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Failed Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode four

I froze as I looked at her, my entire body tingling, wondering what was running through her mind as she saw me sitting alone in bed, covered in my own cum.

The next day, neither of us said a word about the night before. If she had seen me masturbating beside her, she didn’t let on. She didn’t utter a word about having her ass licked either. It was strange in a way, as if the previous night had never happened.

Things continued much as the same for the next month. Our relationship continued much as it had before. We talked, we got along, we encouraged each other in our careers. There was sex, two times maybe, but it was much as it always had been. It began with her initiating things, with her on top, silent and composed, and me on bottom making all the noise. If was almost as if the normal male and female roles had been reversed.

Late one Friday night, she was baking cookies in the kitchen while I was watching television in the living room. The open floor plan of our house made it easy to look toward the kitchen and see her. Much like at the party when she wore the blue dress, she carried herself with a sense of confidence as she moved about the kitchen. She was deliberate and focused on her movements in a way that compelled me to look. She was wearing nothing but an oversized button-down blouse that made me want to look even more.

I sensed that she caught me eyeing her more than once, but she never let on or said a word about it. She just kept going about the business of making cookies when suddenly the mixer stopped. I watched as she bent over and pulled several cookie sheets from the counter. If was then that she called me over.

I asked what she wanted and she said that she wanted me in the kitchen. I paused the show I was watching and did as she asked. I stood next to her as she started gathering the dough to make into balls to put onto the cookie sheets. Without saying a word, she lifted the back of her blouse to uncover her naked ass.

She held the blouse up long enough to make it clear what she wanted without having to say it out loud. I found myself surprised she was so blatant about what she wanted, and my heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t like I was told what to do, I just knew. Soon I was on my knees behind her and gently running my tongue along the crack of her ass. As I did, she continued with the cookie dough, kneading the dough into little balls, and placing them on the cookie sheets.

It was a strange feeling, being on my knees behind her, licking her ass, as she went about her business. It made me feel extremely submissive, as if I couldn’t say a thing, and had to do exactly what she wanted. It was odd, because she hadn’t forced me to do anything, yet at the same time I felt like I had no choice. It felt like I was nothing but her little toy, strictly there for her amusement. In a sense, I was.

It started much like it had the month before in the hotel room, with me gently running my tongue along the crack of her ass, fondling her hips, and kissing her ass cheeks. It continued that way for most of the time she was rolling out the balls of cookie dough. As soon as she finished with the dough it was clear she wanted more, and unlike before she wasn’t willing to wait. As soon as she put the dough aside, she reached back behind and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, gently pulling them apart. She didn’t need to direct me; I knew what I needed to do.

She jumped as soon as I buried my tongue between in her ass, making the same whimper and squeals and she had before. When the feeling became too intense she would let go of her ass and

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