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Failed Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode five

I would go back to gently licking and kissing her. When she was ready for more she’d spread her ass cheeks again and the entire process repeated itself.

Soon though, I became the one spreading her ass cheeks as she would use her arms to brace herself against the kitchen island so I could more vigorously lick her. When she had finally had enough she let me know by pushing down her blouse to cover herself before going back to her cookies. Then she grabbed the cookie sheets and placed them in the waiting over as I watched from my knees. Just like that it was over, and she left the kitchen for the living room without saying a word.

The entire incident had a strange effect on me. I’m not sure how to describe it. But it made me feel small, emasculated even. Like it was obvious she wanted more but knew that I couldn’t give it to her. It was like making me lick her ass was her way of pointing that out. Strangely enough, the silence of the act served to reinforce that feeling. I had a hard time imagining her treating another man like she just treated me, having me lick her ass while she baked cookies. I honestly didn’t know how to process it all.

That’s when my inferiority complex started to kick in. I was constantly worried about being able to satisfy my wife sexually. I sensed that she was craving more but I had no idea how to give it to her. With the way she turned me on, it was rare that I lasted very long during sex. A minute or two at the most. I started researching ways to last longer online. I tried various techniques when I masturbated but nothing seemed to help. Neither did any kind of desensitizing cream.

When we did have sex and she’d ride me, I always got the sense she was disappointed when I couldn’t last. She never said anything, it was just how she reacted and the way she looked at me after it was over. Early on in our relationship she told me she liked it that she could make me cum so fast. She said she liked knowing how much she turned me on and how I couldn’t help myself. But I think as our marriage went on, she became frustrated that I couldn’t last. I got the distinct feeling that she felt that she deserved more.

Still, for the most part our relationship was good. It was mainly our sex life that suffered. Sex became less and less frequent, which had the unwelcome side effect of making me last even less. As the amount sexual contact decreased, when it did happen it made me even more excited, which in turn made things end even quicker.

I was at a loss for what to do to make things better. I felt emasculated knowing I couldn’t satisfy her. This started a slow downward spiral where my feelings of inadequacy led her to treat me differently. The sex almost evaporated and I understood. From her point of view, what was the point? She would ride me for a minute only for me to cum and leave her disappointed and wanting. I tried to do other things, foreplay, oral sex, toys, everything I could think of basically. Nothing seemed to help. The main thing that got her off was me licking her ass. She seemed to revel in that, but at the times it happened were few and far between. I felt like it was something she purposedly avoided doing often so the effect wouldn’t be lessened. I’m sure in her mind that was the only thing she had left.

To help deal with the frustration and to help distract her, she poured herself into her job. I followed her lead and did the same thing.

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