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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 16

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

Episode 16

June’s POV
Sarah young?I think I’ve heard that name before…….I remember saying the name’s strange but where exactly?…
Only one of his late wives attended the same school with him.

Then someone start pressing the bell to inform the occupant that there’s an emergency.

Girl:Can you please hurry up? My bladder might explode any time now

June: oh…oh sorry I’ll be out in a bit.
She packed everything together in her bag and she exit the restroom.

Rachel:Who wanna hang out?

June:Not again…I’m going home sorry dear

Rachel:Of course I totally understand your situation….you’re newly married anyway so I perfectly understand.

June:What are you mumbling now? Stop it as if I’m doing anything special with him.

A call displayed on her phone and she picked it.

Alex:It’s too sunny …can I take you home?

June:Home?where are you?

Alex:I can be anywhere…just make a wish….

June smiled and tried searching for him instead….and she could see his car parked under a tree not far from where she is.

June:You’re caught….I can see you

Alex:Woah….so smart I guess.

June:Very funny what’s up with being smart
She dropped the call and Alex start approaching her

Faye:I think this Alex of a guy is spending much time with you which is not right

June:Not right? I didn’t see anything bad happening though

Helen:I support Faye …even if you’re friends the closeness is too much okay?

Rachel:So bye I guess

June:Ok….bye I’ll call you guys…. a group call

Helen:Sounds fun.

Alex honk at her and her friends waved bye to Alex without greeting him too much.
Alex opened the car for June and she smiled before entering.

Harshell’s company

Secretary:Sir it’s time for your lunch

Derek:Really? So soon for a break
He said still working on the computer and adjusting his glass…..the rest of his conversation with his secretary didn’t even enter his ears.
Derek:You know what….you can leave I still have something to do here.

Secretary:Ok sir.

The secretary exit his office and met Mrs Harshell on the way.

Mrs Harshell:Is he not going for break?

Secretary: He’s been working so hard since morning….now he won’t eat.

Mrs Harshell:The ongoing project is very crucial I must admit..who knows he’s got this side of him.

Mrs Harshell decided to talk to him to eat

Derek:Okay mom…you win
He checked his phone

Mrs Harshell:Are you expecting something from someone?

Derek:’Uh…uh.. no….June is probably through with her lectures by now

Mrs Harshell:uhm…yes sure….Ohhhh get it you’re worried about her

Derek:No that’s not it…just saying

Mrs Harshell:If you miss her so much you can go and get her from school

Derek:No that will be waste of time ,what if I loose an important message while playing around

Mrs Harshell: Getting your wife is playing for you?

Derek:Or…..should I go?

Mrs Harshell: Tsk tsk you’re messed up.

So now
Derek parked his car smiling to himself when his face drifted to someone that looks like June.
Derek’s POV
No it’s definitely her….what are they up to lately? They aren’t hiding it anymore I guess….fvck….. that’s why I keep stopping you from thinking about that girl Derek

He started his car and made an angry reverse before driving away with full speed.
He went back to the company.

The Harshells arrived home from work and June being the only one at home with the workers and feeling bored,she ran downstairs to welcome them.
Mrs Harshell kissed her on the forehead before going to her room

June:Mother…dinner is ready ….I cooked it myself

Mr Harshell:Wow oh really?

June:Yes Father

Mrs Harshell:So sweet of you daughter-in-law…we will be there in 5 min

She smile broadly and she welcomed Derek by collecting his suitcase and jacket.

Their Room
June waited till Derek off his clothes and she packed them into the laundry basket. Derek saw her working so hard to look like a wife and he smiled to himself

June: what’s funny?

Derek:So I can’t smile again?

June:No just…..

Derek:I’m amused by your attitude today ..I guess your newfound friend is teaching you how to be a good wife

June:Newly found friend?who?

Derek:my friend who turned to your black Knight out of the blue…I’m suspecting you two

June:Don’t be silly we’re friends and nothing more…..and why do you care anyway? You’re the only one that can hurt someone and get a side bitch?

Derek:Side what? What’re you talking about?

June: Never mind…just come downstairs for dinner

Derek:Hey look girl….does this marriage look like a contract to you?… That you’re talking about Caring or no caring….you’re my wife of course you must make sure all your actions portray that.

June:What happened between you and Sophie?

Derek:Do you think you’re my first girl or what? obviously she’s my ex Chick…not even a girlfriend

June:I think I’ve got it all wrong about you….at first indeed I hated you for your bad attitude but sometimes I do see another sweet side of you that wants to be loved….that want to be responsible but all that went the drain yesterday after seeing you with that girl doing shit

Derek:What?so you saw us….did you watched it to the end because it’s not what you think

June:What’s there to watch after knowing well about you both

Derek:Is that why you’re directing your feelings to Alex

June:Stop ……stop saying that nonsense please
She left him on the spot and later he went to the dinning as well.

After having that conversation,Derek and June have not been talking to each other.
June continued her search while Derek continued his work.
But one day they received call that the contract has been awarded to their company it’s a very big one that requires lots of money.

Derek:Do you think it’s worth risking?

Mr Harshell:Go for it son…it’s your first successful project

Mrs Harshell:But still it’s dangerous using the company’s money to start it.

Mr Harshell:Let try it okay?

He later made a call to someone
“We’re ready for the proposal”

Alex’s Mansion
Jeremy went visiting and he decided to share the good news as well.

Alex:why are you here?

Jeremy:They’re in big trouble Alex…..The Harshells is going down

Alex:What do you mean by that?

Jeremy:thanks to the information you shared that day now they’re falling into my trap not only will they loose the money……but the proposal will be mine as well

Alex:How I don’t get a bit out of your unknown victory you’re celebrating.

Jeremy:Just two weeks… will see everything in two weeks


Alex made an evil smirk and he sip his drink
“Maybe that will send her to me”

It’s been days and these two are still not talking to each other and Alex is now very close to June.

A week later things started falling apart,the proposal was cancelled and the project was withdrawn. All the company’s capital disappeared as the other company claim that it was a scam and that they knew nothing about the project all along.

It shook the company so much that their rate of supply started decreasing and financial status became low.
As bad as it is… investors started withdrawing their membership fromthe company.

Derek was so much broken…’s his first project for the company only for it to cause the company going bankrupt.

Early in the morning before the family wants up….Derek would have left the house looking for solution at anywhere possible

He was broken emotionally and physically but no one to tell him sweet words or encourage him. Mr and Mrs Harshell were busy with the company coming back on it’s feet and June is busy with her education as well.

…. Distance doesn’t separate people… silence does…..
Derek is so broken and he’s craving for love also he do see Alex and June together still so he became heartless and gave upon June.

Derek’s POV.
Alright…you can be the family bride I don’t need a lover anyway.

Derek had no choice than to ask for help from Sophie and indeed she helped putting her club’s safety in danger as well.
Though they are not on good terms but little affection sprang out of the hatred.

One day Alex took June out that he’s celebrating something today.
They went in Alex’s car and they arrived at a church

June:Church?…..what’re you celebrating in a church?

Alex:I can’t tell you this yet…but we’re here to see the most important person in my life……apart from my mother

June:who could be so dear to our Alex apart from his mother I’m so curious.

Alex:Hun( he smile)…I’ve been so lonely all my life…but she came and brightened it up…..I have something to tell you about your family…the Harshell’s

June:Why did you become so serious?

Alex:You we’re almost killed by them….I now it’s weird and difficult to believe but I still gotta tell you.
Alex started off when he was a kid and friends with Derek do treat him because he’s more richer than him. How cruel he had been to him and how lonely he was then. He mentioned Sarah to her and explained about how she died also about the previous brides as well.

June started feeling dizzy and her head began turning as well…her stomach is mixed up and she’s perplexed

June:I….I don’t believe you….you’re lying right?
Why do you think…. I’ll believe words of a stranger over my family

Alex:I’m just saying this because I don’t wanna keep you in the dark any longer.
Alex is teary eyed already and he dropped a bouquet of flowers on Sarah’s grave before he wipe his tears off with his hand.
June fell on her knees and she was looking at the inscription on the grave”Sarah Young.(SY)” rest in peace. 1990-2015
She keep getting a feeling that she had seen that initial before…she tried to remember and she was successful in recollecting it.

June:No no….it can’t be true….what if you’re right about him..he’s got her name as tattoo on his shoulder….it’s tiny but I’m sure it’s Sarah.Y

June rushed home and she saw the Harshell’s smiling happily since they’ve found a way to restore the company.

Mrs Harshell:Welcome my dear how was your day?come and listen to this

June’s face has swelled up due to crying trying to convince herself it’s not true..that the Harshells family would never risk her life for a curse. She’s her mother and sister’s only hope

June:Why did you do it?

Mrs Harshell:what are you talking about?

June:I am the only hope for my family for goodness sake

Mr Harshell:Child what?…

June:Don’t call me child..(she scream out and Derek went to her)

Derek:I’m always prepared for this day..I know sooner or later she will find out……I told you right?

Mrs Harshell:Derek….don’t …please

Derek:Yes you’re right June……there’s a family curse which kills bride every night

June:So you guys are murderers…..despite knowing they will keep marrying…..what if I had died?….oh God I survived

Mrs Harshell:My dear we’re sorry… we’re deeply sorry come and sit I’ll explain everything to you….please just a chance to explain

June:You’ve said it all..that it’s true……I don’t think I can stay with you guys anymore

Mrs Harshell:What?….but…

Mr Harshell: daughter-in-law….it’s not up to that

June:Don’t touch me….leave me alone …..I’m very disappointed in you Mrs Harshell….you killed innocent souls.

June didn’t pick anything and she left the house angrily

Alex’s Mansion

He was sitting beside the pool when he received a call from Amanda

Alex:Girl you need to rest I can’t allow you to die on me

Amanda:At least you cared….anyway I’m coming back to Canada next week

Alex:Stop being childish

Amanda:Being childish is the best feeling because they won’t suspect you. It’s time to finish it once and for all.

Suddenly Alex’s door went opened broadly and Derek came in angrily.

Alex ended his conversation with Amanda and before he could say hi to Derek.
Derek punched him hard that blood was shown already
He pushed her to the wall and punched the wall the more he’s seeing his betraying face

Derek:How could you?… told her about Sarah….

Alex:Do you think I’ve forgotten everything?you killed her it’s all because of you

Derek:Jerk…..what a devil in disguise you are…..I thought..I thought we’re friends (he said tearfully)

Alex: We were…. but you’ve never treated me like a friend

Derek:I’m highly dissappointed in you
Derk punched his face angrily..
Alex:Don’t provoke me …

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