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Family Bride – Season 1 – Episode 06

💄Family Bride💄

📿 Episode 06📿

Twistina Road🛤️🛣️🚏⚓
The car was going smoothly on the road and the girls were giggling and discussing silently.
Helen notice the driver’s piercing stare on them and she would smile anytime June talk.

Helen picked her phone and she text June

💬to June
Hey the driver looks scary

June heard a beep and she checked her phone
She saw the message and she smile to her before texting back.
💬to Helen
Stop it Helen she said she had an ugly scar that was why she covered her face

💬to June
That’s not what I’m saying okay?

Rachel:Why are you guys quite? You’re texting your boyfriend?

Faye:That’s not fair
Faye snatched their phone and they start playing rough again.

June’s Mansion
A very big and luxurious car drove into the compound and a male driver alighted from it.
He press the doorbell and Shasha checked the guest through the CCTV

Shasha:Who is this again?

Shasha ‘on’ the Telecom and decided to speak with the man.
Shasha:Yes who are you?

The man look uo to the CCTV
Man:I came for the young miss

Shasha: Pardon?which young miss?

Man:Miss June…I’m from the Harshell’s household

Shasha’s brain went hot and she couldn’t swallow her saliva.
She quickly opened the door

Shasha:But a car just came to get them!

Man:What? No I’m the one sent by the Harshell’s household..this is my card

Shasha:Oh no…sis…what’s going on?

Man: I’ll call Mrs Harshell now.

Shasha dialed her mother’s number and the driver dialed Mrs Harshell’s own

Shasha:Mom mom….big trouble sister and her friends have been kidnapped.

📲:what?…calm down stop crying and be audible…what happened?

Shasha:The Harshell’s called her to join her boyfriend…mom she left a message for you I can’t calm down…my sister is please do something.

The driver called Mrs Harshell and Mrs Harshell called Derek immediately to start looking for her that she will call the police as well.

Mrs Davis left her mall and went to the Harshell’s company

Mrs Harshell:Calm down Mrs Davis she will be okay I promise

R and E club
Derek:Guys..bad news

Alex:What is it

Kyle:What is it that got you like this?

Derek:Another car went to the Davis house and kidnapped June and her friends

Kyle nearly choke on his drink

Kyle:What?with her friends

Alex:Oh no
Alex picked his car key and rush out of the club,Derek and Kyle followed as well but they were too late Alex drove out of the vicinity already.

Derek:Come let take my car.

June’s household
Shasha start texting her sister but her phone has been seized by Faye already and it’s inside the bag.

Sister for your’re in danger
The wrong driver came for you
Please call me as soon as you get this.

Shasha’s POV
Should I call her instead? no what if they’ve escaped already and hiding…if i call anyone of them I might complicate things… Sister please be safe.

Bristles Road.
A big vehicle could be seen coming with great speed and it’s light is too deep that it was difficult to see.

Rachel:Hey girl ….I think that car’s brake has failed…park somewhere

Girl:(She remain silent)

Helen:Hey scar girl it’s dangerous turn the steering

The girl didn’t answer and she step hard on the accelerator increasing the speed to the highest speed.
June and her friends keep shouting and screaming but the girl turned deaf ear to them and at the last minute that the big vehicle was about to hit them,the girl veered the steering wheel to the other side escaping from the close hit.
The car lost it’s balance and it tumbled twice before stopping upside-down

The girl hit her head on the front glass and glass entered her face destroying everything.
Smoke start coming out of the car and fire light up from the back.

Helen’s leg was trapped in the car,Rachel is unconscious already and Faye hit her head on the front seat.
June was bruised will glass pieces.
She tried calling for help but no one is around.
She managed to get out and she pulled Faye out to the cold floor on the road as glass clink on each other and the fire was getting intense
She was crying already

Then siren blares could be heard
The police arrived at the scene followed by an ambulance
June wiped her bloody face as she went to stop them
The police men helped to rescue unconscious Rachel and Helen whose leg was stucked.

Police:Get back get back

They move back from the car and it exploded

June cried out that they’re safe


Soon Derek and Kyle arrived at the scene and they saw the nurse taking the girls into the ambulance and Faye on the floor trying to revive her

Kyle rushed over to her and pushed the nurses away. He lift her head in his arm and start yelling her name.

June was surprised to see tears flowing from the handsome devil’s face.

Kyle gave her mouth to mouth breathing since her throat is filled with smoke therefore she needs air.
He did this like three times and pressing her chest.
Faye gasp out and she start coughing.
She opened her eyes and that she’s in Kyle’s arm.
She pushed him away and staggered to the ambulance.

Kyle was hurt with her action”I guess she hate me already”

Helen is okay and fit. Rachel didn’t suffer any injury except headache.
June’s face was bruised with the glass and so she was treated
Derek went to her
Derek:Are you okay?

June:Yes…I guess

Derek:You….you got me worried…your family are all worried…is it a must you get hurt?

June drop the pad she’s using to relieve her pain

June:Hey crazy rich psycho…you were the one that called to meet up…if you didn’t call do you think I’ll be in this state?look at my friends…you didn’t even show you care …I’ve been trying to tolerate you but today….. I hate you.

June left him on the spot and went to receive proper treatment.

Kyle went to him
Kyle:Hey… I don’t see Alex around

Derek:I don’t know as well because he left before us… that girl don’t treat her like trash try your best before it’s too late like me.

Derek turn back to his car to meet the police

Police:The female driver is dead

Derek:What? How are we going to know why she did that?

Police: We’re on it we saw her ID half burnt in the car.

Unknown Estate
Alex drove into the compound angrily and he alighted from the car without closing the car.

He went upstairs angrily and a girl could be seen making call on the phone

Amanda:Yes…good job make sure to send the money to her family.. we’ve promise her that.

Amanda disconnected the call and turn only to see Alex.

Amanda:Hmm finally you think about paying me a visit ever since I arrived from Korea

Alex:What was that all about?….you think killing that innocent girl will solve anything?

Amanda:At least it will please Sarah’s soul

Alex:Sarah will never agree to this even if she was alive and hurt by Derek only.
She will never be happy torturing other people.

Amanda:I didn’t plan to kill her so soon…I only did that to scare her never thought it will be so serious

Alex: Serious? Serious my foot an innocent girl lost her life while carrying out your order and you cared not other than paying her family some money…you’ve grown so wicked Amanda

Amanda:Alex…stop behaving as if you are okay and not angry with Derek….I’ve always rooted for you and Sister in high school before Derek showed up and snatch her away with his wealth…I Know you want revenge…I..

Alex:Shut up…stop it stop it

Alex yelled at her and he nearly slap her

Amanda:You…want to slap me because I’m fighting for my sister?…your dead lover?

Tears trickle down her cheek

Alex:Amanda please stop I’ve always treated you like a sister….I don’t want any blood on your hands….I’m angry and burning inside as well but I don’t want to act rashly…I have my plan okay? I’m sorry

Amanda:I don’t trust you anymore

Alex:I know you stole the Harshell’s card from me while leaving the club.


Amanda entered the club and her eyes went directly to Alex slipping the Harshell’s card into his pocket

Derek passed her by and Kyle whispered to her”waste beauty I guess”
Alex exchanged glances with her and passed her hitting her with his hand
Then Amanda slip the card from his pocket while pretending to fall and Alex grab her.

Amanda:If you know then why didn’t you try to stop me?
Alex:Lay low for now

Alex left the mansion and he drove away.

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