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Failed Marriage – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Failed Marriage

Failed Marriage

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Story Title: Failed Marriage 

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance 

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Episode one

I devoted myself to my job hoping that success there would change how she saw me. I thought maybe that some big promotion would somehow rekindle our sex life, knowing how valuable and respected I was at work.

For all I know that may have worked had I gotten the chance. As it was, I knew there was the potential for a big promotion at work coming soon. I felt like it was mine to lose, and I was excited about the prospects. I told my wife about it, and she was genuinely happy for me. It seemed to put a spark in her step that had been fading over time. The only problem was I didn’t get the promotion. I was devastated. To make matters worse, I disliked the guy who got the promotion over me, and who I would now be working for. Not only that, but he had gotten the promotion despite being five years younger with far less experience. It was quite a blow to say the least.

I could tell my wife was disappointed when I told her, even though she did her best to try and console me. I hated the fact that I would soon have a boss I detested. I hated even more when I had to tell my wife who it was that had gotten the promotion instead of me.

My wife had known Mason for a couple of years. She met him one year at the annual Christmas party, and had seen him at other company get togethers as well. He was one of the men I heard openly ogling her the night she wore the blue dress. When she found out Mason had gotten the promotion, she seemed genuinely intrigued. She even went so far as to say she thought Mason would be a good boss for me. I didn’t quite know how to take it all. The shock took several weeks to wear off.

Even though I was disappointed in the outcome, I tried to make the best of it. I worked even harder trying to prove my worth to Mason and the rest of management. It seemed an uphill battle though, and no matter how hard I tried I seemed to go nowhere.

More than two months after the promotion, my wife and I still hadn’t had sex. My plan to make things better had backfired. She seemed less interested than ever, and I felt even more discouraged. She threw herself into her work, sometimes working more than twelve-hour days and not getting home until late. To comfort myself I begam doing the same thing. Whenever she indicated she would be working late, I would stay late at the office as well. There was no point in going home I thought, my wife wouldn’t be there and I would just be alone. Besides, I thought the extra time spent working would help me get ahead.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that whenever my wife let me know she wouldn’t be home until late, Mason always seemed to leave the office a little early. The first time or two I chalked it up to coincidence and tried to talk myself out of being so paranoid. There was no way I thought. She barely knew him and how would they get together anyway. The fourth or fifth time it happened though, I thought surely that can’t be a coincidence.

So, when I saw Mason leave early on a Wednesday, right after my wife texted me telling me she wouldn’t be home until late, my body went numb. I tried to keep telling myself it was nothing but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t. It took me a while to recover from the shock of it all, and by then Mason was gone and there was no way I could follow him. I thought of trying to call my wife sometime later that evening and confronting her, but I knew that wasn’t something I was ready for. Besides, I didn’t have any actual proof, all I had was a hunch.

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