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Failed Marriage – Season 3 – Episode 4

Episode four

She yelped again as he slid it further in. If there had been any doubt that she saw me outside, there wasn’t any longer. She clearly wanted me to see and to know how much better he was. Even more she knew I wouldn’t do anything about it, not that I could anyway.

His teasing lasted for a few minutes as I watched the agony build on her face. Finally, he slid his cock all the way inside her as she called out his name in long desperate wail. It was disconcerting to see my wife call out another man’s name in such ecstasy. There was something incredibly arousing watching my wife react the way she did. I’d never seen her to receive such pleasure, and I wasn’t about to stop her from getting what she deserved.

He pumped her mercilessly. My eyes focused on her face as he did, with her mouth hung open and her eyes tightly shut, soaking in all the pleasure she could.

“Fuck me Mason, fuck me harder,” she cried.

To me, it was astonishing the way he fucked her. If it would have been me, with the way she was reacting, I would have cum after two thrusts, but he kept pounding her incessantly as she moaned and begged for more.

After a few minutes he slowed his pace and let her catch her breath and gather herself. Gently he slid his cock in and out of her as she recovered from frenetic pace. At this point she opened her eyes and looked directly out the window toward me. It was clear she was looking straight at me. There was nothing but pure lust in her glazed eyes. I continued to rub my cock over my pants as she looked, pausing every few seconds to stop myself from cumming.

After a few minutes, he gradually picked up the pace until he was pounding her hard once again. This time she kept her eyes wide open so I could see her, and she could see me as he fucked her. Soon she was screaming out his name again.

“Fuck me Mason, fuck me, make me cum.”

As soon as she began begging for more, he slowed down once again to a gentle but steady pace. This process of speeding up and slowing down continued over the course of more than fifteen minutes. By that point, my wife couldn’t stand it any longer. She was reduced to making harsh, guttural screams and moans and he pounded her hard, slapping her ass as he egged her on.

I watched as the sight of beautiful agony became scrawled across my wife’s face. Her body quivered and shook as the ecstasy of orgasm overcame her. She cried out his name again and again and again as she came. And as she came it was obvious he was approaching the point of no return as well. His face and muscles tightened as he began to grunt and groan. Before long it was clear he was exploding inside of her. His hands clenched her hips as he pounded her with his cock. He grunted again and again as the cum shot from his cock and was deposited deep inside her. When his orgasm was over, he slammed his pelvis into her one final time and remained still and deep inside her for more than ten seconds, marking his territory and making sure his cum remained.

He withdrew one last time and with that she collapsed from all fours to a heap on the bed. She was breathing heavily when she finally opened her eyes and looked out at me. Her body seemed spent as she lay across the bed, so tired and worn that she could barely move. He moved off the bed and began to gather his clothes and started getting dressed. She was still in the process of recovering when she looked back toward him.

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