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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 13

💄Family Bride💄

👰 Episode 13

Morning 🕔
Derek couldn’t believe his eyes and he thought maybe he was imagining her breathe as well.

He turned her to the other side with full force and she fell off the bed.
“Ouch what the…..fvck”

“Uhm…sorry good morning”he said scratching his neck

“What’s good about the morning can’t you at least wake me up properly? She yelled out trying to stand up.

Derek:I said I’m sorry….you’re crossing your boundaries

June:What? Why is it that you missed school of manners? Or you failed to attend(she went towards the door with her hands akimbo)

Derek:Today is your first day as my wife and you’re nagging already ….. Just move away from the door
Derek pushed her lightly from the door and he went downstairs.

Derek’s POV
Oh my goodness…..she actually lived.
She’s talking I just conversed with the her I can’t believe this i think I might go crazy with excitement
He yell a bit punching the air.

He switched on his phone and before he could press anything,Mrs Harshell’s call appear on the screen.

Hi son….how is she?

Derek:Mom….you mean June?(he said pretending to be sad)

Please just tell me already

Derek:Mom you’re awesome..she’s alive that girl is a witch she survived the curse

Shhshhh keep your voice down or you want her to find out we risked her life?

Derek: Anyway get back here on time I’m hungry

Ok ok we will soon be back home.

Amanda couldn’t hold her patience anymore she alighted from the car holding her binocular.
She project it towards Derek’s window and she could make out a figure roaming around the room then another figure joined her

Amanda’s POV
What? Don’t tell me….she survived? How come?…Alex!!! How dare you lie to me?
Family curse my foot I’m sure this family are killing girls for fun. They killed 4 bride’s for what?… This is just the beginning

She retreated to her car gritting her teeth and she punched the steering before driving away.

Harshell’s Mansion
Derek went back upstairs and he saw June trying to hide something because as soon as he enters June dodged something and she lean against the wardrobe.

Derek:What are you up to?

June: Nothing (she replied sharply)

Derek:Now I’m interested In what you’re hiding.

June:I said it’s nothing
Derek didn’t back down and he keep approaching June. June was quick to put whatever she was hiding into her clothes…uhm…the [email protected] area.

Derek:Did you just….put that in

June:Yeah restricted area

Derek:For others…..

Derek pushed her to the wall of the room and crossed her two hands behind

“Not restricted for me.

June:Don’t…don’t …don’t remove it

The Harshell’s drove into the house not long after the call and they didn’t find anyone downstairs.
Mr Harshell:What if they’re still sleeping?

Mrs Harshell:no I called him earlier this morning …

They got to the door and start hearing “Don’t remove it please
“No I want to see it

Mr Harshell:Let go back honey

Mrs Harshell:They might be playing common we’ve been misunderstanding them all these while

Mrs Harshell opened the door and Mr Harshell went in as well only to see this embarrassing image.

Derek forcefully pull out that hideous thing from her chest and it turns out to be a pant.

Derek:What’s …….oh goodness (his hands became weak and he dropped it.)
Their eyes drifted to the parents standing by the door and shocked.


Derek:Dad… what so soon?

June picked her pant and she ran to the bathroom
The Harshell’s rushed back downstairs.

June’s Mansion
Mrs Davis start arranging June’s previous room and she arranged all her clothes and her shoes to the right position.
She saw her frame laying flat on the bed
She picked it up and kissed it before setting it straight on the table.

Sitting room
Felix sat on the couch like someone that lost his soul and he’s covered in blankets

Shasha came to get a bottle of water and she was pouring the water into her cup peaceful when she sight Felix looking like a widower she was scared and her cup was over filled.

Shasha:Hey ….a wedding took place yesterday and you’re ruining the atmosphere for us what’s wrong?

Felix:That girl she’s taken

Shasha:Girl..which girl?

Felix:You won’t understand

Shasha:Ohh Faye…. Sorry Felix you know what? Just collect Mrs Mark’s credit card and go out with your friends that’s what you love doing anyway …. squandering money you don’t know how to make.

Shasha took her water and she left.

Harshell’s Mansion
Derek:Are you ready?

June:Yes…(she pouted her mouth)

Derek:You’re still embarrassed?


Derek: What’s so bad will your in laws seeing your pant?

June:Just shut the fuck up okay?

Derek:Hmmmm..I’ve noticed you’ve been using swear words since morning and you don’t before.

June:More of it to come as far as you’re bent on maltreating me.
According to their tradition since they’re Korean.
Newly wedded couple must greet the elders of the family formally in traditional way next day of their wedding.

June made her way downstairs bowing her head in shame.
Derek keep smiling to himself
Will few minutes the rite was over and the greetings

Mrs Harshell: We’re so sorry we didn’t allow you to go for honeymoon…it’s all for your safety.

June’s POV
That reminds me…I once reported a threat to Mrs Harshell but she covered it up.
I need to start my investigation as soon as possible.

Alex’s Mansion

Amanda storms into Alex’s house breaking anything she comes across

Alex:Are you crazy?calm down

Amanda:Let go off me…..take your filthy hands away from me…you’re the crazy one here…you’re crazy and I’m out of my mind as well. How dare you lie to me?

Alex:What are you talking about?

Amanda:You even reek of alcohol…. pathetic
You said there’s a curse but that girl is alive and sound….I saw her this morning

Alex:What? How’s that possible?

Amanda:You’re asking me that?
Then her phone start to ring.
She look at Alex angrily before going to the dinning to pick her call and she sat on the chair trying to remain calm as ever.

Amanda:Uhm..hi Mom…. how’ve you been? What of Dad? Are you guys eating well?
….I should come back? mom we’re not through with the project I can’t come to Korea for now okay?….what? Dad is sick? Oh no.hello hello mom
Damn it not now.

Alex’s POV
I thought she was gonna die and that’s why I left her alone….then why did my Sarah died? Why why why why(he yelled out)
Now I guess I should start moving

Amanda:You better do…that’s what you owe Sarah. I’m going to Korea for few weeks I’ll be back I don’t care what you are up to but once I’m back I’ll destroy anything in my way.

Amanda left his mansion and drove away in her car.

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