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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 12

💄Family Bride💄

Episode 12
…. Trapping Death….

Kyle and Faye after helping with the preparations decided to go out to party.

Faye bud farewell to Mrs Davis and Rachel left with Helen as well.


Shasha:Hey what’s it do you need water?

Felix:Fa …Faye right?

Faye:Yeah Faye (she gave that cute smile)

Felix:By chance after the party here are you going anywhere again?

Shasha:Where else do you except her to go if not home
Felix used his hands to push shasha to a corner

Felix:Go and play…or eat chocolate this is not for kids

Shasha:Tsk tsk tsk…what a kid like me Know you don’t know it…I’m talking from experience

Felix:Experi……ex …what?

Shasha: Nothing
She ran away to the other hall

Felix:Oh yeah sorry for that …actually that day at the hospital….I..

Then Kyle arrived at the scene and Faye welcomed him with a smile while he kissed her forehead. Felix lost his voice immediately and his throat was all fused up

Faye:yeah…that day what?

Felix:Yearybvhk.nhxdv….uh…sorry I think my throat( his voice suddenly became husky and inaudible)

He excused himself and Faye went with Kyle.
He opened the door for her and he e tered as well.

They soon arrived at a restaurant 🍾🍸🍽️🍴
Kyle ordered for a simple meal with champagne and he keep smiling at Faye.
He couldn’t take his eyes off her even for a second.

Faye:Kyle… you’re not eating I’m going red please

Kyle:I’m glad I caused your blushing…. You’re a special being Faye ….and I’m so sorry I’ll keep repenting every minute of my life

Faye:No Kyle….I’ve forgiven you already and it’s forgotten…you’re free let live on today and tomorrow not the past.

Kyle:Can…can I just ….please


Kyle:I don’t even know what I want
He said it with his cute eyes winked at her

Faye:Oh no those sexy eyes…you wanna charm me

Kyle:Your lips is irresistible…..can I kiss you?

Faye:Why you asking?

Harshell’s Mansion
Derek and June are already in the house but they keep staring at the upstairs as if dangerous creature awaits them.

June’s POV
I’m now part of the family…once I enter that room…my life is no more mine again but everybody’s.

Derek’s POV
I don’t know why father and mother are so much at peace with this wedding…. Once she step into that room she might not see the morning sun. I’m so sorry June that we couldn’t tell you the family secret.

Derek:Let go or you’re getting scared already

June:Wh…what what wahat

Derek:You don’t need to shout on me okay?

June packed her long flowing gown together and she went up the stairs.
Derek removed his tie and dropped it on the Sofa before going upstairs as well.

Derek’s room
The room has changed entirely
And it was tidied up like an hotel room
White bedspread with rose petals used in forming love on the bed.
Candles on the window revealing the reflection of the dark night.

Derek:What’s all these? The last nuptials were not up to this…..she wanna burn the house down.

June:Wow….so romantic I’m feeling it already ….if only

Derek:If only what?

June:Don’t worry….. I’ll just enjoy all these by myself.

Derek:You should change your dress

June:What’s your own concern if I sleep in this?

Derek:Are you angry already? Sorry I’ll just be on my own.

June:I’ll call mother in-law

Derek:No don’t….


Derek:Don’t say I didn’t warn you
June went to the telephone on the stool and she keep rolling the rings into numbers.

Mrs Harshell and Mr Harshell are with the Marks family with Mrs Davis as well partying at the vacation house.

Mrs Harshell:What? Why is this girl calling?….. they’ve not switched off their phones

Mrs mark:Pardon me…give me that phone
📞Yeah hello

June:Oh…Mrs Mark…I wanna speak with mother-in-law

Mrs mark:Speak to me instead I’m at your service

June:I want to ask about my clothes when will it be here?

Mrs mark:Mrs Harshell she’s asking after her clothes and stuffs

Mrs Harshell:I ordered that her old clothes should stay at her parents house in case she went visiting sometimes. So I’ve arranged new clothes in Derek’s wardrobe new jewelries and stuffs she will need as our daughter in-law.

Mrs mark:Wow so sweet….June did you hear that?…now switch off your phone right now

Mr Harshell called Derek as well

Derek:See what you’ve caused….
(He picked the call) yes Father..

Mr Harshell:Son….switch off that phone and make us proud.

Derek:You keep saying stuff…..
(He disconnected the call and dropped his phone on the bed)

Derek:Where’s your phone?

June:Mom seized it already.
Derek went ahead to pull out the plug from the homeline.

Derek: I’ll freshen up first

June:What? Me first lady first I’m sweating already

Derek:Then let go in together

June:What ….pervert

Derek:Common I’m your husband

June:Yeah I can see that no thank you.
Derek removed his jacket, removed his belt and now only his short pant remains.

June turned her eyes away covering her face.
June:Do you really have to do that here?

Derek:(he smirk at her) more of it to come….you will see things like this from today onwards.

He twisted the door knob and he entered the bathroom.
To his surprise a bathtub has been fixed already with rose petals sprinkled on it and wine beside the stool.

He yelled from the bathroom”Dear bride your bath is ready”

June:What’s wrong with this Derek….can I even go in there?what if it’s a prank.
Blah… whatever wish to see him naked and die he’s so full of himself anyway.

June has removed her wedding gown and she’s wrapped in a short towel.
She tiptoe into the bathroom and she peep fr outside by putting her head forward but she saw no one so she entered fully and wow gracious Lord the bathroom is larger than her bedroom at her parents house.

She went to a corner and a glass stand divides the bathroom into two.
She saw Derek in the bathtub having a bubble bath and he’s sipping his wine bit by bit.

Derek:Come join me…it’s for us it will be bad to enjoy it alone.

June:No…you’re not wearing anything down there.

Derek:The bubble has covered everything it’s safe…

June hesitated at first then she dipped her leg into the bubble bath…hmm it feels good so she entered completely and she sat.

Derek:With your towel?

June:Yes I’m okay with it.

Derek:Don’t give me the worst honeymoon okay? I agree no s*x for now but…

June:You’re getting greedy….I’m leaving.

She tried to stand up and Derek pull off her towel.

June’s [email protected] body really turned Derek on and he hide his face to the other side
June sat back in covering her chest

June:I knew it…..pervert thief

Derek:It’s not what I’m expecting anyway…..why calling me a thief.

June: I’ll never forgive you.

Derek smiled and he left her there,he went to the shower and he freshen up before going out.

Derek put on his pyjamas and he slept off.
June came out few minutes later and she slept beside him
Derek whispered from his sleep”you’re not even scared”

June” what more can I expect from you?

Derek switched off the light
But something strange happened,June’s birthmark start glowing and she developed a heavy headache as if they’re ringing bells inside her head.

………Next morning………
Outside the Harshell’s Mansion is a car parked there since yesterday
It’s Amanda ,she didn’t sleep for a bit not to talk if taking her eyes off Derek’s window.
Amanda:Now I have to wait for the good news…..the ambulance should be here by now….hahaha(she laugh wickedly)

Derek’s room
Derek woke up with the thought of the family curse on his mind. He turned to the other side and saw June sleeping soundly.
He put his index finger across her nose and she’s breathing

Derek:What?….this….she survived?

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