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Failed Marriage – Season 2 – Episode 3

Episode three

Hey sexy.

I stood and stared at the picture for what seemed like forever. All at once, a million thoughts raced through my mind. Emotion sprung from nowhere and I had no idea what to do, so all I did was stare. I felt jealousy and rage. I felt emasculated. I felt bewildered and unsure, but still, I couldn’t stop looking.

It was somewhere in that moment, amid all those other emotions I felt something else as well. Aroused. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was staring at my naked wife with some other guy’s dick in her hand and at the same time I felt my own cock throbbing in my pants.

I hated Mason in that moment. I hated that he was standing in front of my wife with such arrogance. I hated that his cock was so much bigger than mine and that my wife’s hand was wrapped around it. I hated that he was my boss and I hated that he had just cum in my wife’s mouth, something she had never let me do. Even more than hatred though, I felt jealousy. Jealous that my wife had put his cock in her mouth. Jealous that she had made him cum. Jealous of the way he had made her smile in a way I knew that I couldn’t.

I sat there and stared at the picture with all the hate and jealousy and a thousand other emotions coursing through me, and the thing I did next surprised me the most. I don’t know why I did it, I just know it felt like I had to. With my eyes never moving from the phone I placed it on the counter and unzipped my pants. Soon I had my cock out and was stroking it. I looked at my wife in the picture and imagined her sucking his big cock. I imagined the sounds she made as she did and I wondered how much of his huge cock she got in her mouth. I imagined what Mason looked like when he came and what my wife looked like as she swallowed his load. All of this happened in an instant. I lasted maybe ten seconds before I came, standing alone in the kitchen, looking at a picture of my wife with another man’s cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth.

The next day I didn’t say a word, not to Mason or my wife. I wouldn’t have known what to say anyway. Emotions were still flooding through me as I tried to reconcile it all. At work, I tried to avoid Mason as best as I could, but I wasn’t very successful. Being around him made me feel weak and ineffectual. I couldn’t get the image of him standing naked in front of my wife out of my head. Knowing I was so much smaller than him, and that what my wife really wanted was his big cock, made me feel subservient to him in a way I’d never felt before. Somehow my dislike of him turned toward acceptance that he was able to satisfy my wife in ways that I couldn’t. I pictured myself standing naked next to him, the difference between us obvious. His strong, toned masculine body, and his thick, virile cock, next to me and my slender, pale body and undersized cock. No wonder she chose him. No wonder she let him cum in her mouth.

I kept thinking back to the picture and the devilish grin on my wife’s face and the lust in her eyes. I’d never seen her look that way before. A part of me understood why she would need that, why she would want that. I found myself thinking about the first time he fucked her. I didn’t know when it had happened, I was just sure that it did. I thought about how it must have been a revelation to her, to feel a cock that big inside her, sliding in and out. I wondered how it must have felt to feel stretched and full, compared to having nothing but my average cock inside her. I imagined the look on her face the moment her entered her for the first time, her eyes closed tightly, her mouth hanging open. What’s more I couldn’t help but imagine the look on his face, the first time he came inside her, filling her tight pussy with his cum, claiming her as his own.

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