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Falling For My Biology Teacher🔞; Season 1 – Episode 2

Falling For My Biology Teacher🔞

Falling For My Biology Teacher🔞


Why does he always get in to me. I taught myself to be a hard girl and love is not for me.but him,he breaks all the boundaries and does things to me. Which I never felt before.

He doesn’t have to touch me,his closeness is not good for my health.

“Tinashe you would have understood if it was a practical.” He said with his sweet voice.

“Yes handsome.” She replied and everyone in class giggled except me.

I don’t find it funny.

“You should’ve have done the practical.” He said.

The whole class burst into a laughter and Tinashe’s face fell flat.

“Well it would be nice if I was doing it with you.” She said softly.for no one to hear but guess what she sits on my back so I heard it.

I rolled my eyes. in your dreams honey because he belongs to me,I said in my mind.

“Well we continue with female reproductive system.” He said and started writing some notes.

And I noted them down.

He began to explain.I was not listening to him I was drooling at him.his voice fades away the more I get in to him.his pink lips and cute eye glasses with his neatly pack hair. his clothes on point.

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When he moves his hands,I just know that I am a gonner. there’s no coming back I have lost myself in to him.and only one music playing in my head.

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“Kira are you okay.” He waved his hand on my face.

“I’m so into you I can’t barley breath.” I covered my mouth at once.

The class went dead silence everyone eyes on me. why did I do.

what’s wrong with me.

“What did you say.” He asked.

“I-I-sai-d Ariana Grande.” I smiled a little. He stared at me confused.

“I’m so into you I can’t barley breath,so baby let’s get dangerous,don’t you know this song.” I said looking into his eyes.

He blinked thrice and he looked perfect.

“Can you do that again.” What am i saying.

He stared at me with full confusion.

“Are you okay.” He touched my forehead,with the back of his hand.

And I shivered and he removed his hand immediately. I felt things like magic. He moved back to his position as a teacher and began teaching. and I was lost in him.I didn’t hear anything. our eyes locked in intervals.and he looked away immediately.

The bell rang,he packed his books in a rush.

“Kira plaese collect all the books and bring them to my office.” He said before he walked away.

Tinashe looked at me with her evil eyes and I was over joked inside.I collected all the books and carried them to his office.

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I didn’t knock on the door I walked in and close the door behind me. I placed the books inside.

And after we stood in silence staring at each other.

“Umm Kira I want you to focus in class.” He said.

“Well I do focus.” I giggled wondering why is he so tense.

“And forget whatever happend.” He said.

“What happened Sir.” I asked innocently.

He ran his fingers through his hair.and I followed his every move.

“Stop staring.” He bit his upper lip he looked so hot.

“Why.” I bit my lower lip staring intensively at him.

I felt an urge to kiss him.but I don’t want to look cheap.

“You can leave.” He said.

I turned and walked to the door I was sad.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me.I just hurt her.I know that she loves me but no can’t love her back.

I can’t love her.she is my student how can I.but there’s something pulling me in to her.

She was about to turn the door knob when I dragged her to me. she g

asped as she hit my hard chest with her breast pressing to my chest.

We stared at each other,I saw pain in her eyes.

I Dont know what happened but I found my lips on hers.


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