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Faith Works – Season 1 – Episode 7

Tony knotted his tie whilst sipping some coffee.

The night had been terrible, different night mares taunting him, he was awake 75 percent of the night.

He ignited his car, and Lara crossed his mind. Her beautiful eyes that widens when she’s scared was all he could see. He’s been just
wicked to her, only God knows the story she’s telling his father now about him.
He changed his gear and speed on the highway.
He knew his father won’t spare him, he would take the company off his hand, collect all he has and worst of all disown him.
“Oh poor me!” he rubbed his eyes.
He opened them lazily at first, then they popped out.
A madman was standing on the road before him, just a few yards
away. He couldn’t stop the car cos he was moving at a high speed.
He expertly turned the steering wheel moving the car off the road.
The car swerved beyond control, he muttered some quick prayers, he was sure he would die.
The car somersaulted throwing him out through the window…
Lara giggled as she bit into her roasted chicken, she was having lunch with her in-laws. She felt joy surge through her veins, what
more could she ask for? She felt loved by them. They were doting on her, most-especially her father in-law Chief Ifiora.

“I taught your mother in-law how to cook o.” Ifiora chuckled at her.
“well I taught him how to eat!” Amara said and they all burst out laughing.
Lara watched them as they laughed, they looked so much alike;
happy couples she thought as she smiled.
“When I was a boy, I helped my mother in the kitchen.” Ifiora said with pride.
“well that’s cos you liked it.” Amara replied.
“Not at all! I was an only child that’s why!” he defended himself.
“Hmm…Tony Is an only child too, but can’t make himself a mug of coffee.” Amara chirped cleaning her mouth with a napkin.
Lara felt shivers run down her spine at the mention of ‘Tony’, she saw her father-in-law cringe too.
“Talking about Tony…” Ifiora’s voice became coarse.
“He couldn’t even call or do something…he’s expecting me to call him right?” he shook his head.
“I guess so!” Amara made a face.
“Hmm, I’m going to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget!” he basked like a lizard in the sun.
“Lesson? That boy is soooooo stubborn!” Amara said with disgust.
Chief Ifiora’s phone rang loudly.
“A strange number…” Amara said giving the phone to him.

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“Hello?” he listened for a while.
“Yes you’re speaking with Chief Ifiora…”
he listened again.
“What?!” he rose to his feet.
Lara stopped eating, she wanted to know what was happening.
“Okay, okay, I’m coming right away!” He ended the call.
“Darling get me my Jacket!” he told Amara.
“What happened?” Lara asked quitely.
“Oh, nothing really, just eat your food.” he forced a smile.
“Ogini? What going on?” Amara appeared holding his jacket.
He whispered something to her in Igbo, for once Lara wished she understood Igbo.
“We need to go now! Lara take care!” Amara said throwing a scarf
round her head.
“Can I come with you?” Lara rose to her feet.
“ just take care, okay? We’ll be back soon.” Amara said as she and her husband left through the exit.

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Lara sighed deeply as she heard them drive out of the compound.
Definitely something is wrong some where….she fidgeted nervously.
Lara folded her arms round her chest as she watched her mother in-law pack some fruits into a basket.

“You’re going out” she said rather than asked.
“Yes, but I’ll be back soon.” Amara replied covering the basket with a table cloth.
“I’m coming with you…” Lara began to say.
“I’m coming with you!” she said firmly.
“Lara, you can’t come with me, okay?” Amara tried to soothe her.
“Is there anything wrong? You’ve been going out now for the past one week, and…and… Or is there anything you’re hiding from me?”
Lara said with a frown.
“Now, Lara relax your nerves, okay. Stay back, I’l buy you something when I’m coming back.” Amara patted her.
“Okay then…I’l be going back to my place.” Lara pouted.
“Lara! You can’t…”
“I can’t stay here all alone!” Lara began to cry.
Amara sighed, she knew her game is up. She need to tell Lara the truth. But how would she start? Tony would be discharged that night.
“Errm..Lara, Tony had an accident, he’ll be discharged today.” she said slowly.

“Accident? Tony?” Lara held her chest firmly.
“Yes, he’l be discharged today.” Amara sighed again.
“I’m coming with you to see him!” Lara said huskily.
“No…I’l drop you at your place instead, you’l see him later in the day,
when he’s been discharged.” Amara told her.
Lara felt her knee go weak, she prayed the accident isn’t that bad.
Lara toyed with her cornrows out of boredom, her mother-in-law had
called to tell her they were on their way.

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She tried to imagine what Tony would look like, maybe he would wear a scowl, or perhaps bark at her.
She heard the front door open, she stood up sharply, expectantly.
“Welcome …” what she saw made her Tongue stick to the roof of her mouth…
Tony sat in a wheel chair, he looked so pale. Chief Ifiora pushed the wheel chair into the room.
Lara looked on, she tried to speak, but couldn’t. Tony looked up at her, he held her gaze, his eyes full of regrets, sorrow and pains.

Lara looked away, tears stung her eyelids, was it real? She asked herself.

“Don’t cry.” Amara hugged her.

Lara wept on her shoulder, she watched her father-in-law push Tony in his wheel chair towards his room.
Tears blurred her vision. Was this the same Tony she saw few days ago? Now he is in a wheel-chair?

She hugged her mother-inlaw and they both wept holding each other tightly.

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