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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Failed Marriage – Season 2 – Episode 4

Episode four

Some or all these thoughts ran through my head every time I was in the presence of Mason that day. He was fucking my wife and there was nothing I could do about it. Instead, I let him boss me around, hanging on his every word, jumping at his every command. It’s a peculiar feeling to know a man has dominated you in such a way, taking for his own what you always thought was yours. I found the best way for me to deal with it was to accept it. Truth be told, I was scared to confront or challenge him. I was afraid of being emasculated even further, I was afraid of who my wife would choose, even if I already knew the answer. It was easier to accept it I thought, and to keep the part of my wife that I knew I could, rather than pick a fight I knew I couldn’t win. So late that afternoon when my wife texted to let me know she would be working late, and when I then saw Mason leave work early, I chose to do nothing. I knew he was going to give my wife something that I couldn’t.

Another week went by and still I didn’t acknowledge what I knew. She stayed late and came home fucked twice that week. I don’t know if now it was because I knew, but it seemed like she was becoming less careful as time went on. Both times she came home late she was out of sorts and disheveled, with her hair askew and her lipstick gone. She had always kept herself prim and proper for as long as I’d known her, but now it seemed like something had changed. As soon as she came home she would hurry off to the shower, mumbling something about all the stress at work.

The second time with her in the shower and the bathroom door closed, I snuck into our closet and rummaged through the hamper looking for the panties she had just taken off. It didn’t take long to find them; they were damp and soiled with his cum. It was a surreal feeling to hold my wife’s panties, knowing another man had just cum inside her. It was almost by instinct that I found myself taking my cock out and stroking it as I stood alone in the master closet. It didn’t take long before I came, shooting my load all over the inside of my wife’s soiled panties in a futile attempt to somehow reclaim my wife by covering over his seed. It didn’t dawn on me until after I came, realizing how pathetic it all was, knowing that he came inside my wife, and I did nothing but cum in her previously defiled panties.

Thursday afternoon I texted my wife letting her know I was going to go gambling with my buddies Friday and Saturday. It was something I did with my friends a couple of times a year. Four of us would pile in a car and drive four hours to the closest Indian reservation for a weekend of blackjack, craps, and drinking. Typically, we’d leave Friday afternoon and come home sometime Sunday. Since it was nothing out of the ordinary, I knew she would think nothing of it, other than as a chance to spend the weekend getting fucked by Mason without having to worry about me. Little did she know that I didn’t intend to go gambling.

Instead, I planned to stay behind and finally see what she was up to. Part of me suspected she would invite him over to our house. It was something she hadn’t been able to do when I was around, and I figured it would make things easier for them. They could be together and not have to sneak around or drive anywhere. Somehow I thought, if they were at our house that would make things easier for me too.

So, on Friday after work instead of going home or going gambling with my buddies, I killed time at a small bar a few miles from our house. I had a couple of drinks before grabbing a six-pack at the gas station and heading home. However, instead of going home I parked my car on the street a block away from our house. By then it was nearly dark and I left the car with the six-pack and hopped over several fences and into our backyard. I grabbed a chair from the patio and took my place in a dark corner of the yard behind a few trees drinking beer and waiting for him arrive.

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