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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 11

💄 Family Bride💄

📿 Episode 11📿

She opened the last page and saw the picture they took for their pre-wedding shoot. Her face was circled and destroyed with red ink
With a quote” Goodbye lovely bride”

She screamed and dropped the album she became scared.
Helen heard her and went to her.

Another scream was heard outside
It was a guest that screamed because of what she saw.
The wedding picture of Derek and June put outside the hall.
Someone slash it with knife horizontally and vertically and spilled red paint on it.

Brides Hall

Helen rushed to the bride’s hall only to see June looking so scared and confused

Helen:June…are you okay?come to your senses..are you okay?


June hold Helen tightly because she was terrified and Helen helped her to sit on the couch.

Helen:Are you okay?

June:This…album I think someone is after me


June: right before the wedding I’ve been receiving some scary letters about staying away from the Harshell but today is the worst of them all….. look at this

June picked the album furiously and showed Helen the page where her face was marked

Helen:Oh my God….who could have done this?

June:It’s my fault…it’s all my fault for jumping into marriage where I know nothing about them…..

Helen: I’m sure the picture was sent by some haters who wanna tarnish their image

June’s POV

Yeah….what do you know
I don’t think I should tell anyone about this…mom will be so worried again and she will blame herself…also if I tell my friends….what if what I’m about to unravel is dangerous?
It’s my problem ….I think the Harshells are hiding a huge secret….4 wives…where are they? I need to come to my senses and investigate this on my own
If it turns out to be a threat….it’s my family…I must help them.

Outside the hall📿📿

Guest:Oh my God…..this is bad

Mrs Harshell and Mrs Davis went outside to check why people are screaming

Mrs Harshell:Hubby…what…
Oh my God….who did this?

Mrs Davis:This is bad….let get rid of this before it calls more attention

Before Mrs Mark could call someone,reporters storm into the surrounding

Mrs mark:Oh my goodness…who called the reporters?

Reporter:Hi ma’am…hi…we heard from sources that you have many haters and someone is not happy about this union

Mrs Harshell:What…is someone there

Reporter 2:Ma’am is that true? Answer us.

The reporters keep throwing questions one after the other with flashing of their cameras 📸📷📽️it almost turn ugly when a lady with heavy makeup came out of nowhere standing in front of the camera.

Amanda:Hey…why is it that you reporters have no manners… Silent.

They all kept quiet except the camera’s sound

Amanda:I will answer all your questions
I’ve known yhe Harshells since I was small

From inside
Derek:Who’s that girl?I think I’ve seen her before….

Kyle:Yeah…she’s the girl we met at the club…the heavy makeup girl…

Derek:Then what’s she doing here ? what’s she doing in front of those reporters?

Alex’s POV
Amanda what the hell are you trying to do? Don’t do anything stupid please..


Mrs Harshell placed a call to Derek

Derek:Yes mother what’s going on with the reporters ?

Mrs’s nothing don’t worry okay just go to June for now…check if everything is okay with her….stay with her till everything is settled okay?


Amanda:Some people are doing this because of jealousy….they want to tarnish the image of this reputable family. The Harshell’s being very rich and famous there’s no way they won’t have enemies….lot and lot of foes. So I will be glad if you people can understand that it’s a threat and nothing more…you all are safe.

Mr mark:Who’s this girl?she talks so we’ll

Some guests that were leaving before started turning back and entering the hall while some congratulate the Harshells and assured them to keep calm.
The reporters left the building and the atmosphere went back to normal.

Mrs Harshell approach Amanda and she appreciated her for standing up for them

Mr Harshell: But young miss….I don’t think we know you

Amanda:Oh..(she removed her sunglass) well that’s true Mr Harshell…I don’t know you and I don’t know the bride and groom…but I don’t like anything spoiling a happy day.
Your family is rich and reputable so things happens…..this is bound to happen

Mrs mark:Wow thank you so much

Mr mark:Such a nice lady

Mrs Harshell:Did you come for the wedding?

Amanda:No I came to see a friend of mine around this estate but things changed when I saw reporters harassing you

Mrs Harshell:Thanks so much dear….can you please stay till the end of the wedding?

Mrs Davis:Please don’t say just saved my daughter’s marriage

Amanda’s POV
Oh…so you’re the mother of the dead bride… tomorrow you will be dressed in black so let enjoy today together

Amanda:(she held Mrs Davis hands lovingly) sure I’ll stay ma’am.. congratulations.

Brides Hall 🏵️🏵️
June sensed an approaching footsteps and she quickly gave the album to Helen.

June:Keep this for me….don’t open it okay?


June: Promise?

Helen: Promise

Derek came in with his friends and also Faye and Rachel.

June:I thought I heard noises downstairs….is everything okay?

Rachel:Yeah..yeah it’s nothing


Faye:Yes June…here sit.

Alex:Are you okay?your face … look troubled

June:No…I’m just nervous is all

Faye:Come sit here… I’ll dress your face again

June:sure thanks

Derek:Since you all are here….I think we should leave except if you want us to make an entrance together.
Let go

Alex:After you

Kyle keep staring at Faye but she didn’t even spare him a look.

Everywhere looks glamorous…
Tables and chairs arranged in couples outing and the alter looking different from all.
And on the alter is Derek waiting calmly for his bride with his hands crossed behind.

Cool music plays in the background and every short vocals of it sends shivers everywhere… everyone was touched and it was so emotional.

Mr Mark and June soon appeared from the entrance walking into the hall hand in hand.
They got to where Derek is standing and Mr mark disengaged June’s hands from his arm. He hand her over to Derek.
This two continued and with every step they took ….the sensitive light keeps coming on.

Mrs Davis was teary eyed but Shasha wiped her tears. Mrs mark and Mr mark we’re so happy. Felix was smiling like silly.
Faye,Rachel and Helen embrace each other feeling so happy for their friend.

Priest:All good times…all bad times….they both have it’s period…none of it is permanent
When troubles come….you both must stay with each other … support each other and be each other’s Piller.

Do you Derek Harshell accept June Davis as your lawfully wedded wife?

Derek:Yes…I do

Priest:Do you June Davis accept Derek Harshell as your lawfully wedded husband?
June’s POV
I’m really going into this family….you must be strong June…now you don’t trust anyone….no one in that family is innocent until you figure out the secret.

Priest:Do you June Davis accept Derek Harshell as your lawfully wedded husband?

June:Yes…I do

Priest:I now pronounce you husband and wife
You’re one and you must support each other.
You may kiss the bride.

Derek’s POV
Anyone watching this union will know it’s not a love marriage….why must we kiss?



(Derek whispered something to the priest and he skipped that part for them.)

The priest handed over their wedding certificate to them and they both raise it up showing Everyone.

The wedding ended smoothly and now it’s time to party.
The look of the hall was changed and romantic song came blaring in the hall.
Blue and red light was switched on with purple as spotlight on the couple sitting together on the alter.

June:Hey…what did you whispered to the priest earlier?

Derek:That it’s our first kiss and you’re shy

June:What!?…liar lying to a man of God

Derek:So you really want to kiss me earlier?and you won’t regret it…you said you want to do everything with someone you love so I only respected your decision.

June:Yes thanks


Somewhere around🏵️💮🌸
Mrs Harshell:Uhm..Alex we’re so sorry we’ve come to a decision about the honeymoon plan….the honeymoon travels will be postponed till everything is okay…so they will go straight to the mansion for tonight

Alex:Okay ma’am.

Mrs Harshell:Thanks a lot for helping your friend this much.

Amanda could be seen approaching and he excused himself.
He went to a silent room in the building knowing fully that Amanda will follow him.

Amanda indeed followed him and Alex drag her inside

Alex:What are you doing here?did you called the reporters?

Amanda pushed him away
Amanda:Get your hands off me. Yes I called the reporters…. because now that people know them…they won’t be able to relocate like before whenever a bride dies. If this bride…what’s her name on that poster again?yeah June…if she dies…..they won’t be able to flee and I’ll reveal their secret.

Alex:So you were the one that cut the wedding board outside

Amanda:Yeah it feels good cutting right through her face

Alex:Did you even go to school? Wait you should be in college….you’re wasting your life and time over a stupid revenge

Amanda:I’m not going to college that’s my decision and stay away from me.

She went out angrily.

Kyle is seen pacing up and down waiting for Faye to pass and finally he saw her coming


Faye:Can we just not argue today?I’m very happy today and I don’t want anything that will ruin it for me.

Kyle:I said I know I’m wrong and I’m ready to change from my bad ways…. Faye please…I’m sorry.

Kyle’s sincerity melt her cold heart and she start crying.
She rest her back on the wall beside going down and she buried her face on Kyle’s chest crying.

Kyle:I’m so so sorry…I will never make you cry again.

A car arrived from the Harshell’s Mansion for the couple.
June waved to her friends and family before entering the car with Derek.

Mr Harshell:Don’t worry son. We won’t come home tonight we will pass the night at the vacation house.

Derek:Keep your hopes high…….

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