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Failed Marriage – Season 2 – Episode 2

Episode two

The last thing I wanted to do was accuse my wife of something she didn’t do. That would only push her further away.

So I stayed and worked late myself. I couldn’t get any work done though, with thoughts of my wife and boss together somewhere. I tried to figure out what I should do. Part of me was scared and didn’t like the idea of confronting either Mason or my wife. Besides, I knew I needed proof before I did that or otherwise I might just make a fool of myself.

Later that night sometime past three in the morning, I was lying in bed next to my wife unable to sleep. All kinds of thoughts were racing through my brain. My heart was thumping in my chest, and I felt like I could barely breathe. I got up and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water to try and calm myself. As I stood trying to pull myself together, I spied my wife’s phone charging on the kitchen counter. I debated in my head for an instant but in the end I couldn’t help myself. I had to know. If my wife were involved with Mason surely there would be evidence on her phone. A text at the very least.

With my hands shaking I picked up the phone from the counter and swiped right. I knew my wife’s pin code and typed it in, barely able to hold the phone as I did. Part of me suspected she had changed her pin and the code I knew wouldn’t work. If I were having an affair I thought, I would change the pin code on my phone. So, it was a bit of a relief when the phone opened with the code I knew. Still, I had to be sure.

If felt like my stomach hit the floor when I saw it. I’d never felt such emotion come over me as it did in that instant. My heart thumped, my mouth went dry, my head spun, my skin tingled. It was like everything hit me at once and I was completely overwhelmed. I stood there shaking, staring at the picture in the dim light of the kitchen.

What I saw floored me. My beautiful wife was on her knees on the floor, naked except for a pair of high-end heels. The picture was obviously a selfie Mason had taken. In it, his arm was outstretched and he was staring at the camera with a big grin on his face. He was naked as well. His fit and toned body was on full display. The washboard abs, the toned biceps, the stout chest. All of it.

What also was on display though, was his cock, with my wife’s hand wrapped around it, the wedding ring on her finger in full view. At the moment he took the picture you could tell he was still erect but no longer rock hard. Even then his cock dwarfed mine. I couldn’t help but stare at my wife and the cock she held in her hand. His cock was cut, with large veins bulging from the sides and a slight upward curve of his shaft as it emerged from neatly trimmed pubic hair. He was a least two inches longer than me and quite a bit thicker as well. He seemed like the essence of masculinity. Everything I was not.

My wife was turned toward the camera as well, a sly grin on her face, holding his cock on display as if she had just won first prize at the county fair. A trail of cum leaked from the corner of her mouth. Even more cum was spread across her breasts. The smile on her face was mesmerizing. She seemed radiant. Her smile and the bit of cum dripping from her mouth caught my eye more than anything else in the picture.

Underneath the picture were two simple words and a wink.

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