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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 14

💄Family Bride💄

Episode 14

June’s POV
Hmm what can I do?..yes I’ll start with his year book but how do I get it?….Alex

She rush downstairs and saw Mrs Harshell talking on the phone
“Wait where will I tell her im going?awwwn my freedom…well it’s bad for a married woman to roam about especially on the second day of the wedding.

She was still on her thought when Mr Harshell came in with Derek smiling with cup of wine .

Mr Harshell:Seems our bride is bored already

June:Uh … just checking things out.

Mr Harshell:Come come here my dear
June walked down the stairs and she sat on the couch.

Mr Harshell:Guess the good news?

June: What’s it father?

Mr Harshell:Your husband will start managing the company

June’s POV
Good for him at least he will stop wandering around like loafer

June:Wow that’s nice… congratulations to you

Derek:yeah whatever….Father this is very wrong you said I won’t have access to your properties until I get married and you fulfilled it. This is unfair what if I choose to stay unmarried?

Mrs Harshell:Then you’ll become a Holy Father don’t worry I’ll visit your church

Derek:What? What the….shit fvck never.

Mrs Harshell:Ok ok just saying

Mr Harshell:You can start work on on Monday since your wife will resume school on Monday as well. You will be the managing director for now…once you guys give me a grandchild you will be promoted


Derek: Dad is joking

June:Uh ok.

Somewhere in Canada
A man’s reflection could be seen on the dark glass of a hidden seat in a restaurant.
He’s got a curly hair and eyes cute like baby’s.
Silver pin on his left ear and two rings on all of his fingers.
Someone would have tag him a celebrity but it’s just a boy that has lost his senses completely.
Alex made a call and the person he’s been waiting for appeared from the door.

Man:Hi man how’re you? Never thought you will reach out to me again

Alex:We we’re high school mates so a single mistake doesn’t do anything Jeremy

Jeremy:Thanks so what are we up to?

Alex:Do you still hate Derek?

Jeremy:He might be your friend but I hate that jerk till this moment okay? And if you’re here for that to reconcile us I’m leaving

Alex:Shut the fuck up and sit your ass down.
Alex brought out a tiny round object but flexible,then he light it up and it’s a cigarette.

Jeremy:yo man…when did you start smoking? The Alex I Know is a cool sweet guy

Alex:I’m still cool and sweet …it’s just what I want you guys to see about me
So why I reach out to you

*He dropped a parcel on the table*

Jeremy:What’s this?

Alex:A top secret you will forever thank me for. I heard about your company’s fate as of recent Because of Harshell’s company taking all the good offers. Derek’s resuming work tomorrow so this will help

Jeremy:Wow cool thanks…..but why are you doing this to him?

Alex:I became wise….I’m just trying to remind him of a past. I’ll stop once he remember

Jeremy: Anyhow yo…I’m off see you later.

Alex exit the restaurant and he went to the Harshell’s Mansion.
Mrs Harshell welcomed him with smiles and they exchanged greetings by kissing sideways( well when you’re in Rome behave like Romans)

Mrs Harshell:My boy….do you have something cooking? You look cool

Alex:Wow really? Thanks mother I just wanna hang out with my friend.

Mrs Harshell:He’s upstairs

Alex:Ok I’ll just go…

Mrs Harshell:Na Na na not anymore he doesn’t live alone anymore I’ll call him for you

Alex:Oh my bad.

Mrs Harshell knocked on their door but no reply.
June’s sleeping and Derek had earpiece in his ears .

Mrs Harshell went back to Alex and Alex dialed his number.
He soon came downstairs smiling at Alex.

Derek:Hey buddy

Alex:What’s up

Derek: Didn’t know you’re coming

Alex:I want us to hang out for the good news of being responsible

Derek:Funny you….oh wow now you’re dressing like Kyle finally it shows what you’re into
This is called business

Alex:Yeah yeah from someone who just wanna have a taste of it.

Derek:I’ll be back I’ll just put on something

Mrs Harshell:Take your wife along

Derek:Mother why?

Mrs Harshell:First public appearance.

Alex:Come on it will be nice

Derek:She will feel lonely it’s guys gathering

Mrs Harshell:She will call her friends as well it will be interesting

Derek:The last time we tried that….it didn’t end well.

Alex:Take her along

Kyle was chatting with Faye when he received a call from Alex to meet up at R and E club.
June messed up her wardrobe but all the clothes that came in for her are just way above her taste. Revealing clothes and celebrity’s outing clothes

June:Oh no…I have nothing to wear

Derek:You’ve got to be kidding me
He put on his jacket and sprayed his expensive cologne.

He soon went over to June’s wardrobe and he picked out a gown for her. It’s a short tight one and it’s backless.

June keep staring at it for minutes before she put it on
She came out of the bathroom trying to pull down the hem.

Derek:Now that’s sexy

June:You don’t use that slang for a wife

Derek:Really? Oh…it’s because I’ve not been this far


Derek:Don’t mind and meet me downstairs.

June arrived downstairs still trying to adjust her dress but Alex just can’t help staring at her.
It was becoming intense and he avert his gaze to avoid any misconception.

Alex:Uhm I’ll drive.

They went out and June sat at the back seat while Derek took the front seat with Alex.

Cool music came blaring from the club and everyone we’re totally engrossed even Kyle didn’t know when he start making his sexy moves and girls were changing their position already. Some unbuttoning the first button because of the hotness these guys are causing.
Derek’s aura filled the atmosphere though he doesn’t dance but he do smile and make gestures.

Soon Rachel,Helen and Faye made their entry.

Faye saw Alex and she winked at him mouthing a “thanks dude” before Kyle ushered her to a seat lovingly.
Now they’re all sitting together and enjoying the vibe.
Alex started singing along seems like his favourite
THAT’S WHAT I Bruno Marz

Soon Kyle whispered to Faye and they left the seat to the dance floor


Alex:Take your bride as well

June:Too bad I dunno how to dance

Derek:Here comes the witch
Sophie joined them looking all decked up

Sophie:Finally you remember my club today

Alex:Just go busy with the whole wedding issues

Sophie: Congratulations to the main man
So where’s our bride?
HMMM three girls

Derek:It’s left to you

Sophie:I’m sure she’s the one…she looks familiar (she said pointing to June)


Sophie:Not interested in greeting you…she’s not even that beautiful…you really missed a lot by not marrying me

Derek: Yeah I missed death and regret

Sophie: Whatever
She left immediately she sight new catch entering the club.
Derek soon left the gathering as well

Rachel:Come on it’s my dream to dance with my friends at a club

Helen:Really? Now?


June:you girls are unpredictable…I thought you don’t know how to dance

Rachel removed her jacket and here comes our professional tweaker.
The music changed as if the DJ was expecting her on the dance floor. June couldn’t help but open her mouth in surprise
Boys began to cover around her and Helen stepped in dancing as well.
The two girls are really a lit on the dance floor.

June’s excitement was brought back when she remembered her thought of making enquiry about Derek.

June:Uh..uhm Alex

Alex:Yes(with his gaze fixed on the dance)

June:Can I ask you for a help?
He sound happy immediately and he turn fully to her

Alex:You know I’m always ready to help you.

June:Uhm I’m just curious about Derek’s school life so I wanna hear it from you

Alex:What do you wanna know? Kindergarten,Elementary school, Middle school, high school or college

June:Wow so you guys are childhood friends?

Alex:Yeah best of friends

June:Now I see why he treat you as he like

Alex:Do you think he even value me?

June:Of course the best feeling is to know that no matter your craziness or who you are there’s always someone who understands and didn’t change their feelings for you. Derek is like that…and you’re that caring person for him

Alex:You think?( I think otherwise)

June:Yes I’m sure he cherish you.

Alex: back to the question

June:oh yeah so ….while he was in school did he had a girlfriend?….or a crush…a lover anything

Alex’s POV
Why is she asking out of the blue?….but I won’t tell her yet.

Alex:Yes he once had a crush on a new girl

June:Uh uh so did they…like go out?



Alex:The girl transferred to another school before he could profess his feelings

June:Awwwn that must have hurt him…. I’ve never seen him hurt before

Alex: Except the day you beat him with your sandal

June:Kikiki being hurt is different from being pissed off.

Alex:Do you want to see his sad expression?

June:I’m so curious

Alex:Stay still
Alex brought out a necklace from his pocket and he caress June’s neck.


Alex:Shhhh you’re too pretty for your neck to be bare….. It’s too exposed and weird so this will do…..allow me

June:Ok thanks
Alex went closer to her that his lips was almost touching hers.
Derek appeared from the dancefloor but what he’s seeing is somehow annoying him

Derek’s POV
What are they doing?….so close to each other
Why do I care ? We don’t love each other…she only helped to clear the curse I can now enjoy my life anyway.
He left for the bathroom

Alex hook the chain for her and she touched it. The texture of the golden necklace itself surprised her.

Alex:You…look beautiful

June:Not s*xy?

Alex:No.. the word sexy is wrong…you’re beautiful.


Alex:Can we take a walk?

June:what about the rest?…. I’ll just call Derek and inform him okay


June keep searching for him but couldn’t find him. She then asked around and someone claim to have seen him heading to another VIP section.
June decided to check the first room
She opened it and she saw a man and a woman making out.”Oh…Sorry” she bow and she left
She went to the second room and since she didn’t wanna make another mistake she opened the door slightly and she could see a figure that looks like Derek.
She was about to open fully and call his name when she saw Sophie the club owner pushing him to the wall and kissing him

Although there was nothing like sensual feelings between her and Derek but that scene strike a dagger at her heart.
She gasped out and she left immediately
…….. Meanwhile…..

Derek pushed Sophie away and he slapped her

Derek:Try to have a pride bitch…I said I don’t enjoy the same hole twice

Sophia: Nothing is gonna change the fact that you’ve entered it before.

Derek:Yeah whatever…
He left the room and he saw June running away but he wasn’t sure if he’s right.

June arrived at Alex was waiting for her.
Alex:So where’s he?

June:I…I couldn’t find him let’s go

Alex:Are you okay?

June:Yeah absolutely okay.

Alex:Well Derek doesn’t like someone finding out his info so I’m gonna give you the year book and few websites that do write about him back in Korea

June:Really? I’m so grateful

Alex:Hmmmmm the weather is so nice outside

June:It’s rather cold…..

Alex:You know your dress is backless
He removed his jacket and covered her with it. The anger she was feeling fade away and she’s feeling somehow happy and comfortable around Alex.
She was smiling and Alex didn’t stop looking into her face as well then he tighten the grip on the jacket on June.

June:What are you doing?…you’re hurting me

Alex released his grip and he regretted to have let his emotion over ride him for a while
“I’m sorry …..I….

June:Can we go back to the club?


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