…..uhh(he sigh heavily) I said that to annoy Derek I can’t kill her….I don’t wanna hurt her i have business with Derek not June

Kyle:Do you know why I’m still here after finding out the truth?
You guys have been together before I met you and your problem is that you’re both full of ego….you couldn’t express yourself sincerely believing you can handle things on your own.

Alex:No you’re wrong. No matter how cool you are with Derek he will always remain a jerk….I want nothing from him just for him to feel sorry I want him to admit his mistake for once and feel pathetic in front of me

Kyle:What kind of friend wants his friend to look miserable and pathetic…..I pray you regain your senses before it’s too late.

Alex:You don’t understand

Kyle:Why can’t you call him and explain everything? Why?….the worst thing in life is not to part with your loved ones but the fact that they don’t owe you an explanation….I’m out of here

Kyle went to the club to join Derek Since he’s going there after work these days.

R….and …E
Kyle entered the club and saw Derek conversing with a girl and so intimate at that


Derek:Heyyyy hi …Sup?

Kyle:I’m cool….and you can leave now pretty( referring to the girl)

Derek:Why she’s great
The girl carried her bag and she went to another section.

Kyle:You need to stop this

Derek:Stop what?(he smirk)…I’m not depressed…I’m not drinking also I’m not smoking so what do you want me to stop?

Kyle:You know what I’m talking about Derek….You and June…you’re not cool with each other recently

Derek:When have we ever been cool with each other?

Kyle:I know that girl loves you….and you do….

Derek:Trash….I’m the one living with her not you…her heart belongs to someone else , I can’t force what’s not mine okay

Kyle:Have you ever sit with her for 5 minutes? Despite staying together have you ever stare into her face until you fall asleep?

Derek:Guess Faye is really trying in making you human

Kyle:I’m traveling tomorrow. My parents wants me back home for an important message but they won’t say it on phone

Derek:phewww you go…safe journey are you gonna introduce Faye ?

Kyle:She’s got exam next week and I’ll be staying for a month.

Derek:Nice….now I’ll be left to myself

Sophie joined them putting down a tray

Sophie:I’m always with you darling

Kyle: Darling my foot…we don’t even know if you’re the owner or a waiter. Bye Derek

Kyle left them alone

Sophie: Aren’t you going home tonight? It’s past 11 already

Derek:Really? I’ve even forgotten I’m in a club….ok bye see you tomorrow

Sophie:You’re coming tomorrow as well?

Derek:Yeah….sorry that’s the only way I can repay you…by being nice to you I have nothing to offer

Sophie:I just want your heart please
(She’s teary eyed already)

Derek:Don’t tell me you’re crying

Sophie:No….(she tried to stop it)… tomorrow is my birthday…can you please grant me a wish?

Derek:Uh….ok sure what is it?

Sophie:I’ll tell you tomorrow itself, promise me you will grant it no matter what it is.

Derek:I promise as long as it’s not sex or filing for a divorce with my wife

Sophie: I’ll think about it

Derek:confused being….bye goodnight.

Harshell’s Mansion

Mr and Mrs Harshell has went to sleep already but June is still awake waiting and looking out for Derek.
She keep pacing up and down and checking the window at interval
Faye’s call appeared on her phone and she swipe to the green color to receive.

Faye:Hi June….you’re not sleeping is he not back yet?

June:Yes Faye…he’s…..I think I’ve hurt him badly he’s now careful around me like I need to be avoided… He doesn’t pick on me or….( She’s breaking already )

Faye:Shhhh it’s okay don’t cry please it’s gonna be okay. You’re staying together in a room right?and you’re a wife so there must be a way to get him back

June:That is only possible if I see him all the time. Before I wake up he would have gone already and he do come in late like this everyday.

Faye:Just do something… anything that delay him from going out early then you should confront him and let him Know how much you love him

June:I’m….I’m too scared to even look up at his face.

Faye:You’ve got to try girl you’ve got to muster up some courage.

June:Unnnnn okay(she said silently)

Faye:Bye I need to sleep now so as to wake up early to meet with Kyle,he’s traveling tomorrow morning.

June:Oh ok….sleep tight

Faye hung up and June collapsed on the bed holding her phone to her chest when she heard sound of car coming into the compound.
She sprang up to welcome him but then she got scared again” what if he ignore me again….at least I can see his face before going to sleep.

She removed her nightie top and she pretend to be asleep.
Derek opened the door and he glance at the bed to check on June…but seems she’s sleeping already.
He his clothes and went to the bathroom to freshen up.
He came out few minutes later in his loose pant and slippery shirt.
He carried a pillow and another blanket from the bed,he dropped it on the couch and he switched off the light.

He lay his back and covered himself but then Kyle’s word came ringing in his ears again”Have you ever stare into her eyes while falling asleep?”
He smiled at this and mouthed a “I wish”
He turn back to face June who’s on the bed facing the other side.
He continued staring at her till he fell asleep.

Next morning

The morning sun penetrated through the curtains causing the sleeping beauty to flinch as the ray of light interfered with her dream.
The first person that came to her mind is Derek
June’s POV
He’s gone to work already….and I really wish to see his face this morning

She turned to the back lazily and she opened her eyes fully. And to her greatest surprise she saw Derek sleeping innocently on the couch,his blanket has slipped off his body thus revealing his muscles through the softs slippery shirt.

She was surprised…. she got out of bed steadily silently according to her steps
She knelt in front of him admiring his cold but cute face, thick eyebrows and short scanty eyelashes resting on his smooth skin so weird of different entirely but all these parts make him more handsome.

June touched his eyebrows and traced it to the end then she went to the lip area ,she was so lost in this not knowing Derek is awake already and he has been staring at her. She smiled and she was about to touch his eyebrows again when she saw his eyes fully awake and staring at her.
She froze and her eyes rotating at a spot trying to escape his gaze.

Derek:Are you done?

June: Uh?(she started hiccuping)

Derek:Good morning
Derek removed the blanket completely and he went to the bathroom to have his bath.

June checked the time and she’s late for lectures as well

June:Oh no….he’s gonna take long….what to do now.

She took off her clothes and wrapped herself in a towel with the believe that he will soon be through

Derek then opened the door slightly and called her
Derek:Can you pass me the shampoo? I got a new one already

June:Uh..oh..where is it?

Derek:Check the drawer

June checked the drawer but couldn’t find it

June:uhm….I don’t think it’s here

Derek: Seriously?
Derek came out of the bathroom naked and he went to the drawer pushing June aside.
The image of him being naked almost rendered June blind and she could not breathe. She covered her eyes with her palm but then Derek touched her to push her away from the drawer.

June’s POV
What is his hand so hot or am I the one feeling hot…June don’t imagine it….stop it stop it.

Derek:Oh here it is
He faced june swaying the shampoo but June is still closing her eyes.

Derek: Remember what I told you?…you will see more of it often…’re late aren’t you? You can use the bathtub it’s for you anyway

June:Uh..what? But…

Derek:I know you’re reserving everything for your lover but you’re gonna be late if you don’t get in that bathroom now

Derek went back into the bathroom and June followed.
She removed her towel and sank into the bathtub.

June:Are you….. trying to say we might not be together for long?

Derek:It’s up to you…….I can’t force you to love me

June:No but I….I…..( Her heart started beating fast and dirty thoughts keep flashing through her brain)
What if I tell him here and…….oh no…I’m not ready yet.

Derek is through already and he picked his towel leaving the bathroom.

Before June finished dressing up Derek has left for work already and another driver took her to school.

June’s driver left immediately after dropping her
she turned around feeling down and Alex blocked her way.

June:What do you want?

Alex:Look…June I’m sorry….I’m….I know I’m wrong please forgive me

June:You should say that to Derek not me okay…I’m late for class

Alex:Please just once give me a chance to explain….as your friend i deserve that much right?

June:All friends deserve that but not you.
June passed h by but Alex held her hand holding her back
(Someone took their picture)

June:What kind of insurbodination is this Alex? Let go of me

He went on his knees and start this fake tears

June:This doesn’t befit you Alex you’re embarrassing me everyone is watching

Alex:I don’t care please just give me a chance to explain

June:Only if you promise to make up with Derek

Alex:I promise.

June:Then you have to wait I have class.

3 hours later
June came out of the building with her friends,she saw Alex still waiting but she ignored him and she went out with her friends to hang around.

Alex keep tailing them wherever they went and it’s night time now…time to go home.
June’s driver arrived to pick her up but then Alex showed up with a sad face.

Being emotional and naive,she asked the driver to go home that she needed to do something.

Alex:Thanks for giving me a chance …

June:Then start talking

Alex made up stories for her and that he’s ready to meet up with Derek. He also cried about Sarah’s death. Looking so hurtful,June consoled him by giving him a hug.

R and E club

Derek arrived at the club and of course the mood tonight is very different because it’s Sophie’s birthday.
Sophie was so happy to see him and she requested for a dance.
Derek danced with her and it was marvelous as everybody couldn’t stop clapping and roaring.
Derek is in a good mood tonight and he did everything sincerely.

Sophie:It’s good to be happy…i miss the bad boy in you.

Derek:Ahahah(he chuckles) Yeah I miss the bad me as well but I shouldn’t do that anymore…

Sophie:What to do….I need that side of you tonight….my wish

Derek:What is it?

Sophie’s POV
Even if I can’t have you.nobody will have you as well…so little but powerful is my plan…I’m sorry Derek.

Sophie:I want a kiss from you….that’s my wish..since I can’t have you….please leave me with a memory of you

Derek:Sophie …it will only complicate things

Sophie:I know you’ve changed….you will do anything to make someone happy..that’s what your wife turned you to….so please I promise not to meddle in your love life again.

Derek disengaged her hands hanged around his neck.
Sophie:Please don’t leave….you’ve promised to Grant my wish….

Derek didn’t answer her and he turned to leave when Sophie hold on to his clothes

Derek pitied her and he could see love in her eyes…. considering all her help and years of waiting for him..he caress her face and he kissed her passionately.

People start cheering and clapping
Amanda appeared from the crowd smiling wickedly.

Amanda:This is just the beginning.

Somewhere in Canada

Alex and June were sitting on the terrace near a lake and discussing more on the issue on ground when June’s phone ding alarming her of a message.
She dropped her soda water and she checked her message.
The number is unknown and she click on open.
Some pictures displayed on the screen and she almost lost her balance
It’s the pictures of Derek kissing Amanda and when they were dancing.

Alex:Hey what’s wrong?

June:Uhm…it’s nothing it’s nothing…bye see you later

Alex:Let me drop you home.

June:No thanks

June hurriedly left the scene and Alex received a call from Amanda

Amanda:Never thought Sophie would agree but it worked anyway

Alex:Good job

Amanda:….uhm…after this…can we both return to Korea and…..


Amanda:To start a new life together…both of…

Alex:Amanda…’re like a sister to me okay? The plan is to separate them..after that I’ll enroll you into college

Amanda:What about you?you will be lonely..I just don’t want you to be lonely.. nothing more

Alex:Don’t worry about me.

Derek left the club without talking to Sophie,he’s now regretting his action because his mind was not at rest.
June’s thought kept him occupied throughout the kiss with Sophie.

He rest his back against his car and loosened his tie
Derek’s POV
Why can’t I get her out of my mind? Love is so dangerous….. everybody should avoid it…I thought being a bad boy is stronger than love but now it has melted my cold heart…ever since Sarah’s death…
June…..I’m sorry….once I get home tonight I must confess everything to her and tell her how much I love her.

He opened the door of the car and then his phone start ringing. The number is strange but he picked it.
Amanda:Hello our dear groom….or murderer which one should I call you?

(He checked the number again)
Derek:Who is this?

Amanda:Your death…your downfall. Anyway check this message out I’ll send it now.

Amanda disconnect the call and an MMS was delivered.
It’s a picture of Alex holding June and another scene where June was consoling Alex.

He got angry and threw the phone into the swimming pool.

Derek:Darn it….
( He entered his car and rest on the steering wheel)
Derek:It’s my fault for letting you break down my walls.

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