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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 17

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

Episode 17

Alex punched Derek in return and he stumbled back trying to regain his strength.

Alex:I never wanted this between us….

Derek:I don’t want to hear your fake sincerity….you’re a betrayer….you betrayed my friendship…and what? I’ve never treated you like a friend? You have no right to tell her those things you jerk( he yelled at him)

Alex:And do you think you have the right to hold her?….for how long do you think you’ll hide it from her and her family?….poor girl I’m sure she’s in her house already

Derek:What wrong have i done to you to deserve this betrayal?….tell me

Alex: Because you killed her….


Alex:Sarah….my girlfriend before you forced her into marriage

Derek:Wait…what!?….your girlfriend?….you never told me you guys were dating and she didn’t tell me anything as well…how was I supposed to know then?

Alex:You knew but you just overlooked it….we made it obvious

Derek:If….if I knew you guys had a thing…do you think I will do anything to hurt my best friend? Now you’ve shown me who you truly are …. you’ve always put me in a different world entirely….your friendship is fake…you’re a snake under the grass…a wolf in sheep clothings…I trusted you
(He was so hurt that hot tears trickled down his cheeks)

Derek:I… Was lonely…and you that. You found me that day in the restroom crying alone because my family had no time for me….you recognized my hardship and loneliness….guess you’ve changed because of a misunderstanding….I didn’t forced her..I…I sincerely didn’t forced her…she agreed on her own …you knew about the family curse yet you said I killed her…

Alex:If you hadn’t marry her…if you had just leave her alone back then…. she would be alive today……I’m not saying you killed her….but you caused her death.

Derek:I’m not crying today because of a dead girl..or my wife that left me already….I’m crying because what I thought belonged to me was never mine… only strength and Piller… nothing but sand……you’re fake.

He sniffs in and he loosened two buttons

Alex:When we needed your help then….for my father’s surgery….you didn’t help……I hated your family for that ……. I’m not doing this for Sarah …I’m ruining your family for what you did 10 years ago…and then you killed my girlfriend again….so what else can I do to calm myself…I’ve been burning inside for years and I finally found a way…. Your wife….June she’s pretty interesting and I planned to use her
I was surprised she didn’t die

That got me angry the more
Why didn’t she die?

Why did my Sarah have to die?why why why??????(he scream out like a crazy person)

Derek:She’s marked…..Father went somewhere and we were told to look for her….she helped broke the family curse.
We never intended to use her or risk her life…but now it’s okay….from now on…I don’t want to see your face ever again

You can continue with whatever plan you have to ruin me…you’ve sent her away anyway

Alex: I’ll do everything step by step
Sarah died….so she must die. You killed my Father ….. I’ll ruin you

Derek:Bite me once…..shame on you but bite me twice….shame on me
I’ll never repeat the same mistake…of trusting you and loving you dearly and sincerely

Derek clean his bleeding nose and he left the mansion meanwhile June was there the entire time listening to every bitter truth she was standing behind the big flower work that filled the sitting room.

June step out slowly with her legs trembling and feeling remorseful

Alex was surprised to see her

Alex:June…..are you okay? Where….

Before he could finish his statement,June land him a thunderous slap across his face

June:so this is you….when you can hold grudges against your childhood friend for ten years…..when you can betray his trust…..when you can deceive him so Well….so who am I to be so important to you….your friendship with me is fake as well

Alex:June….it’s it’s not like that

June:Shut up!!!!!(she cut him off sharply) I heard Everything already….just because of a girl……and your father….. after hearing your story I felt bad for you at first but now that I’ve seen your true face..the truth is clear to me.
….you know very well that he was craving for love…he was lonely….you found him and then you abandoned him again…….he has always loved you …you just didn’t see it because of the way you’ve pictured him in your heart

Alex:Oh…wow…look at someone lecturing me about what friendship is…… What about your life? They tried to kill you..they risked your life still you’re not bothered

June:You’re not in any position to judge anyone in my family…’s my fault for letting you break down my walls. Now i can see clearly
You can still by killing me now…try it and you will see the power of a determined married woman…..I WILL PROTECT MY FAMILY FROM YOU….I might not not be powerful but you dare not touch my husband.

June left the mansion as well and she went to her home. The Mark’s household

She went inside bowing her head and feeling exhausted.
Shasha saw her and she embrace her without saying anything

June:Hey silly girl….i guess you’re sad as well

Shasha:Let go upstairs….okay?

June nodded in affirmation and to her surprise she saw that the Harshells are in her home already.
Mrs Davis looked sad and confused like she is having trouble making a decision and the Marks look troubled as well.

Mrs Harshell called June’s name as if feeling guilty and out of tone….June went upstairs when she couldn’t control her tears anymore.

Shasha:It’s okay sis….cry…let everything out….we know everything already and Mom has made a fuss before you arrived.

June hugged her pillow and tears escaped from her eyes

June:I’m very sad shasha…I’m feeling guilty already…I…I never gave them chance to explain….I left them alone during their bad moment…also I never supported Derek….he’s lonely but all I could see was his proud and egoistic attitude. I’m confused………if I follow them home now…….. I’ll keep remembering the fact that four innocent souls died before I broke the curse.

Shasha:Sister …..follow your heart okay?

June:But when my heart is broken into pieces which one do I follow? ( Still sobbing)

She wiped her tears with the bedspread and she dropped the pillow

June: I’ll try… Shasha….I will try.

She went downstairs and met Mrs Harshell’s regretful face and it’s swelled up due to crying
She whispered a sorry to June and June embrace her…
“I’m sorry mother”

Mrs Harshell:No dear…. I’m….no we’re sorry

Mr Harshell: Daughter please follow us to our pathetic house and light it up again…. please

Mrs Davis:It’s okay Dear….go with them please

June:mmm… Mum.
Mrs Davis pull her in for a hug and she cried on her chest.

June went back home and she went upstairs only to see Derek sleeping. She sigh and she get on the bed as well.

Derek noticed her arrival..he is happy but he’s still feeling guilty for what his family had done to her. He smile and then he closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.

Next morning Derek is up already and he’s getting dressed for an appointment.
June woke up with the sound of him opening the drawers.
She saw him trying to knot a tie she went to him and collected the tie.

June:Let me

Derek:(he didn’t talk )

June:About yesterday..

Derek:You don’t need to say anything…I know we’ve wronged you…I’m sorry for treating you badly all these while…..from now on it will stop

I will never bully you or trouble you….you can continue living as the family bride….I will know my place and stop ………anyway I will mind my business.
Derek’s POV
I have no right to love you anymore… least this will pay for risking your life

June’s POV
I hope I’ve not lost him forever……I think I’m in love with him again…..but now he’s drifted so far away from me.

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