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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 15

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

Episode 15

Alex made sure June was at his front before he followed as well.

They soon got to the club and everyone we’re already sitted and sipping their drink

Helen:Where did you guys went to?

June:Oh uhm..I was feeling stuffy and we decided to take a stroll

Derek:If you’re feeling stuffy why is he the one to accompany you?

Kyle:Uh….yo man cool down let find something interesting to do

Sophie:( She dropped a champagne and glass containing ice cubes on the table) This is on me for tonight

Alex:Wow…. strawberry champagne on ice

Kyle:This is cool thanks Sophie

Sophie holla at the bartender to bring 7 cups and he soon arrived with it.

Sophie pop up the champagne and it came overflowing as she pour it into each cup.

Derek was the first to gulp a whole glass to half”what are we celebrating tonight? It’s rare for a witch giveaway.

Sophie:I noticed it’s kinda boring so I want us to play game

Helen:Truth and dare? It’s too Common nothing else than that whenever you see a gathering

Sophie:Shhhh baby….. common but powerful it’s evergreen babe it’s evergreen


Sophie:So who’s in?

June:I’m sorry I’m not interested

Derek:Hey…this is for everyone here being different at this moment is not cool

June:I said I’m not…

Alex: Participate and I’ll give you the year book for free( he whispered to her)

Nobody knows what he said to her but they were surprised she later agreed.

Rachel:What will be the punishment if a dare or truth is evaded?

Sophie: We’re all Rich so betting money won’t be fun…. Yeah drink a glass of Skyy

Alex:Woah…that’s too powerful

Sophie:It’s more fun Alex.

Kyle:Ok let start

June:Oh no I don’t drink

Faye:Then try to remain truthful you can do this okay?

June nod her head still feeling nervous

Sophie:Ok it goes this way…. I’ll start and you should catch up. June

June:Uh uh…

Alex’s POV
hope this ends well she’s up to no good

Sophie:Relax darling…. Truth or Dare

June’s POV
Why do I keep getting bad feeling about her….she doesn’t look friendly…also…..fuck she’s the one romancing with Derek earlier…you’re doing this on purpose right? With Derek.


Sophie:Are you a virgin

All:Oh my
This question shocked Everyone…no one was expecting that….it will be a shame if she reply yes because it’s very embarrassing for ones husband not to consummate the wedding night

June:( it’s the truth anyway) Yes ..

Sophie:What?… guys didn’t?…wow seems it’s an arranged marriage I thought what belonged to me has been stolen forever

Alex’s POV
I’m not happy with Sophie embarrassing her but glad they’ve not done anything skin-ship
It will be easier for me

Derek:Can you just fuck off and the next person should speak.

Sophie:I’m okay with whatever you say from now on….she’s the next anyway

June:Sophie Truth or Dare?

Sophie:Truth… nothing but pure truth

June(“I can as well get information out of you) ok…When last did you have s*x

All:Wooooooo( a mockery remark)

Sophie:( she smirk at her and changed her leg resting on each other) that will be last year…..all thanks to Derek

June’s POV
Wow so it’s even up to that…why am I sad anyway? No don’t….don’t come out please this tears.

Faye:Sophie nobody asked for the details okay?

Sophie:Just being truthful till the end

Alex:So I’m next right?
Kyle Truth or Dare?


Alex:…what’s your relationship with Faye?

Kyle:This wonderful lady sitting beside me….in short…she’s my heartbeat.


Faye:Thanks so sweet

Kyle:I love you baby

Alex:Nice …your turn

Kyle:Uhm…yeah Rachel Truth or Dare?

Rachel:(surprised) Truth

Kyle:It’s not fun nobody is brave here…anyway how long have you guys been together? The four of you?

Rachel: I’ll always be very happy to answer that all the time…. This is our fifth year of friendship

Helen:Yeah I still remember that day at college

Faye: Or when I met her at the airport arriving from Korea….. June looked so sweet and innocent

June:silly girl so I’m not sweet and innocent anymore?

Faye:Just joking you’re sweet as ever

Rachel:Hmmmm now Alex

Alex:I? But it’s not my turn yet?

Rachel:Can’t I ask like that?

Sophie:The chain will become messed up.

Helen: Everything is messed up already with your presence ( she mouthed it facing down)

Rachel:Ok Helen I guess
Truth or Dare?


Rachel: Awesome….I dare you to kiss the first person that enters the club

Helen:What? What if it’s a girl?

Rachel:Your fate

Sophie:Then we will have to wait for some time

Derek:I don’t think so ….I can sight an incoming….right there

Helen and everybody else turn their gaze to the entrance and it was a boy in his twenties he’s muscular and his veins could be seen clearly showing how hardworking he is lately but the type of work I don’t know.

Faye:You’re lucky girl

Helen:Oh no….my high school moment was boring never thought it’s gonna be Adventurous in my college days

June:Come on go for it already.
Helen stood up immediately and she adjust her stretchy blouse sending her b00bs up properly and exposing the lines between her chest.

She sip a drink and sprinkled small on her face.

Derek:Wow nice strategy

Helen approached the guy and she stumbled on his chest pretending to be drunk. An Interesting scent came out of him… He smells like lemonade so fresh and inviting he speak out to Helen and she almost lost her senses. His voice is so deep and manly like he just hit puberty.
“Are you okay?” He said carefully examining her face.
Helen didn’t waste much time she locked her lips with his and she was enjoying this…. funny enough the guy didn’t object.

Alex and the rest seems to be lost in this film going on and everyone we’re smiling broadly.

Helen disengaged from the kiss and she ran back to the rest.

The victim…now as I’ll call him( victim [email protected] by kiss) he wanted to follow up on her to talk but he was taken aback with her friends staring at him
“So….it was a game….fuck”
He left the club angrily

Rachel:Helen ….you should find a boyfriend….I can see how desperate you are

Helen:Stop it I’m feeling bad already

June:You mean you’re blushing already.

Helen: Whatever
…so My turn to ask….Hmmm Derek truth or dare?


Helen:I dare you to kiss your bride

Kyle: Exactly…you guys didn’t kiss at your wedding as well

June started feeling uneasy ….”i don’t want him…. Sophie kissed him already I hate sharing what’s mine…he is probably smelling of her now…no never




Sophie:Then you have to drink a cup

Derek pour himself a cup and he gulp it down

June’s POV
I’m glad he didn’t but still I’m hurt….he’s been embarrassing me since….and his slut… Sophie

Derek:Alex Truth or Dare?


Derek:Do you have a girlfriend
He hesitated at first and June didn’t know why her heart was beating fast waiting for his reply.

Alex:No I’m single

Kyle:I knew it… Single wizard

Alex:(he chuckled softly and he then smile at June)
(Sophie caught him and she’s getting the hang of things)

Alex:June….Truth or Dare?


Alex:Are you in love with someone?

June:Yes( she said blushingly)

Kyle:She’s married obviously she will be

Sophie:No it’s important to be specific…..who are you in love with?

June:You’re not in position to ask me

Sophie:It’s my turn anyway… Truth or Dare

June:….. seriously… Truth

Sophie:Now answer my question

June serve herself a drink and she gulp it down

Her friends keep looking at her pitifully because she can’t drink she has never tasted alcohol in her life

Rachel:Will everything be okay?
Faye:Tell me she will be okay
Helen:This is bad….I doubt she can hold her liquor

June:Done( she yell and dropped the glass on the table heavily)

June:Truth or Dare…..Derek


June: I Dare you…..( She’s feeling dizzy already) I dare you to…..
Then she collapsed
Helen:Awww I knew it

Alex: Closing time I guess

Faye:Let call it a day please we’ve got morning lecture tomorrow

Rachel:She’s going to be late tomorrow

Kyle:Derek you should take her home now

Faye left with Helen and Rachel while Alex left with Kyle.

Derek shouldered her to the car

Derek:Awww oh God so heavy….what if I had carry you? I won’t be able to move my hands.

June opened her eyes and started smiling
Derek:Is this funny to you?why are you smiling?

June: Because you’re a jerk

Derek:Pardon? A…..what?

June:Come….I want to tell you something


June:Come closer( she yelled out and stamping her feet like a baby)

Derek decided to hear her out to prevent further embarrassment.
June pulled his clothes closer to her sbd she puke all over his dress

Derek’s POV
Why is she taking long to talk?….wait what’s this warm thing I’m feeling from inside?….what’s this smell?

He glance at his dress and saw what a mess it is. He scream out like he was attacked by a visible virus…”holy shit…June I’ll kill you.

He pushed her into the car and he removed his clothes throwing it away
Now he’s shirtless and he drove away.

Harshell’s Mansion
Derek Carried June in a bridal style and the door opened by itself.

Mrs Harshell:Oh my God what happened to her?

Derek:Don’t…..even ask

Mrs Harshell:But…

Mr Harshell:Don’t you understand he said…not to ask…he’s shirtless (he whispered to his wife

Mrs Harshell:ah ah?( In amusement)

Mr Harshell:Yeah

Derek went upstairs with June

Mr Harshell:Even from the car…tsk tsk tsk .never thought he’s got much vigour

Derek got to their room and he threw her on the bed not minding if she hit her head or not.
He smell his body and he made a disgusting face before going to the bathroom.

Few minutes later ..he came out drying his hairs but still met June fast asleep on the bed almost falling down.

Derek:I dislike you…but I should help anyway she must be feeling uncomfortable like that.

Derek mount the bed and start removing the straps of her backless dress.
In no time it was off.”..damn…she’s not wearing a bra…what do I do now?

Derek:Well I’m her husband i have right over her body….if not her love.

Next morning
June felt really good and refreshing early in the morning.
June’s POV
Hmmmm this feeling is rare why am I so happy…and light?I’m …..I’m….naked….cool…but how?…what?????

She scream without even opening her eyes.
Mrs Harshell came in and sat close to her

Mrs Harshell:Dear are you okay?

June:Mother…last night…

Mrs Harshell:Yeah Derek said you stressed yourself and he brought you home unconscious

June:Stress?….who helped with my clothes?

Mrs Harshell:he of course

June:He?…oh my….( She covered her face almost cursing out)
Where’s he?

Mrs Harshell:he’s gone to work

June: Oh right he has started working at the company….wait what’s the time?

Mrs Harshell:You’re late you’re late

June:Oh no.

She sprang out of bed and rushed to tbe bathroom.
She did a quick bath and slipped into a dress that Mrs Harshell arranged for her

June:Oh bless you mother ….I thought finding clothes will delay me today. Thanks.

She put it on and grab all her necessities.

Mrs Harshell:I’m going to the company I’ll drop you on the way

June:No mother….I don’t wanna be late…there will be traffic I know the best way….bye mother.

She sped off running like she can even run for long🙄

Somewhere near the school
The school is just 100 feets away but she’s tired already
June:How stupid of you June… least the car will do something out of it.awwww I’m tired

She start panting heavily when a car swerved right at her front. It’s Alex and he opened the door for her,she didn’t waste time and she hop in.

June:Thanks….how did you know I’m gonna take this road?

Alex:I’m actually heading to your school never expecting you here trekking

June:Really? Why are you going to my school?

Alex:For you
There was Silence…

Alex:That was a joke….I mean I’m going there to give you the year book

June:Oh uh….where’s it?

He hand over the album to her.

They’re here already and June opened the door to get down when Alex stopped her holding her hand firmly
. June:What… it?

Alex: Everything that happened yesterday….I know you saw them in that room

June:Room? What room? What’re you talking about?

Alex:Okay…if you don’t wanna talk about it….but anything…and anytime… I’ll be waiting for you

June: Pardon? For what?

Alex:I…I think…I’m in….
Then his phone rang

Alex:I’m sorry…. I’ll see you Later.
Alex picked the call and June move away from tbe car before he drove off.

June’s POV
What’s with him? What just happened?….I pray it shouldn’t be what I’m thinking….I’m so stupid for expecting too much ….I’m married I shouldn’t even think of it.
Also Alex is a good guy he can never do that to his best friend.

She went for lectures and when it was around 1:00 in the afternoon…they decided to hang out at the cafeteria.

June:Helen…where’s that thing i kept with you?did you bring it?

Helen:Yeah I saw your text this morning and I was still home then.

Faye:What are you guys keeping?

June:Don’t worry girls I’ll tell you later

Helen:Don’t look at me she didn’t tell me anything as well.

June: I’ll be back.

Since June can’t carry the box home.
She used the college’s restroom and she opened it… examining the girls Derek got married to and she examined his classmates back in school.

She keep searching but found none of the girls except Sarah smiling cheerfully standing with Alex and Derek in the group photo.

June:Gotcha….here’s the first girl

She checked the profile at the next page of the year book.

June:Sarah young….sounds familiar…but where did I hear that?

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