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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 10

đź’„Family Brideđź’„

đź“ż Episode 10đź“ż

Alex went out in the middle of the night just to stop Amanda’s crazy act.

He got to her house and he started banging on the door so she can open up on time.
Amanda heard him shouting her name but she refused to open up

Alex:Amanda please…you need to stop this craziness….please for Sarah’s sake

Amanda:( she said from inside the house)Don’t you dare mention my sister’s name….you don’t deserve it thank God she didn’t marry… because you couldn’t protect her…she died.

Alex:I’m sorry it’s all my fault…but you really need to calm down and open the door please we need to talk

Amanda:No go away

Alex:Derek didn’t kill Sarah….
Amanda heard this and she quickly open the door


Alex:I’ll explain everything to you.

Amanda let Alex inside and he spill out the family secret to her

Amanda:So you’re saying that the Harshell’s family is cursed?

Alex:Yeah…and that’s why they’ve been relocating all around

Amanda:I thought as much…..that girl is going to be the 5th bride…the last 4 are dead

Alex:Yeah…that’s why I’m asking you to leave that girl alone…she will die anyway. Derek is already suffering for his crimes

Amanda:But still… My sister..

Alex:Do you remember what she once said?

Few years ago
🌼Kirin high school🌼
This school is for the rich and known to be the best in Korea.

Sarah got into the school with Scholarship and so her parents were able to sponsor her younger sister Amanda who was 15 years old at that time while Sarah was 18 including Derek and Alex.

Alex met Sarah first and they became friends before they started going out.
But Alex decided to keep their relationship a secret.
Basketball court.

Alex came in holding a box

Alex:Hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long?


Alex:Why are you looking gloomy?talk to me
Alex tried to caress her face but she turned her back to him

Alex:Sarah…you know I hate it when you’re angry

Sarah: For how long are we going to hide our relationship?

Alex:(he sigh)…come on Sarah please I’m only doing this to protect you…once the whole school knows about us….it’s not gonna be easy and those girls will start picking on you

Sarah:So Because I’m not rich…I’m from a middle class family I’m not fit to be seen with you

Alex:No Sarah please no…that’s not what I’m saying

Sarah:I don’t care what will happen just let make it official please I want you all to myself maybe those girls hovering around you will reduce

Alex:Okay…next week I promise

Sarah:Why next week?

Alex:You know we’re busy with exams so
Then Amanda came in

Amanda:I knew it…I couldn’t find you so I know you will be here

Alex:I think we should change our meeting place

Sarah: Starting from next week we are going to be free so no need for hideouts again

Amanda: Wow that’s great….nice idea brother-in-law…I’m always with you

Sarah:Amanda…silly girl we’re not even getting married what’s with brother-in-law stuff

Amanda: Whatever I wish you a happy relationship in advance

Sarah:Yeah…. I’ll always be with him

Amanda:Till death and after death?


Alex:None of us will die… I love you

Sarah:I love you more

Amanda:Okay I’ll leave now sees you’re sending me away.

Another day
Sarah was rushing to the library when she bumped into Derek and her books fell.

Derek was about to talk senses into her but her beauty caught him unaware and fir the fact that she wasn’t angry .

Sarah packed her books on time and she bow her head saying sorry before running to the library.

Derek:Wow….so we have beautiful girls here as well

Then Alex joined him

Alex:Hey buddy what’s up?

Derek:I think I’m not okay….look at that girl who is she?

Alex:Oh Sarah? She’s our classmates

Derek:What? And i didn’t notice her?

Alex:You know you’re always on your own that’s why

Derek:Then I need to start working on her.


Another scene
Few weeks after the exam, Alex didn’t announce their relationship and she got angry so she’s avoiding Alex.
Derek start hanging out with her and since he seems to be nice Sarah decided to befriend him.

Derek doesn’t move with girls and he reject almost 10 girls a day
So when he started moving around with Derek
They tag them as couple and people started treating Sarah well and her scholarship was renewed by Derek

Sarah:Wow thanks Derek….I’m so so grateful mom is worried as well about the school fee but you saved us

Derek:It’s nothing….I just love seeing you happy

Sarah:So sweet

Derek: What’re you doing tonight?

Sarah: Nothing I’m off from the part time job today

Derek:Uhm…can you follow me home?

Sarah:Home? For what?

Derek:I wanna introduce you to my parents

Sarah was surprised and she stood up immediately

Derek:What? Did I say something wrong?

Sarah:Hope it’s not what I’m thinking?

Derek:Sarah…I don’t know if it’s wrong but…I think I’m in love with you

Sarah:Derek…no please….I’m sorry I can’t


Sarah:I’m in love with someone else….I’m someone else’s girlfriend

Derek:Who is it?

Sarah:I can’t tell you that

Sarah turn to leave but Derek crossed her way and he kissed her.

Derek:You’re my first love …please

Meanwhile Alex was passing by and he saw Sarah and Derek having this serious discussion.

Alex’s POV
I can’t believe you’re cheap….. Dating my best friend….what the…..he just kissed her…I can’t wait this anymore

Alex left the field angrily.

Closing hour
Sarah saw Alex leaving in his car without even saying bye to her.
She ran after the car to stop him but he didn’t stop.
He even asked his driver to speed up.

Next morning
Sarah saw him in class alone and she confronted him

Sarah:Why are you avoiding me?

Alex:I have nothing to discuss with you…you’ve gotten a new friend anyway

Sarah:Hey….you know Derek is your friend that’s why I befriended him you know I’m not like that

Alex:I don’t know you anymore…you’re going out with Alex

Sarah:What? Are you crazy?….. didn’t you tell him I’m your girlfriend?….can you see that ..if only you’ve told him he wouldn’t be flirting with me

Alex:Liar….I know you like him as well as you don’t need to feel sorry for me so fuck off

Sarah:I’m highly disappointed In you

Sarah went out crying and her sister Amanda saw her and consoled her.

Few weeks later
Derek has been pestering his parents that he wanna marry Sarah as soon as possible.
So the Harshell’s family visited Sarah’s household and changed their lifestyle.
They promised to send Sarah and Ananda abroad for their studies

Being a helpless parents,they agreed and gave their daughter’s hand in marriage

Sarah got to school and went to Alex at the locker room
She flung the invitation card to his face

Sarah:I regret choosing you….when you know you won’t be able to protect me why did you approach me? I don’t want to see you again…forever and I wish you loneliness throughout your life

Alex:Okay…I’m sorry Sarah please I’m sorry

Sarah left the locker room and Amanda came in.

Amanda: Brother-in-law I hate you.

Now End of flashback
Wedding day

Alex is the one receiving the guests with Mr Harshell while Kyle is with Derek talking about normal wedding stuffs.

đź’„Brides hallđź’„
June is fully dressed in her long shining wedding gown decked with silver works.
Her silver shoe and her hair was packed into lower bun. The house wife style.

Helen did the make up for her
And she look very beautiful
She faced the mirror

Mrs Davis:you look so beautiful my baby

Shasha:Wow…sister its no joke at all….awwwn mom when will I get married?

June:I know ever since you met Derek face to Face your dark self has awakened…im suspecting you both.

Shasha:Whatever….don’t you know I’m a witch and he’s a wizerd….made for each other.

They burst into laughter
Mrs Davis dropped the comb she used to comb June’s hair.

Mrs Davis:I need to help Mrs Harshell…see you later on the alter

June:Awwwn mom so soon?

Faye:She’s damn nervous

Rachel: We’re here with you okay?

Then Felix came in.
He saw Faye and lost his senses

Felix:Uh…uhm….Mother (Mrs mark)said she need someone that will be accepting the gifts with her

Shasha:Really? I’ll go….I’ll help
Felix stopped her by using his finger to poke her forehead

Felix:Not you kid…..she need someone more matured

Shasha:And you think you’re matured?

Felix:Shhhh stop being disrespectful….. In front of….

Shasha:Ohhhh now i get it .
Uhm Faye could you please help Mrs mark with the gift?

Faye:Sure… little princess

Felix:Wow…that’s great

Shasha’s POV
Foolish useless boy. he’s a boy not a man at all…he fell for a foreign girl
I intensionally send her with you so you can disgrace yourself.

June:Why do I get this feeling you’re up to no good?

Shasha:Muahahah( a wicked witch laugh)

Helen:That laugh is scary.

Shasha:I’m leaving as well..I need to receive my friends

Rachel:You invited your school friends as well?


Shasha left the room.
June:My throat is dried up…..I’m nervous

Rachel:It’s Normal okay? I’ll get you water to drink.

Rachel went out and Helen went out as well

Helen:I’ll be back I need to use the restroom.

Lots of people came into the bride’s hall to wish her and some even took pictures with her.
Since she’s the Harshell’s daughter in law.

June’s nervously was fading off as more people visit her with gifts.

She decided to open the present.

June:But…it’s bad to open gifts before the wedding…. whatever I’ll check spirit is somehow about this gift.

She untie the big box and she saw an album

June:An album?
She opened it and saw all her movement with Derek, seems someone has been tailing them.
Even from the club to when they went to the spa.
She opened the 5th page and saw Derek getting married to a girl

June:What’s this?
She continued opening the pages and saw 4 different girls.

June:What’s going on? He has been married before? And 4 times at that? He didn’t tell me anything..

She opened the last page and saw the picture they took for their pre-wedding shoot. Her face was circled and destroyed with red ink
With a quote” Goodbye lovely bride”

She screamed and dropped the album she became scared.
Helen heard her and went to her.

Another scream was heard outside
It was a guest that screamed because of what she saw.
The wedding picture of Derek and June put outside the hall.
Someone slash it with knife horizontally and vertically and spilled red paint on it.

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